Skinny boys jeans
  • biancaleebiancalee
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    My DS is 5, and he is tall and slim. He needs a size 8 jeans for the length, but can wear a 4 or 5 in the waist. He's outgrown or wore out all but one pair of jeans. The only brand that I found that fit him well are Levi's, except once you get in an 8, they don't have an adjustable waist. Old navy and Gap jeans are too wide in the legs and butt for him, even the slims. Any suggestions for brands I could try?
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    Do you have a Children's Place where you are? Their sizes go up to 12, and I *think* with adjustable waists.
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    All the ones I got at walmart for DS8 have adjustable waists at a size 8
  • mommyof2_76
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    You could try the actual "skinny jeans" I think they come in slim sizes at old navy.
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    I had the same problem with my ds. We usually had good luck finding jeans for him at Kohls. And, like mommyof2_76 said, Old Navy is pretty good for slim and skinny sizes.
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    Noooo don't tell me that! Ds is in a 7 because of length but his waist is really only like 5! I have to get him adjustable waists otherwise they are too loose on the waist or the pant leg is too short!

    You mean to tell me I'm not going to be able to find adjustable waist jeans for him much longer?

    And "slims" just look rediculous on him.
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    Sorry just realized I did not help you but you made me realize I may have an issue in a few months when he gets too tall for the 7's he's currently wearing.
  • biancaleebiancalee
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    @LLB lots of brand still have the adjustable waists, but Levi's don't. Those are the brand that fit him best. He is so skinny that most jeans in a slim size are still too baggy in the legs and butt. I think my next step is to check out the American eagle kids brand. The girls pants tend to run slimmer, so I'm hoping the boys jeans will too.
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    No suggestion for brands, but can you alter the jeans? Sewing of course would be optimal, but I don't sew, I was thinking snaps (ok a little bit of sewing) that might double up the sides? Irdk, ask Pinterest. Or do it your self adjustable waist band? Sew elastic inside the waistband?
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  • biancaleebiancalee
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    I have a belt for him, I'm just not sure he'll be able to maneuver it. He has a slight motor skills delay that is going to hinder it. I think we'll just have to wing it!
  • shouldcleanshouldclean
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    I'm not much help because ds5 won't even consider wearing pants with a button or snap. But I've has good luck with Carters and target the few times I've convinced him to wear jeans
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    We have a big prob with this too DS 11 is super skinny!!!! Like I can still carry him around barely 70 lbs skinny. Children's place is our go to, but also wrangler jeans are adjustable and they offer that in cargo styles as well as cowboy cut. He has got some crazy long legs too I know this pain well ladies, unfortunately it still hasn't gone away I can big him slim cowboy cut wrangler jeans with adjustable waist and still take them in quite a bit.
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    For ds7 its carters and childrens place but he is just now growing out of 4ts.. levi skinny jeans look like 501s on his tiny butt... ugh personally i miss button flys... they looked so good on me before i developed the baby apron... (sorry but i am seriously missing my 6pack lately)
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  • GoddessGoddess
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    I agree w @lostinthewind wranglers have some really nice cuts out now. Not the 13mwz. Those are traditional wranglers and they are not comfortable. I think they're called wrangler xtreme? Also cinch and 20x. All if the above have adjustable waistbands.
  • lostinthewindlostinthewind
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    Yup @goddess we stick to the wranglers mostly :) good priced and they get quite a bit of wear and tear out of them :)
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    Ds5 is the exact same way. we stick to wrangler slim fit. good price and hold up well. shorts this summer is gonna be our issue. the ones that fit in the waist are too short and he despises the adjustable waist things as they dig into his hip bones.