When did you go into labor?
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    So, I have labor on my brain. I have exatly 3 weeks to go as of today. I think I have made progress with the whole head down issue as he seems to be going more head down and transverse then breech and transverse.

    So what week did you all go into labor? What time of day? Did you follow your birth plan? Any labor stories welcome.
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    I started having contractions at 34 weeks. I had her the next day. She came so fast I didn't have time for any pain meds. I didn't really have a 'plan' as long as she was healthy when she came out I didn't care. I couldn't have pushed for more than 30 minutes, she came that fast. Sorry not much of a story.  


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    April 23. Due date was May 28. Water broke at midnight, rushed to hospital. He was breech and in distress so I had an emergency c-section. He was totally fine * phew * but we were not prepared at all. My daughter was sechuled c-section for Nov 8. My water broke on the seventh. She was breech also. She has a scar on her butt from the scalpel. Found out my pelvic bones aren't shaped correctly so i would never have been able to give birth vaginally anyway.

    I remember at the birth class the teacher said that if you are not sure if your water broke, smell it, it should smell sweet. Because both my children were breech, when my water broke it was a trickle, not the TV gush I was expecting. I didn't know for sure with the first one, so I told my husband to smell it. I asked him what it smelled like and he said, "vagina". Thanks honey.
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    I was a few cm dilated for weeks before I went into "this is it" labor at 41 weeks. That lasted. . . about seven hours before I made my last push. I should add, I only pushed for about an hour and fifteen minutes or so. 
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    Lol @ "vagina" I was worried I was leaking earlier but I think it was just extra discharge ick.
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    I was induced at 31.5 weeks because I was having a stroke with the oldest.
    DD was born on her due date, around 8 pm. My water never broke noticably with her. I was in and done with her in less than 45 minutes.
    Spawn.... well Spawn was 4 days early. I was painting on the couch with my DD. Watercolours. Dh was asleep on the other couch. It was around 10 pm on a Sunday night.
    I started feeling like I might have to pee. I laid my brush down and stood up and Niagra Falls happened. 
    We rushed to the hospital, 45 miles away, at 90+ mph, bc we'd all heard the third comes really fast.
    The gas light was on. We had to STOP AND GET FUCKING GAS.
    Get to the hospital and Spawn decides he's changed his mind and would prefer to stay where he's at.
    So my water broke at or around 10pm Sunday night, and he entered the air breathing world at exactly 6:57 am Monday morning.
    Still, the very painful post-water-breaking contractions aside (which I'd never had before!), I still only pushed for less than 10 minutes.

    ** I had no (NONE) medications with either of the older two, except for a drip of Stadol for a minute with the oldest, not even a tylenol with DD. I had an epidural with Spawn, but it didn't kick in til AFTER he was born, and then only the outside right of my right thigh went numb.
    I was SOOO effin pissed at that.


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    With #1, I was a week late.  He was actually due on February 29, but the little fart decided to stay in for a bit longer.  I was scheduled to be induced at 1:00 p.m. on a Monday.  When I got to the hospital, they said that there wasn't a bed available (full moon, and I truly believe that's why!!) and told me to go shopping or out to eat or whatever and come back at 4 p.m.  When I got back, I was already 3 cm dilated.  I hung out and went for walks along the hallways, and they broke my water at 5 p.m.  It took me from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. to go from 3 to 5 cm.  I begged for my epidural (lol) at 11 p.m., got it, and it took about 1.5 hours for my cervix to fly open the other 5 cm.  Pushed for 30 minutes and voila!

