If you could change your name to anything:
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    Did anyone else see the Gertrude confession? I didn't really, I clicked past the front page too fast, hahaha, it was something about changing one's name to Gertrude, and will only answer to Gertrude, and she was not informing anyone of this change. 


    If you could change your name to anything, what would it be and why?
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  • VegantasticVegantastic
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    @curious what is yours?

    And DH has been know to tell the kids he's changing his name from Daddy, and he's not telling them the new one lol

    I would change mine to Sonovia. Because it's the prettiest name I've ever heard and I didn't have any girl babies after I'd heard it lol

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    Yes, I realize that most people don't like it. It was actually the name I wanted for Juliette and dh vetoed it. Everyone I told thought it was an awful name.

    It was my grandmothers name. She too HATED it but I've always loved it. Yes I am slightly strange I know this and have come to accept it. :-)
  • OxiMOMOxiMOM
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    Ashleigh. Back when I rode I went by Lizzie and took lessons with a girl named Lindsay it got confusing because they sound similar. So I had my coach start calling me Adhleigh
  • PurpleFlowersPurpleFlowers
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    Jennifer... Ive always like that name
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  • shouldcleanshouldclean
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    Princess Delilah Merriweather the first. And I'm not telling the kids!
  • mchemm2010
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    I think I would want Phoebe because its fun to say feeebeee
  • GingersnapGingersnap
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    When I was a youngster I wanted to change my name, but I always preferred traditionally male names. Crispin - which is what my mom wanted to name me. It means curly haired. She wanted that name or my dad's name plus "the third". But, I have a vagina. 

    I still like Crispin. 
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  • fatchickonabikefatchickonabike
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    Lady Cordelia Fitzgerald. ;)
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  • momofdbbmomofdbb
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    Ressie ! My great grandmothers name. I loved her. She would have fit in here wonderfully !! She told stories of my grandmother hanging out of her crib because she slipped inbetween the bars. No regulations back then. Lol.

    Edit to add that she used rum on her kids gums when they teethed. She divorced sometime in the 1930s and raised her kids with her sister who was also divorced. She told me about beating up " the other woman " lol. Who brings a date to the divorce hearing ! She " helped" her shut the car door. Ok she slammed the car door on her legs. In the 30s those car doors had some heft to them too ! She worked as a department store buyer and went to New York a lot. Loved shopping on 5th Ave. She was great !
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  • CanadianMamaCanadianMama
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    I would change my name officially to Mikki and lose Michelle altogether. Mikki's the name I've always gone by, when people call me Michelle it just feels weird, but it's part of a pun, and it would break my dad's heart if I ruined his joke.  


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    My grandmother (Mildred) went by Mickey. If anyone dared call her Mildred they got the death stare.

    When we were planning her funeral the director had everything labeled "Mildred" (programs, slideshow etc.) and we made him change it all. Even though she had passed we knew that she would not want to be referred to as Mildred.
  • BeachyBeachy
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    All I can think of is Mildred Pierce. Sonic Youth. Love them!

    But I like, no, love my name! I changed my legal name to my current name when I was 18. Cause it's all kinda awesome. I wanted to name my girls my name but I was vetoed. Boo.
    High five @curious!
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  • OpheliaOphelia
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    I'm quite partial to Ophelia. I'd change my legal name to that if I could.
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  • VegantasticVegantastic
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    @Ophelia I have a hard time remembering it's NOT your real name lol Its a great name!
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  • MollyGrahamMollyGraham
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    @Ophelia that was my great-grandmother's middle name and I've always thought it was so beautiful. 

     I used to love Isabel and Sarah but now they're all over the place, so I think I'd go with Mireille or Jordana.

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  • RosamundiRosamundi
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    Love @fatchickonabike!

    A friend of mine in college was named "Sally Royce". Best name ever.

    Me? I'd change my name to Hazel.
  • CrashCrash
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    I was adopted as a baby, and back then, they made the adoptive parents choose a new name...so if I could, I'd go back to my birth name, Danielle Renee.
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  • BeachyBeachy
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    Hug @curious I didn't know.
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  • CrashCrash
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    Oh it's not a big deal, really, @Beachy. I found my birth mother extremely painlessly a few years ago, I've met her, we're 'friends', I went out to meet her last summer. It was a case of a 16 yo girl who got pregnant, and after I was born, dear old dad I guess knocked my mom around a bit, and she said screw this shit, and left. She ended up giving me up, which I imagine wasn't easy since I was around 6 months old or so. I had a good, average family with it's fair share of niceness and nuttiness, and here we are! Lol.
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  • meandmy243meandmy243
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    Id change my name to.my middle name.. elise...

    my maternal great grandmas name was alta and she went by ted or teddy cause as a small child she always had her teddybear with her and the name stuck.

    i also have a great aunt named mildred. also ernestine their mothers name was golden. There are actually alot of old names on my dads side.. my grandma was agnes..
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  • RinRin
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    Krayola because i am colorful!

    Actually if i had a girl i wanted to name her Ireland Marie and i said i would change my name to that. My mom reminded me that my name MEANS Ireland (Erin) and i said so?

    My grandmothers name was Love, and always wished they named me after her, and then Jennifer Love Hewitt came along going by the name Love and i was grateful they didn't, even tho i was born before her!
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  • missbeing_a_deadheadmissbeing_a_deadhead
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    I would change my legal name to Katie. Kathryn is my legal name but I am not & have never been Kathryn. I am Katie or Kate. But it is a pretty name & it was a great grandma's name I think. Its just not me. I even sign checks & receipts with Katie. Most people don't know my legal name lol.
  • WabiSabiLife
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    I really like my actual name. But I'm partial to Tallulah. And I'm done birthing. So maybe my next cat...
  • BellaBefanaBellaBefana
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    I didn't see it, but it's funny that it was Gertrude.  When I was younger at doing the bar scene, if a guy came up that I really didn't want in my face and asked me my name, Gertrude is what I told him...

