The power of "Thank you"
  • Ilovesunsets
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    A few years ago I was given homework by a teacher of an adult ladies' bible study who said that we had to text our husbands "thank you for all you do for our family, we appreciate you" at some point during the day. I thought this was odd since I kind of do this anyway at times, but I did it since it was homework.

    We had to come back the next week and report the reactions of our husbands. I was absolutely shocked. Some husbands thought their wives were joking and texted back, Are you being sarcastic? Other husbands were so touched they brought home dinner that they had picked up that night, others brought flowers, others had great sex with their wives that night, others texted back how much that meant to them.

    Sometimes we just want to hear thank you for what we do for our husbands, but if we thank them first, I think we truly reap the benefits. I texted my husband a minute ago, "thank you for the fact that I am wandering through our lovely home, picking it up, working a little from home, and generally doing what I love. I love you, baby." He texted back, "This makes me happy. I love you." You know men, few words. ;-)

    Anyway, this is just a word of encouragement to all of you wonderful scary mommies out there to perhaps try this experiment and see if you don't reap a wonderful reward for your effort. Godspeed, ladies.
  • deviltwinsmommadeviltwinsmomma
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    okay I did this right now.. as much I nag my dh. he does a lot for us.

    hopefully he checks his phone.. .lol


    my mother used to sing me a song. It went like this: "Life is short, life is shit, and soon it will be over.
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    I just gave my DH a card last night telling him how much I appreciate all he does for us, and how hard he works for us. He was really touched.
    It really is the little things in life.
  • OxiMOMOxiMOM
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    I do this to DH every once and a while. Ill send him a super long text telling him how much I love him and thank you and ego boosting him while he is asleep so he sees it first thing. Or when we worked opposite shifts before kids I left post it's around the house for him. Or I'll send a long fb message even if he is sitting next to me. I verbally tell him every day as well but the texts are a nice surprise. He will do the same for me randomly out of the blue and it really is so uplifting to see that text
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    Df and I thank each other for everything and I never get flowers! Damnit maybe I should reserve the thanks. Although he does do more housework than me in the average week.
  • onetimeonetime
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    You know, I felt the need to do this. Dh is with DS right now, at the dentist getting a tooth pulled. I appreciate his being willing to take kids to appointments...
    Suck it up buttercup!
  • Ilovesunsets
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    It is indeed the little things. It could only be a good thing. Right? :-)
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    Going to do this right now. We've been focusing so much on our problems lately, maybe it's time to try to find the good. Thank you for this thread.
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  • deviltwinsmommadeviltwinsmomma
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    he thought it was a joke.
    but he is cooking dinner tonight YAY!
    my mother used to sing me a song. It went like this: "Life is short, life is shit, and soon it will be over.
  • WillileeWillilee
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    One thing I DO do right - I tell him thank you and I love you all the time. He does it too. I know sometimes we take each other for granted, that's human nature, but I try reaaalllly hard to always remember and let him know I noticed.
  • LoveLove
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    I might try this. Maybe tomorrow.

    Yesterday, leaving the grocery store, my FB dinged with a post on my wall and it was this:

    Came home to a awesomely cleaned house & yard raked ready for me to mow...... Thank you MyLove M. BarnettAlex GroomsGrace Grooms & AJ Barnett (for not destroying what they did) lol

    Which kinda sorta pissed me off. On the one hand, thanks for acknowledging all the hard work, but on the other hand, it sounds like it's a once-in-a-blue-moon event for him to come home to a clean house.

    And he still didn't mow the yard.

    Choose your words carefully LOL I guess is the message here.


  • SchmelenSchmelen
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    I just sent dh a "thanks for putting up with my emotional stuff" text and he called wondering what was wrong, he was totally surprised!
  • VegantasticVegantastic
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    I just texted hubtastic that I appreciate all he does and we're lucky to have him. He texted me back "glad I've got you all fooled!! Hahahaha"
    Smartass lol
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    I try to tell DF every so often that I appreciate his help around the house and his ability to deal with my moodiness. I tell him I love him all the time, just how I roll.
  • deviltwinsmommadeviltwinsmomma
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    omg! I got dinner and flowers 
    fingers crossed for some action tonight 
    he is either grateful or he is gonna kill me tonight. 
    if yall dont hear from me in a couple of days call the cops! 
    my mother used to sing me a song. It went like this: "Life is short, life is shit, and soon it will be over.
  • VegantasticVegantastic
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    @deviltwinsmama Yay for flowers and dinner!!!
    "Be the change you wish to see in the world"
    "Don't Panic"
  • Ilovesunsets
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    @deviltwinsmama That is awesome. So proud of you! I hope you're getting laid right now!
  • Peace
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    Lol at the responses! @Vegantastic, that's too cute! @devilstwinmomma, holy crap, he reacted!?

    I am a big believer in this. In any relationship, no matter how small, people need to feel valued. Or at least seen. Maybe that's what it comes down to. Being seen.

    Focus is always on what's lacking. Everyone is quick to tell you what's wrong with you, what you should do, could have done's exhausting & demoralizing.
    I've been messing up on this, need to get better. Thanks @ilovesunsets, great thread.
  • deviltwinsmommadeviltwinsmomma
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    @Peace I couldn't believe he reacted too! I thought he would leave as "love you too". I do feel kinda crappy that I havent been thanking him more, he is my backbone.
    but I did get some action!! woo hoo!!
    my mother used to sing me a song. It went like this: "Life is short, life is shit, and soon it will be over.
  • fatchickonabikefatchickonabike
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    This is something employers should bear in mind, as well. How much happier and more productive employees would be if they only got a little appreciation every now and then. I guess it applies in all spheres of life.
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    I try to text my dh at least once a week and thank him for all he does for me. I try to tell him in person too. I don't want him to ever think I dont appreciate him or take all that he does for granted. It definitely makes a difference!!! And it's something that is so easy to do!