    With #2, oh God.  Bad, BAD experience.  This is gonna be long, so bear with me.  Through second pregnancy, I had a problem with low fetal movement.  I'd call my dr., he's say go to the hosp. and get monitored, my husband would take off work, drive me there, and the SECOND they'd strap on the monitors, the little fart would start doing backflips.  That happened probably 4 or 5 times throughout the pregnancy.  Anyway, two weeks before my due date I spent and entire Saturday cleaning, and at the end of the day I realized he hadn't moved much at all--just feeble little kicks here and there.  I called my dr., he told me to come in, blah blah blah.  I told my husband, "You know what--I'm going to drive myself.  I know it's another false alarm, you stay here with Jacob (16 months old at the time) and start thinking about what you want for dinner.  I'll be home in an hour.  Yeah, well about 10 minutes after I got to the hospital and got hooked up, my dr. came in and I was like wtf--why are you here??  He did a quick ultrasound and found that my son's cord was around his next 2x, and whenever I had a contraction (they were very mild) it was causing his heart rate to plummet.  10 minutes after that, I was lying on the OR table being cut open.  In the time it took me to get prepped for surgery, the nurse called my husband and told him that I was fine, but that he'd have to get there ASAP (wouldn't tell him why though), so he had to call my sister to come watch Jacob.  He was terrified, drove like a freaking maniac and almost got in a wreck.  By the time he got there, our son had already been delivered and we were in recovery.  They didn't have time to do an epidural, so I got a spinal block.  Most narcotics don't do squat for me, so when it wore off, I was in horrible pain.  I don't remember what was in my IV--it was either Darvocet or Dilauded.  Wasn't working though. Anyway, we got back to our room, I held our son for a bit, and then we put him in his bassinet.  The nurse came in a few hours later to check on us, and asked if we minded if she took him to the nursery to observe him, because he was spitting up a little.  (I'd noticed it, but didn't think much of it.  Babies spit up, right?)  So anyway, about an hour later, a pediatrician came in and said there was something wrong with our son, that he was vomiting bile, and that he probably had some type of blockage, but he was otherwise fine.  They did x-rays throughout the night and found that this blockage was moving, but very slowly.  At 7 a.m. the next day, a group of doctors came in and said he had to be transferred to the sister hospital across town because they had  NICU and would be able to treat him better there.  At this point I was in tears--I was in excrutiating pain, I'd held him for only about 10 minutes total, hadn't slept more than 30 minutes total all night, and the kicker was my insurance company wouldn't pay to have me transferred via ambulance to the hospital where our son was going.  I was a freaking wreck.  At one point I was worried that my ob was going to sedate me, lol.  Anyway, I was basically left alone there while my husband spent time at the other hospital with our baby.  I had the occasional visitor, but I was miserable.  I **BEGGED** my ob/gyn to discharge me.  He finally gave in, and I was discharged later that night.  Went to the hosp. with my husband, and it turns out that our son had what's called a meconium plug (where the meconium/poop hardens in the intestines).  It eventually passed and he was fine, but there was some concern that he may have cystic fibrosis, because that's associated with a meconium plug.  They had to do a sweat chloride test, but since babies don't sweat, they had to hook an electrode up to his arm and make him sweat.  Long story short, he was fine, he was discharged two days later, and we went home. 

    With #3, he was a week late.  I went for a NST at the doctor's office and failed because he wasn't moving (heartbeat was there, but he was inactive).  They sent me to the hospital right across the street who did another NST and then an ultrasound and found that his cord was around his neck 2X also.  I wasn't contracting yet, so my ob/gyn said a c-section wasn't urgent, but it would be necessary because there was no way he'd be able to untangle himself--he was too big.  3 or 4 hours later I had my surgery, and everything was fine.  He did have to be taken to the NICU for 1/2 a day or so because of breathing trouble, but they said it was just residual fluid in his lungs.  When he told me I needed a c-section I nearly lost it.  The first one I had was the most painful, miserable experience of my life.  I'd gladly take an unmedicated vaginal birth over a recovery like that ANY day.  With this one though, they gave me some type of epidural that kept my abdomen numb, but I was still able to walk.

    Anyway, those are my stories.  :)
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    Gah, I just looked at my post and saw how long it is.  Sorry. :(  I was reading the other comments and noticed there was a question about water breaking.  Before I had my first, EVERYONE said it felt like you were peeing.  For me, it felt nothing like that.  I think it felt like being on a heavy period/flow day and using only a pad.  You know how you can feel the blood trickling out?  That's what my fluid leaking felt like.  It felt nothing like peeing.  There was no urgency, and I couldn't stop the flow.
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    I was 2cm when I went to the doctor on Friday May 13th, my baby shower was Sunday. On Thursday night I went to birthing class, had a cheeseburger and went to bed. I woke up at 11:13, I remember the time because I felt nauseous and was afraid I had food poisoning. After going downstairs to pee I got back into bed and rolled over and POP....

