Planned C-section, what's recovery like?
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    I'm new here, and I really don't have anyone in RL I can talk to about this, so here goes...I love my DD3.  I would walk through fire for her, but my birth with her was h.o.r.r.i.b.l.e.  During my whole pregnancy, she was lying sideways in my abdomen (I'm very petite, she didn't have much room!), which caused my then-OB to say I'd have to have a C-section, to not even bother preparing for a vaginal birth ect.  Well, I went into labor at 37 weeks and she flipped into a head-down, face up position.  Lo and behold, the doc then said I, and I quote, "May as well go through labor and see how it turns out."  How it turned out was, because DD was face up and, we found out later, had a short cord, I pushed for over three hours, was physically and emotionally spent, was begging for a C-section, but my doctor refused and cut an episiotomy (which I had explicitly said I did NOT want) and used a vacuum to deliver my baby, ripping me from stem to stern.  I still get angry thinking about it, and recovery was hell-I literally had to sit on ice packs for over a month, couldn't really walk or climb stairs, and even getting out of bed or getting up off the couch was painful.  Even agreeing to have a second baby was a huge leap of faith on my part.

    Fast forward three years and DH and I are TTC number 2 and I now have a new doctor, who, after I told her my history, said I should elect for a C-section due to long term effects of two potential major tears.  I agree with her, and I'm just wondering from moms who have had a planned C-section, what's recovery like?  I've already been through one painful recovery, so that isn't what scares me, but DH is convinced it will be a mistake (to which I say he really doesn't have a say in the matter).  Don't get me wrong, he said he'd support me no matter what choice I make, but he thinks I don't understand what the pain will be like.  Plus we live close to our families now and my mom could, most likely, come stay with me a few weeks if needed, and I'm already planning on stocking our freezer with meals in my eighth month, so I'm trying to prepare well ahead of time, given that I didn't have those last few weeks to stock the freezer, paint the nursery and mentally prepare last time.
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    I had three c-sections. Two planed and one not so much. Lol. Each one was diffrent. Expect pain. Yea it wasn't that bad though. As long as you don't laugh , or cough or sneeze. The key is take the pain meds and keep on a schedule with them. Don't wait till you feel the pain. Take on time. Otherwise the pain builds up and it takes longer for it to go away again. Stairs are tricky but it sounds like they were harder for you the first time. I could do stairs just slowly. No lifting anything bigger than the baby. That is a hard one for older kids to take. Mommy has a new baby and now she won't pick me up. I was happy with my c-sections. The only issues I had were with the second one. The anistegolist ( I know that's not spelled right ) Aprently had a anger management issue and slammed the epi into my back . The nurse who helped him was even shocked about how hard he jabbed me. Busied spine , still twinges sometimes. That was with DD. she would be 9 now. I also had allergic reactions tobthe tape and morphine that time too. So I was itchy , fevery and in pain. Lovely !! I hit to stay in the hospital a whole extra day ! Still I don't say I had a bad time just minor discomforts. Nothing Benadryl , Percocet , and steroids couldn't fix. The tape issue is rare by the way. Any questions I will try and answer. My mom also had two planed c-sections. So of I didn't experiance it I'm sure she did ! I on the other hand have never had a labor pain ! What does that feel like ?
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    I had 2 c sections, the first one, i was relaxed, chilled and ready for my son, i hadnt started labor and it was planned, it was smooth, easy and the biggest annoyance was my intollerance to the morphine they put in my spinal, i couldnt sit upright for 24 hours without barfing, my BP dropping and me passing out, so they left the compression socks on and the "bladder bag" as i called it, in and that bugged me. But as soon as i was up and moving, i walked the halls a lot just to get used to moving and never took anything more than motrin for pain. My 2nd, i went into labor and he was 2 months early, so i wasn't as relaxed, they took him to another hospital to the NICU so i had no reason to get up and move, so i was in incredible pain not being able to get the air out and moving. My suggestion, everyone is different, but move as often as is comfy for you, even if its just walking in your room. Relax and be comfortable with your decision, it does help a lot!
