What do you do for work?
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    If you work outside the home, what do you do? When @Grits tagged me today I started thinking, we have a boatload of experience here in lots of different areas and could really lean on each other with our non-mommy wisdom too, in times of specific situations and circumstances.

    My degrees are in psychology/sociology (criminal justice) and my grad degree is in social work (MSW).  I emphasized on the clinical side of things (as opposed to the community organization side).  I've worked in the disabilities field for 20 years, first as a case manager for adults with intellectual disabilities, and now as a specialist/counselor for the MS Society.  I was also a group counselor and case manager at the Alzheimer's Association, and a social worker for a HMO for a bit.  One of my non-social worky roles now at my job is to moderate and interact on the social media side of things (FB, LinkedIn, our own site, etc).

    What's your expertise?
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    I sell stamps and talk to old ladies all day. I'm an expert bullshitter.
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    I am a supervised visitation manager. Which means when the courts say a parent can not be with their child alone they come to the center I work for and I suprvisor the parent and child. I am also a DV advocate and Rape counsler.
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    I *was* a bookkeeper and tax preparer until I semi-retired last year. Now I just do the books for the bar my DH owns.

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    I work in a construction office. I say office loosely because it's only me as a point of contact for customers and the owner and his son. That's it. Three people in this business. It's horrible.

    But my expertise is definitely in office management. I am a die-hard organizer and coordinator. It just sucks that my position here requires me to be outright dishonest with customers. I am currently seeking another place that could use my expertise.
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    I work at an ad firm. my roles currently include: studio manager, fine artist, illustrator, j. art director, graphic artist, project manager/traffic, interactive and film production.
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    I work in pharma clinical research...making sure the doctors are conducting clinical trials on new drugs in accordance with industry ethical standards and state/federal law.  Sadly, the industry was hit (for the first time that I can remember) very hard by the economy crash and I've now been out of work for almost 2 years.  Unfortunate for a career in which I've spent 20 years cultivating.

    My degree is Communication Disorders, where I specialized in adult neuro disorders like stroke, head trauma, and Alzheimer's and my graduate work was in Speech and Hearing research and have pretty much focused my career on neuro and cardio clinical trials, but I do have a broad base of therapeutic areas...gotta eat, and because you gotta eat, sometimes you don't get to work only where you want to work...

    I'm also working on getting an MS in Clinical Research Management and a certificate in grant writing, hopefully to make myself more marketable within the industry as I primarily consult and I really want a position which doesn't require so much travel.
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    I don't work but at home.  Although I do donate plasma twice a week which provides some extra cash for the family lol...my degree will be (once I finish) in business management (HR). And I have a degree in hotel/restaurant management.  I want to find a job in this stuff...nonprofit...but alas.
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    I am an audiologist in an ENT office. I have experience testing hearing on newborns through geriatrics. I also do a lot of balance testing. Currently I am not fitting hearing aids on people.
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    :( i want a degree! i deliver publications..... LOL. for now
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    Since my kids are born I work parttime as the administrative aid of a resaerch group at a university. They research elementary particle physics, so some days I feel like I'm part of the Big Bang Theory
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    My title is director of administration but I'm really like an office manager. Yuck. I work for a Broadway producer and basically handle his fucking money. Boss is an ass but the pay is decent and its ridiculously easy.
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    @BellaBefana I used to be in pharm research....and you know what *I* say??? NEVER participate in clinical trials!!! Not the ones they offer to college students for a little $$$. I mean *someone* has to do it, but not anyone I know, ok??? I used to often be horrified at what made it to clinical trials! 
    My degree is in AGRICULTURE (which obvs I *do* know about), but I never used it. For the last 7 yrs I have been dispatch/flight control for EMS helicopters and fixed wings (airplanes, to you ground dwellers!).
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    I am a general music teacher, choral director, and drama director at the middle school level.  I have a Bachelors Degree in Music.  I have a functional knowledge of most musical instruments, so I am able to help with beginning band/orchestra/music lesson questions. 
    To clarify, I am only posting at this point and time because I'm home sick, so I'm not supposed to be teaching now, and just slacking, lol!
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    @KrabbyKay:  they don't do too many of those trials anymore, most of what makes it to "real" patients, at least the pharma sponsored ones are pretty well tested by then, and certainly pretty closely watched...at least the ones I work on.  Sadly, just like any industry, there are those who don't do their jobs properly, even more disturbing is they're the ones who seem to get promoted... :-S  It's very frustrating to those of us who've been doing it for a while (a long while) and "remember when."  Not all changes are for the better!