    My contractions were 3 min apart from the beginning, I never had one before that, not even a braxton hicks, and I remember the midwife telling me they could not possibly be that close, that soon and I did not need to come in. we went in anyway and by the time I got myself together and got there at 1am I was 6 cm.

    He was born at 9:14 AM on May 20th, after 3.5 hours of pushing and 10ish hours of labor at 35.5 weeks. I didn't have time for pain meds, but had planned to avoid them anyway so I wasn't too upset.
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    She's right, it did NOT feel like peeing when it was happening !
    There was no thought to squeezing off the flow (lol) or anything else like that.
    I felt like I might have to go pee BEFORE it broke (you ladies know what I mean, you don't wait to go pee when you're that far along, you might sneeze or something before you can get there lol)

    And to address the smell, I didn't smell it at the time, but when I got home, the towel that DD had thrown down over the puddle, and the skirt that I was wearing when it happened, were still laying there in the floor, and they both smelled like urine to me...


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    I know this sounds like an old wives' tale, but watch for low pressure systems.  My first was born in a HUGE ice storm.  I knew as soon as I saw the forecast that's when I'd go.  It was the day after my due date.  At 4am I had a little blood- not a lot, but enough that I knew something was going on.  I had contractions all day, but was too dumb to know it.  They didn't really hurt.  At about 6 pm, I passed my mucus plug and knew we'd better get on the road.  I probably went to the hospital earlier than you are supposed to, but because there was 2 inches of sleet on the road we thought we'd better.  We got to the hospital and I was 4 cm dilated.

    Water breaking does not feel like peeing.  I felt kind of a pop then a trickle.  I was terrified it would be a gush and I'd be in the grocery store and there would be this flood and I'd have to sneak away with my cart.  It only gushed when I laid down.  I was in labor all night, but had to have a C-section because of a knot in DS's chord.  Because of that DS2 was also a c-section.

    The recovery for me with the c-section was not bad, so don't be scared of that.  Just make sure you stay on top of your pain meds.  Hospitals here won't give you your first pain med until you ask for it.  I didn't know that the first time around and let the pain get ahead of me.  Make sure you ask for it early and often!

    Don't be scared.  You will be fine.  We'll all be thinking of you!
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    I had a scheduled induction, I never experienced going into labour, but DD was induced, and surgically removed from me 11 days after her due date. 


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    With DS I went into labor the day before my due date. My water never broke and I never dilated beyond 3 so they gave me pitocin after laboring for about 26 hours. As soon as they gave me that his heart rate dropped so they did an emergency c-section. With DD I was scheduled for a c on January 10th but went into labor on my own on the 8th. My water never broke with her either and I only had to wait about 4 hours until they got me into an OR and did the c-section. Lol, kind of boring I guess, no emergency deliveries in the back of a cab or anything!
  • I didn't really go into labor, ever. With DS, I was 9 days late. I took castor oil at the recommendation of an old lady (I know, REALLY STUPID). In the middle of the night, I started having cramps and thought I was in labor. I called the hospital, and they said to come in, since I was already past my due date and they were going to induce me in a few days anyway. When I got there, they hooked me up, and found my contractions to be minimal, and fleeting. They decided to induce. I got to 3cm, then 4cm, and then for the next 15 hours, they tried everything to get me to progress, breaking my water, all of it, but nothing helped. The Dr. started suggesting a c-section earlier, but I was sure I could do it. Finally, she came in and said "Rae, you've got CPD, you are not going to dilate anymore, we NEED to do a c-section, since we've already broken your water." Finally, I agreed, and about 45 minutes later, I had a gorgeous, healthy boy, at a whopping 9lbs 11oz.!

    With DD, I talked to my Dr. the whole way through my pregnancy about the possibility of a natural labor. At first, she said it was a possibility, since DD had a different father, perhaps she would not be as large. She did warn me though that statistically speaking, a mother's second child is bigger than the first, so it might not happen. As we got closer, and I got bigger, she became increasingly weary of it, and so did DH. She ended up scheduling my C-section for a week before my due date. DD was 9lbs 4oz! If they had waited as long as we did with DS, she would have likely been over 10lbs! 