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    I had twins and a planned cesarean birth as baby a was breech my entire pregnancy. Honestly it was fine. I got up and walking as soon as I could and once home was lifting and holding babies as I had too and it was all good. I agree with others stay on top of pain management. I didn't actually have a lot of pain except when I was coughing as I had a bad chest cold and cough when they were born. That HURT but the nurses showed me how to brace my tummy with a pillow when I had to cough and that helped. Still sucked but was better. The biggest part for me was that I didn't understand the difference between and epidural and a spinal block so I FREAKED when they gave me the spinal and I couldn't moved lower body or feel anything. Wish I had been more informed as I was terrified of needle into spine anyways. I found recovery except for having bad cough was fine
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    My ds6 was an unplanned crash csection.. i was tender and sore but i was also bruised from tits to knees cause it was litraly one cut in then deal with the bleeding.. i was up on day two since i had horrible bp and the magnesium made me swell like the chick in doctor dolittle who was allergic to shellfish.. my advice is keep on top of pain and take gas x...
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    Recovery sucks but it doesn't last long. Just remember not to push yourself, you may feel great but you need to take it easy for as long as they tell you to.
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    I've had two c-sections, 1 not planned and the last one planned. I have to say I lucked out with my 2nd one, recovery was amazing compared to the first when I had a vertical incision (2nd one was horizontal). I went in Monday morning and they did the c-section and after I got feeling back in my legs I got up and walked, The pain meds I had didn't make me groggy and worked really well while in the hospital so I walked as much as I could pushing her around in the little tray/cart thing whatever it is haha. Don't push yourself but i don't recommend laying in bed the entire hospital stay either... Tuesday evening a nurse popped in to ask how things were and I jokingly said I'll give my room up since the labor and deliver is slammed right now so you'll have a extra room. About 30 minutes later my dr came in and asked if i wanted to go home, HELL YES! haha, so after getting checked and baby the ok to leave we left that night. The only real issue I had after it was peeing, I couldn't pee to save my life and after the threat of re-cathing me i sat in the bathroom guzzling water until I finally peed. It didn't hurt, it was just like numb, i didn't have the urge to pee either so i really didn't think about it until the nurse came in and asked why the hat in the toilet was still empty haha. Coughing, sneezing, stairs can be painful after, get a small pillow and keep it by to hold against the incision area if you feel like coughing or sneezing. 
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    I'm recovering from my second cesarean as we speak, my daughter was born yesterday morning. I'm in pain, but I'll survive. The worst is peeing after the catheter is out, because of all the swelling etc. and the gas. Make sure you take all the pain meds on the schedule the doctor orders, don't try to be a hero, if you wait it out you will hurt! I learned my lesson last night, I felt great all day and didn't take all the painkillers that were offered and by night time I was in so much pain I could barely move & was crying. So just take the darn meds lol. And try to go pee regularly, even if you don't feel you need to because keeping your bladder empty will help. If you wait until you feel the urge it may become very uncomfortable, any swelling is horrible when you have a fresh incision.

    You will probably shake like crazy from the spinal block....that is normal.

    Take the sodium citrate like a tequila shot, get it over with, it's gross!

    Make yourself heard! During the surgery, if you feel very nervous or light headed, tell the anesthesiologist, they will help.
    After, if you're feeling a lot of pain or have any worries, say something. They can't help if they aren't aware, so speak up.

    Most importantly, something I've just recently learned after having a preemie in the nicu (she's fine!) is that not everything will always go as planned. Sometimes, you just have to go with the flow. Planning comes later. :)
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    I have had 2 one emergency one planned. Its not that bad I was worried as DH works alot and I was going to be alone all day every day and no fam to help. Best advice I can give Is get up and move ASAP. with both I was up and walking by the next morning. My first was in NICU for a week so in order to feed him every 3 hours I has to walk over to NICU on another wing. With 2 the morning after I had him I got up out of bed the same night but the nurses yelled at me to stay in bed till at least morning. The more you walk around the less stiff you get. So the next morning I was up and dressed. Wear a belly band as the compression helps and take your pain meds the first 2 days even if you feel fine stay ahead of the pain. By day 3 I see how I feel and cut back on the pain meds.

