My baby's crying causes me anxiety
  • amandymichelleamandymichelle
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    I just want to pull my hair out. I feel horrible but it makes me so angry when he cries. What do I do?
  • SassySassy
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    Honey, its normal that it causes you anxiety. Its a biological response to make you take care of your baby.

    BUT, if it is making you angry, raging, you may be experiencing PPD and you need to talk to your doctor about it. Don't suffer through, you don't have to. 
  • BellaBefanaBellaBefana
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    How old is he? Could you have PPD?

    No one likes to hear their baby cry, especially when we haven't yet "learned" what each cry means. I had a horrible time when mine was little trying to figure out what she needed, and she wasn't much of a crier. I got the Dunstan Baby language Dvd's. This woman "defined" baby cries...turns out there really are distinct vocalizations that are the same across babies. It really helped.
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  • RuralRebellionRuralRebellion
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    Oh hun, my DD is almost 2 and I still feel that way when she has a tantrum.  Seek some guidance, and especially if you think you might hurt your baby.  You can get better!
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  • amandymichelleamandymichelle
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    I do have ppd. I would never hurt him but it stresses me out, in turn making him more stressed.

    On top of that he is constipated which doesn't help. He is 6 weeks old.

    I should probably go pick up my Prozac. Sigh.
  • rockmomrockmom
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    Hugs to you. >:D<
    My son is almost two and his cry is like nails on a chalkboard to me, too. Hang in there! Leave the room for a few minutes and breathe if you need to. It will get easier, and your baby is well on the way to crying less!
  • amandymichelleamandymichelle
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    I was depressed before I got pregnant too. Then got it under control and got pregnant and stopped antidepressants but surprisingly was fine all during my pregnancy. Until I had him. Now the depression is back tenfold. I'm so lost.
  • BellaBefanaBellaBefana
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    You're getting the help you need with the medication.  You may need a different one though, or additional.  Find someone to talk to about it, I'm sure there are PPD support groups.  Talk to your OB or call the hospital where you delivered.  We're all here and more than happy to talk, but sometimes you need IRL convo.

    It is o.k. to put him down for a few minutes while he's crying, especially after you've made sure he's dry and fed, etc., if he's constipated talk to his doc about what to do for him...I'd make recommendations but he's so young you need to talk to his doc, but if you're formula feeding, make sure you're mixing it correctly with enough water and if you're breast feeding take a look at what you're eating...but if his crying is getting to you, then put him in his bed and go into another room to compose yourself.  I'm not a fan of CIO, especially for newborns, but by the same token, it's not going to hurt him to cry for a few minutes while you get yourself together either.

    Do you have someone to help you a little?  Maybe give you a couple of hours break?
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  • Zooy
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    Just want to send some hugs, I know it's hard because you're still trying to figure out what each cry means plus hearing them cry is never a good time. HUGS!
  • undercoverbanana
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    I hate to break it to you, but you are unfortunately genetically engineered to want to jump out of your skin when your baby cries.
    My "baby" is 18 and I cannot think straight if I hear a baby crying in the grocery store......i can't even complete a sentence or a thought. You are not insane, you just need a breather. Big hugs. I thought I lost my mind ten times over before the little one turned 3.
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  • undercoverbanana
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    If mommies didn't feel anxious and upset and want to do anything humanly possible to stop that crying, the human race would not have survived......most of the dads would have eaten them. That's why they behave when daddy yells, and they ignore you. You are most likely not going to eat them. Look at the animal kingdom. Especially lions.
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  • peytonsmama
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    My son was TERRIBLE at around 3-5 months old. Crying all day, ever day. I went crazy when I was told "you just have to wait it out." or "Trust me, it'll get better" I hated waiting because it sucked so bad RIGHT NOW.  But I hate to say, they were right. The constant crying finally ended. He's a year old now and has off days and on days, but never anything like back then.

    I'm so so sorry you're having to go thru it

  • irishdoeirishdoe
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    I'm very sorry you are going through this.  Yes, pick up your Prozac. I second the moms above: do you have help?  It used to physically pain me when my babies cried and I couldn't soothe them, so I would hand them to my DH and take a walk, leave the house so I couldn't hear them or take a drive. I hope it gets better for you and if you just need to talk it out, give a yell.
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  • nomnomnom
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    My ds is now 11wks and still cries a lot, but the first 7 were the hardest for me. I felt isolated even when my husband came home from work. I don't have any family or friends nearby. I felt as if I didn't know how to be a mom or abnormal that I couldn't distinguish his cries or get him to stop crying. Sometimes I just had to place him in his crib and step away for a few minutes. People told me to get out of the house with him, but I was so afraid he would cry all of the time and that people would give me dirty looks or judge. Now, I just get out with him. I could either go crazy in the house with him crying or I could get a little distraction somewhere else. It has gotten better. I have slowly been able to determine some of his distinctive cries and realize sometimes he just gets mad and wants to have a fuss session. I also found out he has a dairy sensitivity and he has better days now that I eliminated it from my diet.
    It will get better. You just do your best and do what is safest for you and your little one. You are not alone. It is normal to have those feelings and don't make yourself feel guilty for feeling them. Hugs are being sent your way.