    Now I realize my kids are not the biggest in the world, but for some reason, my hips just never spread when I was pregnant. If you looked at me from behind, you'd never even know I was pregnant! 
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    For whatever reason, I can't log in. But.... with my first I was finally induced at 42 weeks, 1 day. But I didn't have any sex after 7 months and I quit working 4 weeks before having him. I went in at 8am on a Wednesday morning, started Cervidil (no pitocin) and my little man arrived Thursday morning after an excruciating labor with no epidural. Never again. 4th degree tears, screaming, misery.. the whole nine yards. It was awful. Recovery sucked.

    With ds #2, I was working and in clinical and always on the move. I decided that I refused to go past my due date, of course it wasn't in my control but I sure tried! At 36 weeks, I went in for my appointment... no effacement, no dilation. I decided I had had enough lol. I had sex every day and walked every day. Lo an behold... 37 weeks and 3 days I went into labor naturally. Tuesday, I was in clinical having contractions every 20 minutes or so. I went up to the floor and they said I had time... made it through that day. Next morning, I was still having contractions but not as regular as the previous day so I decided to go ahead and go to clinical. Yikes. Every 15 minutes or so, but I still ended up going home. At 5:30 Wednesday evening I lost my mucus plug, and within a half hour my contractions were two minutes apart. Off to the hospital we went and I was 4 cm!! I definitely got the epidural, and I truly enjoyed my labor and felt completely in control. At 2:06 Thursday morning ds#2 arrived easily.. no screaming, no tears or tearing :)
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    I never did go into labour. I developed high blood pressure towards the end of the pregnancy and was on meds and bed rest for it, but when that stopped working (I was full term by that point), the doctor said that inducing probably wouldn't work because I had not dilated at all, the baby hadn't even descended yet (she was still doing flips in there and turning every which way), and the drugs they give you to induce, plus the pain of contractions, would probably raise my blood pressure even more. So I would likely end up labouring unproductively for umpteen hours and end up with a c-section, or we could just skip all that and go directly for the c-section. I took option number two.
    The only thing I'm sad about is that I never got to experience a contraction. I'm sure that having had one, I would happily have signed up for drugs or an epidural, but I really wanted to have that one. Oh, well...
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    With my first, my water broke about 7:30 pm (a few days before my due date) while hubby & the friend we were planning to hang out with that night made a food run, so when they got back, I asked hubby (from the bathroom) "How do you feel about havin a baby tonight?" I thought our friend was gonna faint! While I was wandering around the house getting my stuff together, they kept looking at me like "shouldn't we hurry it up a bit?!" I just told them "believe me, we've got time, hahaha" because I knew it wasn't going to be a 5 minute process & we live very close to the hospital, hahaha. So we got to the hospital, I went through 11 hours of labor & 2 hours of pushing with the most pathetic pain meds ever, (our hospital doesn't do epidurals) just to end up with c-section because I got her right up to the finish line, but couldn't get her to cross it!
    With my second, I had a c-section scheduled for 3 days before my due date (our hospital doesn't do vbacs either), but went into labor in the morning 3 days before I was supposed to have the c-section! By the time I went through the process of getting checked in & such & they were checking me out, my water decided to break, SPLOOSH! Then the labor really ramped up & I thought to myself "I'm gonna hurt somebody if they don't get me drugged up in the next 5 minutes!" Then I finally got drugged, de-babied, snipped, & stitched. & here I thought I was gonna get to skip the labor part the second time around! Lol
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    @seamstressJ  Where the heck do you live that a hospital won't give epidurals?!  I can understand the no vbac policy, but you can't get an epidural if you want one? 
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    My first one I started having contractions a week before my due date but they weren't regular enough to keep me. they finally got strong enough on Friday, didnt go in till Saturday at about 1 in the afternoon and she was born at 12:43 am on Sunday on her due date 7lbs 9 oz. My second they induced me because she was so big they were afraid I wouldn't be able to deliver her, so they induced me at 38 weeks. Started pictocin ( and might I just add that pictocin contractions suck and hurt a whole lot more than the natural ones.)  at 3 am had her at a little after 3 pm at 9lbs 3 oz. Both times had my water broken at the hospital. No epidural I dont trust them lol.
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    with dd #1, i went to the dr. for my appt. on my due date. i was 3cm and starting to thin out so he stripped my membranes (which btw hurts). 2 days later i woke up at 4am with lower back pain that would come and go every few minutes. my water broke right before we left the house to go to the hospital. it felt like a warm trickle down my leg. i put in a pad and off we went. contractions got pretty intense pretty fast. i also puked a few times which i didn't know could happen but it's completely normal. got my epidural at about 10am, started pushing at 11:40am and had her at 11:54am. needed 1 stich and didn't take a single pain med, besides the epidural, after i had her. but i did use the ice pack pads, those felt good!