    At home I stay on the main floor with baby for a month only because its easier then walking down the stairs to make a bottle at 2,4,6 am if you breast feed then that's a non issue. But I also did it so hubby could sleep.

    You really shouldn't be lifting but with a 13 month old at home I had no choice so buy a week out I was carrying him up and down the stairs and cleaning and cooking.

    Pain meds I only took them as needed at home. You will be sore and tender the first 2 days are the worst they REALLY suck but its not omg I can't move at all pain its more I can move but I feel like I got hit by a truck pain.
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    My c-section was an emergency one, much like how your first was shaping out.  My DD was face up but the OB couldn't get her to turn over by hand, so she proposed a c-section.  I didn't want it and was afraid, but of course I wanted my baby to be ok, so we did it.

    My recovery was rough as far as I'm concerned, but I have nothing to compare to.  My incision had problems for months, leaking, itching, smelling bad.  At one point I had a yeast infection in there, was able to clear that up with normal Clotrimazole cream.  Nearly 2 years later, I still find it itchy at time, sometimes tender, and definitely no feeling when you touch it.  That's a weird sensation and from what I hear, normal.  You will never get feeling back.
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    I had a c-section and compared to my friends who had vaginal births it was a piece of cake. There is some pain, its hard to sit up from a lying position, feels like you've done a ton of sit ups, but other than that there was no issues. Get up & moving as soon as you can. When have baby 2, I will request a c-section 100%
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    I've had 2 c-sections. The first was an emergency after 12 hours of induced labor, the second was planned; both were bikini cut. I was up pacing around my room the day after, taking nothing but advil because I was bf and DH freaked out at the mention of percocet. Take your meds on schedule, even if it doesn't hurt. You don't want to wait until it does. I highly recommend a stool softener and a lot of water.

    It hurt, but not unbearably. Coughing and sneezing will probably feel like you're being kicked in the stomach. The nurses will show you how to brace with a pillow. I used a belly bind, aka giant velcro ace bandage, for the first one but not the second. It definitely helps. When you get home, don't lift anything heavier than the baby until they tell you it's safe. Don't sit on any piece of furniture you can't roll off or push yourself out of/ off of with your arms and legs only. If you're short, buy a sturdy step stool. They're going to tell you not to stretch your arms above your head. 
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    Haven't got much to add... I was being induced which took a day and a half, three inserts, and a high likelihood of c-section because of all they were putting in me which leads to super hard contractions every 30 seconds. In the end the my dd's hearts rate was dropping during contractions due to either cord pinched, too short (which in the end it was) or twisted around so off I went to surgery. I have no idea if they just take the baby out with a planned c-section or if they induce labor (hummm, I never thought of that). I had a quick recovery, took the meds on time and felt fine. The first poop wasn't pleasant and lifting the baby or twisting certain ways could cause pain but you learn quickly how to avoid certain movements and stuff.   
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    Put a pillow over your stomach when you laugh.
    Sometimes the epidural can make you really really really itchy.
    And pretty much what everyone else said.
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    Thanks for the input!  I'm really leaning towards the scheduled C-section now, because a lot of what you ladies are describing I went through during recovery anyway, along with shredded lady bits!
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    My last son was an unplanned c section. My first four were all vaginal deliveries. To me the c section was far and away more horrible. The pain was far, far worse. I had to be completely put to sleep and by the time I was back awake (I had a reaction to the anesthesia and my blood pressure bottomed out for hours) the baby was in nicu. (He was fine. It was just a precaution because I was completely dilated when I got to the hospital and he had to be extracted from the birth canal.). It is likely this made my pain worse.
    I should also say that I may be a little biased because I was do shocked and pissed that I had to have a c section. To me vaginal was way better, easier, and the recovery was a breeze compared to the c section. Of course for everyone that feels the way I do, there are those that feel that way about vaginal deliveries.
    To sum it up..... Neither is completely pleasant. Choose what is best for you and your family.
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    It's different for everyone, but I had a pretty easy recovery...2 weeks and I was driving. 6 weeks and I did most of the driving from Phoenix to San Diego for Christmas.
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    Zooy said:

    Sometimes the epidural can make you really really really itchy.

