This was def done by an SM! WHICH ONE OF YOU IS IT??
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    Alnost had one of them myslef not to long ago..
    let them eat cake! because id rather have pie!!!
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    That was classic. Beautiful!
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    :))  Good for her!!! That is AWESOME!!!
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    I cut the crotches out of all my ex husbands pants when I found out he banged a co worker..
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    LOL! Hilarious.
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    Haha love it!
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    Cheating Spouse: Woman Seeks Revenge On Cheating Husband By Selling His Belongings

    Well, here's one way to get back at your cheating spouse!

    Last weekend, an unnamed Canadian woman took to Craiglist to advertise a "Lying Cheating Sale" -- essentially, a garage sale in which she planned to sell all of her unfaithful husband's belongings.




    "Last minute spontaneous estate sale," she wrote in the ad posted March 8. "Husband left us for a piece of trash. Selling everything while he is gone this weekend with his floozie."

    Among the items up for sale were his favorite red leather sofa and "lots of tools which he didn't have a clue how to use."

    In the ad, she also said that she plans to move out of the home she shared with him. The couple had been married for 10 years.

    But this woman isn't the first to seek revenge on a cheating spouse by giving away his belongings. In May 2012, a Wisconsin woman held an "X-Husband Sale" where she threw a pile of her husband's things on their front lawn with a sign that read "free."


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    That is awesome!
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    :-)) =)) love it! When my dad cheated on my mom, I remember her setting up all night cutting him out of every photo from the time they were married until he left, shredding his face
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    Good for her!
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    Fuck yes!!
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    Hell yes I would have done it!
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    Not that I feel particularly sorry for adulterers, but that can't possibly be legal, can it?
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    That is pretty funny. :))
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    Not that I feel particularly sorry for adulterers, but that can't possibly be legal, can it?


    Laws vary by state. In some places, marital assets can be bought/sold/destroyed/given away/whatever, as long as you're still married, and not legally separated. If there's no court order for division of assets yet, and she lives in a community property state, she's not done anything illegal.

    In some states, that may have a different outcome. I read one of those stories, where the spurned wife did something similar, and was charged with arson for burning his stuff.

    So it just depends, I guess, on where she is, and the laws there. 

    Putting it out there on the internet like that was not smart, IMO. Now, they have proof of intent and premeditation!


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    Wow, love to read this. You girls are crazy. I'm living vicariously thru your stories as I have no life.
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    That's awesome! Way better than burning all his shit! Make money to leave instead!
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    I'm sure very theraputic, too.
    i'm nekkid.