    @sharkmommy:  that sounds like a fun job!  I wish I was more musically inclined, especially as my four year old is:  she asked to take violin lessons at 2 1/2!  It was a little tough to find someone willing to take on a student her age, but when I finally did, she was amazed that she did better than her 5 yo's.  I say start 'em as soon as they show an interest!
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    I work in a small office for a demolition company. I dabble in a bit of everything around here.
    I handle the payables/receivables, payroll, builders liens, and some purchasing. I handle some of the HR/OH&S stuff. I also write up estimates for jobs and create new job files when projects are awarded to us.
    I also have experience w/ cars. I worked in a dealership for a couple of years and did everything from accounting to dealer transfers and finally worked in the finance department.
    I also own a part of my family's autobody business however my actual work for that is minimal, my dad handles the day to day operations and I mostly take care of the bookkeeping side of things.
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    Most recently, I am a trained and former Pharmacy Technician/Assistant, but I work in a kid's clothing store now. 

    I am also a former radio DJ, with college training as well.

    I have nothing to offer.
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    Toddler teacher at a private preschool.
  • AceofSpades
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    bartend part-time nights
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    Up until this year I was a teacher. I started with Reading Recovery, then was moved to the middle school to teach 7/8 grade English Language Arts, then finished up at second grade. I have a Bachelors, Masters, and almost enough for a doctorate, had it been in a planned program. I retired this year due to some health conditions.
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    My degree is Software Engineer. I currently work for my company developing android apps for other companies. I like the job and would like it even more if it was not from my home. I want to see people!
    @tothemoonandback My best friend suffers from MS so I could really use your expertise :)
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    I do nothing, ha ha! 

    Well I worked for 8 years in my husband's restaurant/bar. 

    I really need to figure out what to do with the rest of my life though.
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    I wasn't going to post here because of my job. I'm not *proud* of it like some may be proud of their accomplishments. But then I remembered that my job is important to our family and I have worked hard to be where I am as far as my small business goes.

    5 years ago I got tired of working at a call center so I started up a small cleaning business. It's been a long process and a lot of trial and error but I am finally at a place where I am not looking for more clients, not bitter about my wage because I choose it, and not relying on others to keep the busines going. It's not very big, I'm at a crossroads. Keep it going like it is and maintain a small clientele base or hire someone and expand. This leap would be pretty tough because finding someone reliable and trustworthy is very difficult.

    I think I'll likely maintain it as it is and continue with school. My dream is to be a teacher which is what I plan to go back to school for. In the past the fear of never getting a job and spending so much money on a degree kept me from following through with my back to school plans. Now that I have a status card I'm not as scared to take the leap. Teaching jobs are few and far between in Ontario :-SS

    I also really want to get my yoga instructor certificate :)
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    Aw @eapple if I lived closer I'd so work for you!  My last job before this one was cleaning a medical office, and I actually really enjoyed it!  I also did a couple cash jobs cleaning houses in the fall.
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    Why aren't you proud @eapple? I think your job is as good as any other and you put a lot of thought and effort into it, you have a lot to be proud about.
    The best job of my life was being a bartender and a promotions girl. I got to meet lots of interesting people and I enjoyed it very much. Degree based jobs are not always the most fulfilling.
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    I'm a teaching assistant at my university. Before that I worked in optics, before that I tended bar and cooked/baked for a living.
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    @ruralrebellion I don't mind the work because I clean for all very tidy people. I basically need someone who would work even when they are not feeling well or don't feel like it. There is no one to replace me and wouldn't be anyone to replace my partner if I had one so they would need to be ridiculously reliable, which is where I struggle finding someone. For example I cleaned all through my morning sickness, getting sick at clients houses and up to my 8th month of pregnancy! That is freaking dedicated!

    @organicbaby I guess im not proud because I am not living my passion. I realize it is an accomplishment it's just not what I always dreamed of. I'm going back this September to work on my degree but it will be a long process. Thank you though, it's very kind of you to acknowledge that it did and does take work :)

    @demanda I am hoping to TA at Brock to beef up my resume for teachers college :)
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    I am the director of an Alzheimer's day program in a larger long-term care facility. My background is in geriatric psych, and I was a case manager with a (too brief) stint as a sahm prior to that.
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    Granted I don't have a degree. And my job isn't the highest paid kind but I love what I do. I work for a jewelry store as a solder person. So I put charms on charm bracelets and do minor fixes. Its not much but I absolutely love it and I am the very best at it.
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    @eapple you have lots to be proud of! And wtf anyway, it's not like the REST of us are livin' the dream!!!! Be proud of what you made with the resources you had at the time!
     My mom always uses that against me; "Well YOU got to live YOUR dream, now it's your brother's turn." THis is in justification for why she is mortgaging her house to the gills for the umpteenth time for him, or....he's one of these no-responsibility, no life sort of people...might I add he just got out of jail for a DUI?!?!?! Might I also add, we're Irish twins????? It's not like he's TWENTY. And I don't know what dream she thinks I lived, anyway. Yes I'm content and happy, but dream????? I need to hit the lottery for that....
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    I work in non-profit. I've been here 10 years. I do whatever I have to do to keep my job. Can you tell I'm not thrilled? I want to be a SAHM but the kids are 7 & 12...

    I was recently out doing a presentation at a factory (clean work, great benefits, etc) and thought how much I would like to work there...and some of those people were surely thinking they'd like my job. It looks great...flexible hours, ok pay, tons of vacation time...but...no benefits, 15-20 bosses, and I hate numbers. 
    The grass is always greener I guess...