    Me, I would have liked almost anything BUT my name, was named for my mother's favorite aunt, and it was pretty uncommon in the area where I was born...she could have at least done it in Italian...Elena...but NO, or named me after my dad's mother, yet again...NO...oh well, I guess what it is suits me...
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  • KrabbyKay
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    I want to be called Violet! (it's my favorite color). Or maybe Lilly. Or Hyacinth! 
  • TheHeadacheslayer
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    My old "online name" used to be Angel. Found out many years later my mom almost named me that. I've considered adding it to my name legally. It's what I have on the back of my hockey jersey ;) Now I use it as a penname.
  • mommydeliriousmommydelirious
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    Princess Consalea Banana Hammock ;)

    No really...I think I'd keep my first and last (I have thus far even in marriage) but my middle name..Lynn...isn't as pretty as my mom wanted. (Also adopted and birth mom didn't put it on the cert. Or something)
  • regpregp
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    Regina Phalange of course.
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  • MomenturesMomentures
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    I sometimes go by the name SHASTA.  Oh yeah!
  • CrashCrash
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    @olinao Shasta have chocolate, Shasta have wine?
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  • MomenturesMomentures
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  • AceofSpades
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    I actually tried to change my name in 3rd grade to Amanda. I just started writing 'Amanda' on the top of all my worksheets and homework. My teacher put a big red '?' next to it, I got embarrassed, and never did it again haha
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  • HorridWenchHorridWench
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    When I was little, whenever my cousins and I would play whatever.... I would always use the Dawn or Donna.. but as adults I think I'd like to be named Star..or Something really Hippieish..lol... I'm a bit of a hippie on the inside ;)
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  • LoveLove
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    I like my name. (Now. I haven't always.) I wouldn't change it. Except maybe my middle name. I've never been very fond of it, but my mother, and one of my aunts, and I, all share it as a middle name, so I guess I'll keep it!

    (I'm older than JLH too @Rin. She can get over it LOL Momma thought of it first!)


  • RinRin
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    Ok @Love now you gotta spill it, what's your middle name? At least JLH....Love is only her middle name! So she can suck it right? Ha!
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  • LoveLove
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    @Rin I'll never teeeeeeeeellllllllll LOL  

    My first name is MyLove, I just go by Love, to cut down on the awkwardness! My parents have used the shortened form since I was born, I don't know why she added the "my" to it anyway! They've never used it.

    My middle name is Annette.


  • RinRin
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    @Love that is really neat! How cool is that? My dad wanted to name me Suzanne Love because he wanted a Suzi Q....but now, i thought....that kinda sounds like a stripper name! Haha

    Oh and?

    i saw that!
    "There are many things in life that will catch your eye, but only a few will catch your heart.. .pursue those"
  • LoveLove
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    HA! Yeah, my husband, every time he's introducing me to people, says "This is my wife, Love... Yeah, that's her real name, not her stage name."
    It was funny the first 3 million times he said it.

    My stage name was Jasmine, dammit!


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    I hate my first name and my first middle name. I'm kinda used to my first name though so I guess I would keep it, I definitely want to drop my first middle name though. Having 2 long ass middle names is a pain in the ass. Which middle name do I use on forms? Technically there has to be an odd number to have a middle so then I don't even have a middle. Damn mom.
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    Ha! @KrabbyKay my SIL was going to name her youngest Lily Chrysanthemum. Then we talked her out of it because how in the hell do you teach a 5 year old to spell chrysanthemum?? LOL

    I'd be Layla or Ryder. I went to school with a girl named Ryder, and I was always super envious of how awesome her name was. My first name is ridiculously common, especially in my age group. And no one EVER pronounced my middle or last names correctly. Ever. I was so glad I married a guy with an easy last name. You can not mispronounce Brown. LOL
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  • MollyGrahamMollyGraham
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    @Ouch my son has two middle names. I know what you mean about filling out forms. It took me three years to get the school to put both of them on his records. When something just wants initials, I shove both of them in the little box because I'm just that stubborn. :D Never really thought about the fact that technically they're not "middle" names...hmmm. Oh well, it's the least of the baggage I've saddled him with. :)
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  • SasafrasSasafras
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    My BFF has always called me Amelia instead of my real name, I'd probably change it to that.
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  • CinnaCinna
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    I'd change my name to Addalyn or Addison
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  • WickedDunkieJunkieWickedDunkieJunkie
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    @missbeing_a_deadhead I'm also *Kathryn* but no one except the doctor's office calls me that. And even then, it's only if it's someone new that doesn't know they should be calling me Katie.

    I'd probably just change my name officially to Katie. NOT Kate.
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  • samsmom
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    True Stroy... So I don't know that I would change my name now, but when I was in 5th grade, we had a school assignment and one of the questions was what would you change your name to, and I wrote Stephanie Michelle, I just liked the sound of it. My mom saw it and asked me where it came from, I didn't really know. That's when my mom told me she had a daughter 2 years before me who died of SIDS at 2 months. Her name was Stephanie Michelle after our dad who is Stephen Michael. I never knew. It was one of those hair standing on end moments.
  • OpheliaOphelia
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    KrabbyKay said:

    I want to be called Violet! (it's my favorite color). Or maybe Lilly. Or Hyacinth! 

    Anytime Ry gets in trouble she says Violet did it.

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  • Manders15Manders15
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    I like my name, have never really wanted to change that but no middle name which drove me crazy as a kid! Some of my most memorable ideas for my first/middle name combos were: Amanda Betty Rose (which somehow gave birth to my elementary BFF's mom calling me Betty Lou) and Amanda Melinda.