Will my belly button return to normal after delivery?
  • Lakegirl34
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    I gained a lot of weight with my first pregnancy with my son and didn't lose it all before getting pregnant this time, and have gained a lot during this one. My belly button is almost an outie where it used to be an innie. It's pretty weird looking and I'm wondering if it will return to its normal self after delivery?
  • nessamommynessamommy
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    Weirdly enough, mine did stay changed. Before my two pregnancies, I had a pretty small innie with a lot of wrinkles, now it is just a pretty big smooth hole. But that may be due to the fact that I've gained about 50 lbs since then :)
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  • unforgivenunforgiven
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    Mines the same as always.


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  • Matt115
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    Mine went back to normal after a few months.
  • RinRin
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    Mine didn't pop out per say, but it did return to normal. I only gained 25lbs with my 1st but he was almost 10lbs and my second i only gained 16 lbs but he was 2 months early.
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  • Lakegirl34
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    I never paid much attention to my belly button but am currently quite obsessed. It doesn't help that little girl keeps moving about and shifting it around even more!
  • RinRin
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    @lakegirl34 when are you due?
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  • momofdbbmomofdbb
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    Mine went back to normal. My moms got a bit smaller with each pregnancy. She had two sections though. When they did them back then ( wow make me feel old lol ) they didn't do a bikin cut so it was a cut straight up the middle. Her Dr said if she had another she might lose it ! Lol.
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  • Marionettevie
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    mine went back to normal-ish.....
    i gained about 30lbs in my pregnancy, and the day i gave birth i was up to 162lbs or something similar. im now in the 120s and it looks kinda the same but the muscles around it are different. i can do this trick now where i can do the "suck in" and move it up and down! LMFAO yes i entertain myself. before i could not do that at all. it stayed in one place. the skin around it stretched too because it went from normal innie, to knda just flat, to popped out outie. and it was pierced so the skin up by the piercing stretched and now i have weird stretch marks there. but its pretty normal, just different from what it used to be.