    dd #2 was a stubborn creature and did not come faster than the 1st one like they are supposed to. my water began to trickle the night before my due date. felt like i kept dripping pee, but when i put in a pad, i could see a tint of pink. well, it was about 5:30pm so i tell dh, we better get to the hospital asap because this one will probably come faster than the first and i definitely want an epidural again.  got to the hospital, still not a single contraction. i told them how my labor went with #1 so they tell me they are gonna start me on an epidural soon. yay!.....not! i got my epidural around 10pm and then baby decided to just chill out for awhile. so i had an epidural from 10pm until she fricking decided she was ready again. i started pushing about 6:50 and out she came at 7:03am!  i fricking sucks being numb from the waist down, omg!  no stitches and no pain meds, except for the epidural.

    with #3, i had just put dd #1 and #2 to bed. dh was going to bed because he had to work early and i was laying next to him just talking. it was about 10:00pm.  i felt weird but didn't say anything. i then told him good night and went to the bathroom and some mucous came out and then a good trickle started. so i woke up dh and told him we gotta go. then i started feeling some pains. told sil to come and watch the kids and 15 minutes later we were on our way. got to the hospital only to be met by the reject, bitch shift of nurses. didn't have an epidural cuz it was too late, started pushing at 5:05am and had him bust through my puss at 5:14am.

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    #1 lost my mucus plug and went into labor that night at 42 weeks...the day before I was scheduled to be induced. Woke up about 3 am and timed contractions for an hour. Woke my mom up & she took a shower & got ready. Then we drove 30 minutes to pick up the daddy then stopped and got gas then went to the hospital. My contractions were 2 minutes apart when we got there. They broke my water and my contractions slowed down! So it took about 8 hours total for him and 4 pushes. He was 8 lbs 12 oz

    #2 was induced at 38 weeks because my blood pressure was rising. Had been on bed rest for 6 weeks. He took 4 hours and 3 pushes. He was 8 lb 7 oz

    #3 was induced at 39 weeks because of his size. They thought he was going to be bigger than he was. He took 4 hours and 3 pushes also. He was 8 lb 13 oz

