Kids and Chores and Allowance?
  • notscary
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    Just wondering what sort of chores everyone has their kids do and what ages they are?  Do they get paid for doing their chores or are the chores just a requirement of life?

    So yeah,  what kind of chores do your kids do?

  • JustAConfusedMamaJustAConfusedMama
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    DS2 chore is mainly just picking up his toys.  He has a piggy bank, the money isn't really allowance, but fun money, but I guess it could sort of be considered allowance.
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  • BellaBefanaBellaBefana
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    I was taught by a very wise priest that an allowance should be given for just being part of a family and same goes for chores. They shouldn't be tied together, however if a child does "extra chores" to earn extra money that's a different story.

    Yes, adults have to earn a living, but we also give ourselves an "allowance" for fun stuff, the rest, sigh, we use to pay the bills (for the most part anyway). So that's the way I look at it: everyone must do their part to keep the family and house up and running, just for being part of the family.
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  • CrashCrash
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    Our kids do chores to help out, but they do not receive allowances. When they do something of value, such as my oldest babysitting which allows me to work, then they get paid. Keeping one's room clean, helping to do housework, etc, that's just part of life's lessons. They won't get paid to tidy their apartments later, or clean their bathrooms, or mop. (Well maybe at work they will! Lol....but then instead of being a chore, it's part of a bigger picture.)
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  • KrabbyKay
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    The kids have daily chores, 8 yo trash & dog crap duty, 11 to swiffer/mop upstairs & dust, plus other duties as assigned! Like bathroom/toilet cleaning.
    They get paid on Mondays with extra $ for extra stuff done.
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    My dd8 has to keep her room clean, dust, feed the cat and give her water (I always make sure she does it), help with laundry, and other misc. tasks. She doesn't get an allowance. She's been asking for ways to earn money though so I may give her "extra" chores to do to earn a little $0.50 per chore or something. I have to figure it out. But I always tell her that chores are part of being a family and when we all do our part it makes life better for everyone.
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  • Tanstaafl2Tanstaafl2
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    Each of my kids has some chores they're supposed to do just because they live in this household, and other ones for which they get paid if they do them.  They only grudgingly do the former and never do the latter.  Their main source of money comes from us paying them for good grades on tests and report cards.
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  • realtormomrealtormom
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    yeah, I keep meaning to get started with those...
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  • katz_meowkatz_meow
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    Mine have minor chores, mainly keeping up after themselves, their pets, and their rooms. If I'm doing a deep clean of any given room they help me, but really just as gophers.

    They don't get an allowance. All their needs are met, many of their wants as well, and if they're invited to go someplace with a friend, I make sure they have pocket money. I don't pay them for good grades either. They're both bright children. I *expect* good grades, because they're capable.

    I don't want to reward my children for doing what will be normal every day things they will have to do when they get older. I want to teach them to be responsible without the expectation of something in return for it.
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  • Tanstaafl2Tanstaafl2
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    My wife and I discussed the pros and cons of paying for good grades.  In the end, we figured it was very analogous to their adult lives, where they will get paid for doing good work/results and not for poor quality work.  We're trying to instill in them now that the way to get what they want is to work hard for it and do a good job.  We can see the logic both for and against paying for grades, but this is the way we decided to go. 
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  • notscary
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    My son has regular required chores like cleaning his room, putting his clothes away etc which he doesn't get paid for, but I also give him the opportunity to do other jobs around the house for money (a quarter here, .50 cents there), so that I can hopefully teach him the value of working for something (even though we don't get paid to do those things in real life, but what real job can a 5yr old actually have?), and the very important value of saving money and learning that if you spend your .50 cents today its gone, but if you save it, and save up all your money you can get something much "better".

    I want him to know the value of money and that it doesn't just appear when you want it, but you have to work for it, and save it in order to get the stuff that you want. 

    I don't think I'd ever pay for grades, but definitely acknowledge the good job in some way

  • biancaleebiancalee
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    My kids do chores because they live here. I tell DD11 that I have her do chores so she can learn to be a responsible and productive member of society. I don't pay for grades. I expect them to do their best for themselves, and let grandma pay them.
  • goddessisis
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    My kids do chores because they need to learn responsibility and to care for themselves and hell they live here why should I be a maid? They do things like vaccuming, sweeping, bathrooms etc. and they take care of the animals ( we have a dog, rabbit, chickens and a pot belly pig). They are not paid for grades but they recieve acknowledgement of a job well done. They recieve money for things like birthdays (from family) or if my oldest babysits so I can work extra she gets paid.
  • beachmommybeachmommy
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    I just taught DS17mo to throw his own diapers away in the trash. His first chore. I agreed to pay him $1 million.
    I took it back five minutes later when I found my bracelet and car keys in the trash next to the diaper.
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  • Tanstaafl2Tanstaafl2
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    @beachmommy - Did you tell him he was fired for doing a "shitty" job? :D
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  • PcdmomPcdmom
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    At our house we have a dry erase board & both boys names are on it. For every chore they do they get a star. Putting away clothes =1 star etc. Each star is worth 25 cents. At the end of the week they get however much they earned. Also they get stars taken away for bad behavior. So far it works
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  • fatchickonabikefatchickonabike
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    @beachmommy - Did you tell him he was fired for doing a "shitty" job? :D

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