Going gray
  • pennypenny
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    I've been going gray since I was 15. I have lots now at 36, and I don't color it. It's beautiful, silver, and gloriously streaked through my still predominantly dark brown hair. In fact, people often compliment it and ask me where I've gotten it colored. But this morning I found one in my eyebrow. And it has succeeded in making me feel old far more easily than the ones on my head or even in my lady triangle have been able to. Screw you, aging!
  • TheMomFactorTheMomFactor
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    I agree, gray is lovely. My SO is 41 with salt-and-pepper and I love it. It's in his beard when he doesn't shave and on his arms and chest....he's the sexiest thing I've every seen.
    Don't feel old. It's just another way to be beautiful. :)
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  • gramalibbygramalibby
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    Look at my pic , I earned every one and have never colored . Each one was given me by my kids and each tells a story
  • BellaBefanaBellaBefana
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    No, I hate my gray! You REALLY feel old when the southern regions get gray!
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  • RuralRebellionRuralRebellion
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    I found my first grey hair on my 22nd birthday, at first I thought it was an extra shiny hair.  Either that one was just a fluke or I died my hair too often to notice anymore.  Now, since having DD almost 2 years ago, my grey hairs have rocketed, and I'm only 29.  They're mostly at the front of my head as far as I can tell, streaking my bangs.  I love them, I joke about hating them and feeling old, but they bring nice highlights to my hair.  Unfortunately I get the itch to dye my hair all the time and will probably still do so.  It has never been for grey coverage, and still won't be, I just feel more myself with fresh vibrant red hair.  But hey, the grey ones will dye lighter and still be highlights.
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  • PurpleFlowersPurpleFlowers
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    No, I hate my gray! You REALLY feel old when the southern regions get gray!

    Hahaha! Yup
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  • SassySassy
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    I keep telling my mom to OWN it or to at LEAST go to a salon to have it colored since she does it so often and he hair is getting destroyed. I think her gray hair is pretty she doesn't. 
  • fatchickonabikefatchickonabike
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    I guess I'm lucky that I'm just starting to go grey at 43. I'm on the fence about colouring, though. I'm allergic to so many things that I'm afraid I'd have an allergic reaction to the dye, too. So I'll probably just decide to "age gracefully" - ha! If I develop a skunk streak, though, I'm getting that fucker dyed.
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  • momma2A
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    I've picked out a few in the last year or so and I'm 27 now. Kinda sucks cause I'm not ready to be grey and I'm not a dyer either.
  • Strawberry
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    I'm 27 and I kid you not, I have waaaaay more grey hair that my 50 yo mother! Our hair is jet black naturally so you can see my greys from far away! Lol! I really do have a lot but I don't mind them at all, my dd also has a patch in the middle of the back of her head, I've asked her if she wants me to pluck them but she says it will hurt too much! I embrace them especially for her so she won't feel bad about having them and till now she hasn't complained :)
  • lostinthewindlostinthewind
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    In my family we call it going platinum ......girls pay lots of money for that ;)
  • SaraMommySaraMommy
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    I'm lucky to have blonde hair, so I can't see any gray hairs. Although my hair dresser told me she sees some loss of pigment in my hair (after I was laughing at dh for having gray hair. lol). But whatever, if I can't see it, it doesn't exist! :D  My friend (we are 30) has already been coloring her hair to cover the gray...she has very dark hair so it would be very noticeable. I don't know how I would feel if I was 30 and going gray...I would probably dye it too.
  • RosamundiRosamundi
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    I found my first grey hair this week. I just turned thirty in December. I feel rather torn about the whole hair/aging experience. I think I could handle going grey with more grace if MY NECK AND CHIN HADN"T DECIDED TO GROW EYEBROWS FFS!
  • junglezoo
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    @penny you described your hair so beautifully...pic please! :)
    I found my first white hair 10 years ago when I was 27. I usually pluck them when I find them.
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  • KatDragonKatDragon
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    I hate my grey!! I can't wait till my salon appointment later this month!! :D
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  • meandmy243meandmy243
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    I am quickly going grey but i found my first grey hair at 16... i dye my hair dark burgundy but its been a while... And truthfully my hair is silver.. I wouldnt mind if it was a steel color.. but once its all in im tinting it purple over the silver..
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  • moobear1983
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    I'm going white (not gray...WHITE AS SNOW) and just receintly turned 30...I'm a natural red head and live with the fear that if I try to dye it, it will turn a terrible un-intended shade of nasty green...so far I'm able to pass it off as blond highlights, but those days are numbered.  My DH swears he can't see them - not sure if he isn't paying attention or lying to make me feel better...either way I love him for it.  :)


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  • EllieEllie
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    I've had one or two grays since I was a teenager and I have plenty more now. I usually dye my hair but I haven't lately because I'm pregnant and don't want to. I have curly hair and the grays seem to curl more and don't behave, making them more noticeable. The worst part is that I have dark hair and there is this one concentration of grays on the right side of my head - at least spread out a bit and don't be so obvious!
  • BellaBefanaBellaBefana
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    @moobear1983: try Henna, that's a natural red so it shouldn't turn you green, else definitely let a pro very good with color do it.
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  • tothemoonandbacktothemoonandback
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    I highlight and lowlight every couple months.. keeps them from staring people in the face.. I still see them pop up between times or missed, doesn't bug me too much, but I'm 38 and I just sort of expect it :)  Doesn't mean I have to like it, or rock it.. I like being in a little bit of denial!
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  • KellynnKellynn
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    I've been going gray for years, and it's not a pretty color, so I have to dye it every 6 weeks. It's a pain in the ass.
  • pennypenny
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    @junglezoo Ask and ye shall receive

  • Zooy
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    I started going gray last year and I'm 25.Add that to the fact that I've been balding since I was 10, I'm a mess.
  • VegantasticVegantastic
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    @penny well jeez if my greys came in all pretty like yours I'd be okay with it! Mine are patchy :(
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  • junglezoo
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    @penny... I 100% agree with @vegantastic. I would sooooo let mine grow in if it looked so beautiful like yours.
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  • pennypenny
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    Aw, thanks guys! I do like it on top. It actually serves me well if I do decide to color it - built-in highlights! But it grows so fast I get silver roots inside of a week, so it is just not worth it to keep it up.
  • meandmy243meandmy243
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    @penny i wouldnt mind my greys is my hair was that color... instead its dark brown.. and right now in lenght its just about 3 inches above my butt cheeks 9 more inches to go!!
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  • RinRin
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    @penny if my greys were that beautiful i wouldn't bother with the salon, you lucky dog!
    My hair is sandy blond and you couldn't see them as much then, but dummy me decided i was over the blond and dyed dark brown and now when the color fades the greys are sooo obvious!
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