    #4 I had been having contractions for days but with no real regularity. Then my water started leaking about 11 am right around 40 weeks. It was just enough to wet my undies and make me wear a pad. So we went to the laundromat and did all of all laundry. Then I went home and put it all away, washed dishes, packed my bag, cooked dinner, put the kids in bed...you get the point lol. We finally made it to the hospital about 1am. They started the pitocin drip slowly to help me along. Then broke my water all the way. I finally broke down and got an epidural about 15 hours after they broke my water because the pain was omfg. I had been stuck at 8cm forever. 45 minutes after that and 1 big push and my tiny 6 lb 13 oz baby was out. So 34 hours from when my water started leaking until he made his grand appearance (16 hrs of actual labor) and he is still just as stubborn!
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    @emmaoremmy, rediculous ain't it?! I live in a one-horse town in minnesota. They have some kind of narcotic (which is what they gave me) that they can give you every 2 hours & another medicine that I guess kills the pain very similiarly to an epidural, but they will only give it to you once, it only lasts about 3 hours, & they can't give it too you after you hit like 8 cm? I asked my doc why they didn't do epidurals here, but I can't remember what she gave me for a reason, or if she even knew! Hahaha
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    I told this story already somewhere but idk where. My dd came 5 weeks early. I was working at the library and had just gotten back and laid down. I was kind of half-asleep when I felt something dripping down there. I tried to go back to sleep, lol I didn't want to give up my nap. I got up and checked and when it was clear I was like, shit I guess this is happening. I went to the hospital, I was living in a different town then away from my family, her father was in jail so I was alone. I knew she was breech and would need a c-section and told them that. They put me in a room, I was having contractions like 5 min apart. The nurses came and said they were moving me to another hospital that had a nicu since it was early. For some reason there was no ambulance to take me so I had to wait. I laid there in labor for 4 hours with no meds alone barely being checked on. The doctor came once I think. My contractions were less than a minute apart and the nurses could see it on the machine. I told them the baby was coming and this one bitch said she wasn't coming yet and I was not having her at that hospital. They treated me like I was stupid, I guess b/c I was alone. Finally the ambulance came and a nurse came and examined me and said it was too late, her foot was almost out. The doctor was like we need an emergency c-section, I was like yeah no shit. So anyway I had an epidural and had the c-section and only got to look at dd for a few seconds before they took her to the other hospital. She had some breathing problems at first but she was fine. It was a bad experience though.
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    These stories are awesome!! And very distracting from revision...
    I was due on 16th of may, on 22nd of may (it was a friday, i went for a massive walk, i was fed up and huge and then in the evening i lay down to watch a movie with my mum and as soon as i lay down i felt my first contraction, it was in my back though so i thought it was wind or something, or just sore cause i had done so much walking. I went to sleep and got woken up about fifty times with these back spasms. In the morning i had breakfast but the back contractions were about 5 mins apart, but not majorly sore, so i rang the hosp to see what to do. They said leave it til it really hurts. At about 11am on saturday my contractions were 3 mins apart and agony, i figured he would be born in the next few hours, they were so painful. My mum nearly crashed driving me to the hospital cause i kept grabbing her arm! (and i have a high pain threshhold)
    When we got there i had a horrible midwife so i cried and got another one lol She told me i was only 1cm! But my contractions were extremely strong so i cold stay in if i wanted. I went home and got in the bath and bounced on my ball and stayed at home til about 7pm until i was screaming with each contraction, every 3mins still. When i went in at 7pm i was 2cms and devastated. They gave me an injection of something to make me sleep and when i woke up a few hours later i was... yup... 2cms. So i walked and i bounced and i cried and i got in the bath in the hospital and i did what i could, but the contractions were incredibly strong. Eventually at about 2am i was 3cms and the midwife told me i was going to have to have a c section because of the severity of the contractions they couldnt monitor the baby and my organs werent functioning. I refused, flat out, and agreed to gas and air (see the pic in the belly blowout thread lol) i went until 8am with gas and air and got to 4cms. My contractions were every 2mins by this stage btw, and my face had come out in little dots because they were so strong.
    The midwife said basically if the baby didnt come out by lunchtime on Sunday we would both be dead. So i agreed to go to the ward and i got Remifentinal which is morphene based and you administer yourself, and the stuff to make you dialate quicker, and they stapled a monitor to benjis head and im not entirely sure what all they did to me cause i kindof blacked out with the pain relief and exhaustion.
    My mum told the nurses that i needed to have a c-section because i wouldnt be able to cope, but i did! I refused it, i knew i could do it.
    I pushed for 35mins, he was back to back, and after 35mins the top of his head came out, then he did a 180degree turn, all 3 people in the room went 'WOW' while staring at my vag lol that was scary! while he turned I ripped, then he shot out with one push!
    He was born at 10.38am on Sunday 24th May, and he was 9lb. And he had a big cone head for about 2 hours lol
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    Dd#1 I switched shifts to go to a baby shower and then decided not to go because it was like an hour and a half drive from my house and baby showers tend to run late in my family. Went to the store, bought some stuff, came home, and started organizing. Contractions hit me like a freight train, and @ 5 min intervals. My family said I had time... Lol
    Nope, I got to the hospital and went through some bs , but finally got into l&d. Water broke during labor, in hospital. Lucky me haha! Naturally delivered, on call doctor just made it in time to get her gloves half on and catch Khira... And it was 2 1/2 hours from first contraction to baby.
    An hour later, I had to call work and tell them I couldn't make it into my LAST DAY, due to baby. :P
    Edd: May 3rd, Birthday: April 25