    This is no joke!!!! It can definitely make you itch like a motherfucker I itched for 3 days (me and itching don't mix at all, think oil and water)  when I had DD6 but then again I think they gave me too much medication because they said I was 5'7'' and I'm only 5'3'' and yes to this day my scar area is still completely numb, I plan on when I lose weight from having this one I'm gonna go get my belly button pierced because I have very little feeling in the area. 
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    i had two c-sections. really easy recovery for me. after the initale epi they gave me all i had for pain meds was tylonal - and i only had that for maybe two days. the key is do not over do it!!!! take it easy, someone else mentioned to hold a pillow over your belly when you caugh, sneeze, laugh if you can - it makes a HUGE difference.

    don't lift anything heaver then the baby and take it easy

    did i mention not to rush things and just take it easy/ :)
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    I had an elective c-section and my recovery was a breeze, the worst thing was is that I swelled up like a balloon, I was told this would happen but wasn't expecting it to be as much as it was, I had a wound vac covering my incision which keeps moisture and germs out so I was told. After two weeks my incision was barely noticible. I was taken off my pain pump twelve hours after my c-section, and straight to the bathroom for a shower. The swelling in my legs lasted a good six weeks and the only shoes I could wear were ugly ass crocs. It has been 9 months and I still have no feeling on and around my incision. My scheduled c-section was a little off schedule my water broke5 weeks before my original due date so I got to experience my water breaking, mucous plug, and contractions that were two minutes apart from the start, screw that I could have never made it through that shit. C-sections from now on, also no torn up vagina.
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    lubahound said:

    also no torn up vagina.

    Really? This is the first impression you want to make amongst a group of women, a lot of whom have given birth vaginally. Good luck my dear.
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    My labia are still intact thankyouverymuch. Nothing says tight like kegels.

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    I had three sections. One was because of an induction that failed .My tailbone is in the wrong spot ! Dammmmm tailbone ! The second , she didn't want to come out ! Dammm tailbone ! Third we just said ok we are having baby on this day. So it will be after siblings birthdays and before Christmas. It was nice. The first time no problem ! Up and moving same day. Second , 4 years later , umm moving a little slower , but still up and moving the same day. Just a little later in the day. Lol. Horrible rash , allergic to tape ! And eperduial , from hell ! The guy , according to the nurse who saw it , acted like he was doing a adrinalin shot ! Slammed it into my back ! Still twinges from time to time, it was 10 years ago. Third time , happy juice , because I freaked out remembering the shot from 4 years before. And moving slower ! It was the next day before I was up and moving. Still I am overall happy with the results.
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    Not sure if it was mentioned dont freak out when you feel numb around your scar i had one csection emergency he wouldnt come out he had his right arm above his head. Expect to be constipated (tmi) i didnt number 2 for 9 days on stool softeners and i have irritable bowel syndrome. Rest and accept any help offered. It will be over in no time congrats!
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    Old post, but worth mentioning. 

    The difference in recovery is HUGE based on if you went into labor first or not. 

    If you go into labor first, labor all day expecting a vaginal delivery and THEN get a csection, expect a more painful, and much longer recovery time than if you had scheduled the csection in the first place. 
    It's still painful, it still takes recovery, but the difference is absolutely ASTOUNDING.
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    It was so hard watching family guy the next day laughing sneezing burping farting and hiccups so painful. I can remember standing for the first time damn... make sure u order a binder it holds your shit in place takes a load off the pain