Woman Breastfed For 2 Years... Her... Dog?!?!?!
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    A 44 year-old California woman recently revealed that she breastfeeds her pug dog. If this wasn't enough of a bizarre reveal she also shared in the same interview that she's been doing this for the last two years. The dog was the runt of the litter and she got the idea when Spider would lick the nipple of her son’s bottle, according to a report Monday, October 22, 2012 from CBS TV 47.

    It seems almost impossible for this story to get any stranger, but it does. This woman is a mother of two, who for some undisclosed reason was unable to breastfeed her own kids. Breastfeeding Spider has now made this mother feel “complete” and has satisfied her maternal instincts.

    This story goes even deeper into a bizarre zone as she reveals that her children sit and watch her breastfeed the dog and they think “it’s amazing.” Once her kid’s friends at school get wind of this story, her children might change their mind and find this “amazing” event mortifying.

    Check out the picture of the woman breast feeding her dog here on Gawker.

    According to an article from the Gawker last week, the woman’s name is Terri Graham and the Gawker refers to her as an “outrageous mom.” She even posed for a picture with Spider as she breastfeeds the little fellow. Both mother and now grown dog look very content taking part in this act.

    Graham reports the dog was able to give her the experience she missed out on with her two kids. She also shares that the breastfeeding ritual is making her a more complete woman and a better mother. Does she really think that sitting at home breastfeeding a dog while her kids watch can make her a better mother?

    It does appear that Spider is a considerate breast feeding dog, or at least that’s what Graham reports. As far as feeding time causing her any pain, Graham does offer up what breastfeeding a dog really feels like:

    "Her tongue tickles and I do feel her teeth," Terri says, "but she latches on in a way that they don't hurt me.”

    According to CBS TV 47, at least she does realize that people might consider her a “freak.” Graham confessed during this very bizarre interview that she knows that people will look at her like she's a "freak." That doesn’t matter to her as it is something she finds satisfying to her role as a woman and a mother.

    This story is so bizarre that it does sound like the opening scene in a horror movie. This might be too much for even Hollywood to tackle. What this woman does is her own business but letting the kids be an audience to their mother breastfeeding a dog might give them problems later on in life when they figure out his is not what normal folks do.

    Why would she do this for two years? Many women don't breastfeed their babies for that long. Breastfeeding a dog is bad enough, but to prolong it for two years seems to suggest that Graham is fulfilling some strange need for herself, more so than for the dog. Maybe it does benefit Spider too, as she looks like she hasn't missed too many meals!

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    Good god. The comments are hilarious though.
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    i want a nap. and some chocolate. who's with me?!
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    I know we try not to judge at sm...
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    It's fake... right?
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    Curious said:

    Good god. The comments are hilarious though.

    The comments are a fucking riot...
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    just_kim said:

    I know we try not to judge at sm...

    ^^^ this exactly
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    my sentiments exactly

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    Sigh. Really world? U needed to get weirder??
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    just_kim said:

    I know we try not to judge at sm...

    This. Pmsl. It's making me gag! Haha
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    Curious said:

    Good god. The comments are hilarious though.

    They were the best part of that story.
    Now I can resume my chant...please don't let this be real, please don't let this be real... X_X
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    I may actually be speechless...and ew
    Mary :-)

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    Huh??? :O
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    SO fucking weird. And the comments had me rolling!!!
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    that is the weirdest fucking thing I have ever heard. Sounds like a carnival freak show.
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    I am speechless.
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    "I feel empowered by this woman's story to finally share with all of you that I am currently breastfeeding Bat Boy."

    That made me lol
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    I don't even know what to say.
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    There are some things inquiring minds really don't want to know.
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    I'm speechless... :-& :-/ :O :-t :o3
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    Wouldn't this be considered a form of beatiality?? Seriously weird
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    Ok, I will confess that I EXPRESSED breastmilk when I was nursing DS to treat my cat's pinkeye. And Willow, our dog, was orphaned before she was weaned so one time she tried to latch on, and I was like, sorry pup, no more milk there! lol

    Would I give breastmilk to a weak pup/kitten.....sure. But NOT FROM THE TAP! And that her kids WATCH????

    Yeah that would be my JUDGY robe showing. Whackjob.

    Now, I once read about a boat of refugees stuck out in the ocean and the breastfeeding mom saved everyone's lives by nursing them all--that is a whole different ballgame and I think she's a hero.

    It's not even that the idea gives me the heebie jeebies....I've seen other animals be surrogate mothers. But...but....but.....that she didn't BF her 2 kids and is now BF the pug?

    If she REALLY wanted something meaningful, get tested and donate to a milk bank for preemies/sick infants.

    I will NOT be nursing my pug when I get one. No no no no hell no.
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    Gross...a brain is a terrible thing to waste. I'm so grossed out...can't see the humor in it. All I can fathom is this weirdo needs a psych evaluation.
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    Its weird but I'm ok with it...but I love animals. I wouldnt do it right from the tap though! Lol
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    @soupermom you are too funny.
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    gross gross GROSS!!!!! blah!! i couldn't even read the whole story..blah...must....read.....something....else....
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