Muslim Mom/Neighbor Dropped Me Like I'm Hot - Any Thoughts?
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    Hi, Everyone. Recently, I befriended a neighbor who happens to be Muslim. Despite our obvious differences, she and I really hit it off & have a lot in common, including children of similar ages. I should mention, she is American, as am I, but she converted to Islam for marital reasons. (She & husband are in the middle of divorce currently). I don't understand what happened - we had plans and she's just stone-cold silenced me when just the day before, everything was fine.....It's bizarre - all I can think is maybe she was instructed by her mosque to sever ties with me b/c I'm Catholic or b/c I'm NOT Muslim??? Any insight appreciated =) 
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    I doubt that. I had a friend in high school that was Muslum . I know that was quite a while ago ! Lol. But not that long! Anyway he and I had many discussions on religion and he was very nice and never put my religion down and I likewise never put his down. We did end up agreeing to disagree on religion but he never had any issues with me. He was originally from the middle east. He left his country with his brother to get out of the state required 4 year army duty.
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  • pamperedjanepamperedjane
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    I'm stumped - from the beginning, we appreciated and respected each other's religious views - prior to her sudden silence, her children had been over, eaten in our home (we're Vegan do no dietary worries), swam in the pool - I just don't get it.....we've been nothing but kind.....
  • LoveLove
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    It's possible that in the midst of the dissolution of her marriage, that she's going through something that's causing her to withdraw. It may not have anything to do with her religion.

    You might try letting her know (if she's not speaking, maybe just write her a note) that you know she's going through a tough time, and while you are respecting her need for space, you are there for her if she needs anything. To talk, to listen, to ignore each other in companionable silence LOL 
    Just let her know you're there if she needs you and let her know that the ball is in her court.


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    Have you seen her or tried to contract her? Maybe something legit really came up and she honesty hasn't had time to call. I'd try contacting her and give it a few days. Could just be a mix up or something.
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    Divorce is a big deal. She could be going through so many things. Maybe she just needs to be isolated for a bit just to sort herself out. I like @Love's advice.
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    This is one of those times that might test a friendship....if she's really just checked out a bit, it'll be great to know you're there for her when she's ready to be social again.

    Love's advice is spot on IMHO. I wish a few of my ex BFFs would have heeded it.dont take it personally, unless you know she's intentionally trying to hurt you.
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    Yeah I'm Muslim and I've never heard of a mosque telling someone to drop non-Muslim friends. Maybe she's been really busy, or feeling crappy because of the divorce.

    Anyways, you sound like an awesome friend for being concerned.
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  • pamperedjanepamperedjane
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    Thank you for the input, Everyone =) - I have left her a VM and hope she indeed just needs some time alone. I guess that's the thing about "putting yourself out there" - I'm usually pretty private myself and rarely make friends - no reason in particular - just busy with my family...I will write her a note and let her know I'm here for her if ever she needs me. Having just gone through my own marital issues in which we're trying to SAVE our marriage from divorce, (it was so on the edge), I understand all-too-well how difficult and very alone it can make you feel. I'm just glad to know it's not due to something religious, etc... <3