    Minding my own business, I was lounging on the couch. I went to reach for a delicious fudge poptart that was on the table in front of me (had to rock to get momentum to get said poptart), and all of a sudden, felt a trickle. :O
    I ran to my closet for some new pants and a pair of undies to put a pad in (didn't help, btw). Came out of the bathroom and Ryan is getting ready for bowling, sitting in the same proximity of trickle.
    "You might not want to be sitting there..."
    "Uhh.... Why?"
    "I think my water broke..... There."
    After some daddy scrambling(and disgusting trickling), we get to the hospital where they give me an obnoxious sized diaper pad thing and get me into l&d. Gave me a little pitocin to regulate my contractions, and then let me be. After a little chit-chatting i send Ryan and Khira for their dinner, and about 40 ish minutes later Elora was born. No meds, other than for regulating contractions. My OB was off for the night, so I had another on-call OB.... Who didn't make it. Lol.
    My awesome nurse, Farrah, delivered (well, actually just...caught Elora) her. 1 1/2hours total.
    Oh...., and I never did get to eat my delicious fudge poptart.
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    #1 came 2 weeks early, 5am
    #2 came on due date, 11pm
    Both short labours, I was lucky
  • #1 induced and had 7 hours of induction then they broke my water, he was born 45 min after they broke my water.  I went from 2 to 10 in that time.

    #2 at 37 weeks I had some contractions so went to the hospital once they were 5 min apart.  Long story here about crap ob.  But had c-section because she was breech, ob had no idea before I went into labour...dipshit
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    I was induced for my first two. 
    #1, they tried the drugs. Nothing and nothing. I was overdue by two weeks, so they were set that this was going to happen. I walked around and around, played cards, read a book, felt uncomfortable, bored, bored bored! I stayed the night in the hospital, and then the next morning, the dr. broke my water. Five minutes later I was ready to go! And baby was born an hour and a half later.

    #2 They skipped the boring part, and went straight to breaking my water. I was still in the room where everyone waits out their contractions (??? whatever that's called...bunch of moaning and crying women anyway), and one nurse said, Do you feel the need to push? As soon as she said Push, my body said Oh, right! That's what's supposed to happen! And we barely made it up to L&D. Geez.

    #3. My OB was on holidays for two weeks, so I got some bitch of a Dr. who gave me an overly rough check up when I was a week overdue. She said, oh you still have some time. We'll probably schedule you for an induction next week. Driving home, alone, for two hours, I thought, We ain't waiting a week. This baby is coming tonight. So I get home at 4 pm or so, and I tell my hubs, this baby's coming tonight, so be ready to shut down and drive me back. I got the kids all bathed and ready to go to grandma and grandpa's in their jammies, and called my hubs at 9 pm. We're ready. So we do our thing, drive the two hours back to the city. I walk into the maternity ward, and I announce that I'm in labour, contractions coming about every 6 minutes or so. (Early, a bit, I know, but hey...we're two hours out! lol.) She takes my info, and she says well, I don't think you're having this baby right away, you seem pretty comfortable. This is around 11:30 pm. The delivery rooms get an opening, and they must know me! Lol. They wheel me in, and break my water, and we had the baby at 1:30 am. 

    No fun stuff about fast deliveries though. I didn't go through hours and hours of hell with contractions, but I think the quick deliveries also were responsible for my hemoraghing with all three. My doctor had blood standing by for my 2nd and 3rd deliveries, my iron count was down around the 50s, where apparently it's supposed to be around 120. Something like that anyway. They kept asking, are you light headed? Do you feel like you're going to faint? Nuh uh! I'm ready to go home now. Lol.
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    My son was born 19 days late according to the due date calculated by my doctors and 11 days late according to the due date I calculated myself.
  • emmysmiles2010
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    Due date was December 7, I went into labor 7am December 8.  Was in labor until about 2pm.  That's when her heart rate plummeted...the next several minutes is a blur...I was wheeled to an OR, was in ` a room without my husband, filled with 2 doctors and many other people filling several roles...had a panic attack, had one of the doctors take my face in his hands, say encouraging words I don't remember, they gassed me and I woke up in the recovery room 2 hours later.  My beautiful daughter was brought to me and I cried the happiest tears ever.  She was healthy and fantastic.  