    Anyway, back to the OP - I can make a mean spreadsheet but I hate it. I can also build websites and trouble-shoot your pc. I hate that too.
    I love scrapbooking though if anyone needs help with that.
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  • CanadianMamaCanadianMama
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    I am (after this semester) one semester away from graduating with a BA Honours political science with a law focus. I will be applying to law school this upcoming fall. I have experience as an event organizer and fundraising coordinator for a not-for-profit (as well as other event organizing experience, if you need to plan a rally, I've got tons of advice for you, lol), an administrative assistant, and currently I moderate this very website :D If you need political info, constitutional law perspectives, event organizing or advice about this site, I'm your girl :D Not sure my experience and skills are super useful though, lol. 

    @eapple it would be great experience but TA jobs are usually reserved for Masters and PHD students. There are some undergrad TAs though so definitely look into it!


  • pennypenny
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    I'm an analytical chemist in a contract lab. I do mass spectrometry - basically I blow things up on a molecular level. It is really cool!
  • fatchickonabikefatchickonabike
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    I am a French-to-English translator of goverdygook. Former nurse, but the job sucked ass so I went back to school and started a new career.
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    @Canadianmama my psych TA was an undergrad! I'm hoping with stellar marks it's something I can do to add experience/ooomph to my resume. I NEED something to set me apart and one of my friends said they were hurting for TAs because not everyone has the required grades to TA. wish me luck!
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    Every single job is important!!  I think the variety in experiences and education here is just fantastic!
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    Currently I work security/dispatch for a local security company.

    I am about to start an internship with the county pre-trial services.

    I am *almost* done with my AAS in criminal justice forensics and then will be going for a bachelors in criminology.

    I have done, hotel front desk/night audit, managed an RV park, waited tables, and worked corporate security as well.

    @BSmom James Avery?
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  • irishlassirishlass
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    I wipe snot and read bedtime stories! To other people's kids...
    And I study child development and childhood etc.
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  • PurpleFlowersPurpleFlowers
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    I am currently an optician. Before that, I was an ophthalmic tech.
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  • awkwardmama6473awkwardmama6473
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    Bank teller...I freaking hate it and am quitting in June
  • Zooy
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    I'm a radio producer and announcer. So I make commercials and talk for a living. I also do freelance voicework.
  • squishsquish
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    I work in social services. Currently in Medicaid. I have a BA in psych and I'm thinking of getting a masters in public administration.

  • deviantqueendeviantqueen
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    I am a construction manager. Basically I oversee the sub contractors and am the go between them and the customers. My I have a degree in Organizational Communication Management and a master's in construction management.
  • JustAConfusedMamaJustAConfusedMama
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    I am a business to business (gulp) telemarketer. (please don't throw fruit at me, I know that word brings on violent reactions)   I currently call businesses seeing if they are in need of  a new merchant service provider(basically credit card processing company.)  
    If you would like to sponsor me for the Imagine Walk for Autism in April, for my friend's son please click the below link and donate.
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    I have a degree in early child education, bachelor of arts. I worked in an elementary school teaching grade 2 for a year before I got pregnant with DD. I quit and never went back to it.
    I love kids, but having my own changed everything. 
    I'm currently working as the store manager of a small convenience store. I manage 6 people and have the best staff. 
    Since my daughter was born 8 yrs ago I've played with the idea of going for certification to become a doula. In the past 2 weeks I actually started sorting out how to make this happen. 
  • RuralRebellionRuralRebellion
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    Everyday I find something new in common with you, @Zooy!
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  • shouldcleanshouldclean
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    I have a ba in history. I taught 8th and 9th grade history, sold cars, worked for KoJak. Now I'm a sahm who needs to decide what to do when I grow up. I'm thinking of trying to find a teachers aid position so I get the hours without all the responsibility
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    @purpleflowers whoot whoot! Another optician over here! (Any chance you're going to VEE this Weekend?)I'm licensed in my state and it is pretty regulated here. I opened my own shop last summer and am still trying to get it off the ground. I've been doing this for the better part of 21 years and I'm pretty effing good at it. I have experience in the labs and wholesale customer service. All optical.

    I did briefly flirt with becoming a Waldorf Tracher and am half trained for that. I also have a 2 year from community college for technical theater work.
  • MadHatterMumMadHatterMum
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    I have a degree in Enology(winemaking) & Viticulture. Up till April of this last year I worked in a winery and had several roles. I worked in production making wine and also worked up front in the tasting room.
    But now I'm home raising the kid and getting back to making art.
  • just_kimjust_kim
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    I own a pet grooming shop.
    I feel like that is self explanatory...
    I'm looking to put up a web site & start a blog...i might be pm-ing for help!
  • Lucy03
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    I'm a barn manager at an equestrian facility. More specifically a manure technician and a "scary horse mommy" to 36 horses daily. It's all I know how to do and all I've ever done for the last 20 years... I'm not sure if that's cool or pathetic, lol!