    Fast explanation, i know, but that's about as fast as everything went for me!  None of this was meant to scare you.  In fact, this may have not gone according to plan....but I wouldn't change a second of it.  Not a second.  Good luck!!!!!
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    Don't worry you didn't scare me. I have worked in the animal medical feild before and seen totally routine procedures turn to crap in a matter of moments so I'm fully aware it can and does happen
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    First baby - dr. said two days before my due date that she thought the baby was 8.5 pounds and she didn't think my hips could handle much more than that. WTF? I'd been counting on these hips since high school! So she stripped my membranes (ouch!), 2 hours later the backache started and 24 hours I started contractions. 19 hours of labor (15 of those hours the contractions were 2 minutes apart or less) that included 2 hours of pushing. Dr, broke my water at hour 13. Fortunately three hours (cm. 6-9) I had an epidural. Baby was 7lb, 15 oz and my hips held out just fine!

    Baby number 2 - 3 days before due date I start contractions at 11 pm. Starting with the second contraction, they were 2 minutes apart or less. Once I got to the hospital the dr. couldn't break my water because her head was right against my cervix and he said the hook would catch on her head. Hour 14 (6 cm), he finally breaks the water, orders the epidural, epidural shunt goes in. Meds being mixed and the dr. says, "She's at 10 cm". 15 minutes later the baby is out and I had the epidural put in for nothing. Went from 6 to 10 in 40 minutes.

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    With my son, I had hypertension and had been going to the hospital every two days for a complete work up. Finally, on Christmas day, about 3 weeks early, they decided to induce me. After 24 hours of labor and 6 of pushing, the doc said "I don't think he's coming out that way." No shit, dude, he was 9.5 lbs and every other woman in my family has had c-sections. My Mom had 7 of them. LISTEN to your patient next time.

    With the twins, I was 34 weeks. I had just been in the hospital with cramps 3 days before and they did some kind of test on me that said I was 99% likely to NOT go into labor within the next 7 days. So much for that. I woke up and looked at the clock, it was 2am. I thought "I have to pee." As soon as I stood up, I realized it was NOT pee, so I squeezed my legs together and got to the toilet QUICK! I only leaked a little on the carpet. Then GUSHED into the toilet. I called my husband (he works 3rd shift) but he didn't answer his cell, so I called security at his plant. The woman is all like "I'm sorry, but employees are not allowed to get messages at work." So I said "Ok, I guess I'll just drive myself to the hospital and call him after the babies are born." Um, if I'm calling and asking for an employee at 2am, I probably don't just want to chat, lady. Der.

    So, he picked me up, and I had both kids out by 5:12am, since there was no debate over a c-section this time. Weird thing was, the twin on top, the smaller one, hers was the water that had broken. Usually it's the lower, heavier twin who breaks first, but she was totally in tact. Jeez, I would have hated to see that water flow. The small one was like a damn geyser and I had to sit on the pot for like 8 minutes to get it all out.

    The one thing I love about having a baby - after they're all born you get to see them for like 10 seconds. Then they wheel them out, along with Dad, and leave Mom hanging out in the delivery room like a sack of old potatoes. Don't mind me, mother of the babies, I'll just hang here. Wait to see my kids for three hours.
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    I have 3 daughters and each labor was different. My oldest daughter, Mallory, is 9. I was 3 days overdue so my doctor stripped my membranes and scheduled me for a C-Section on Monday, this was a Wednesday. That night, or morning you could say, around 3:00 a.m. I awoke and had a bowel movement. I had not felt good all day and was having strong Braxton Hicks contractions throught the evening. So about 3:30 I got back in bed and instantly started having contractions. I started timing them and they were about 3-4 minutes apart so I woke my husband up and we went to the hospital. I was definately in labor. I labored pretty hard and was vomiting with the hard contractions. After I received a walking epidural I had to push pretty quickly. I only pushed for about a half hour before she was born. In all I labored about 71/2 hours.

    My second daughter, Isabella, is 6. I was 5 days overdue and received an induction. I only labored for a few hours, not very hard, before I was given the epidural. But the epidural caused me to dilate quickly and because of it I couldn't really feel when I had to push so she just kind of fell out. She was also small, 5 lbs. 4 oz. By far an easy labor but whole process was again, about 7 1/2 hours.

    My third daughter, Haidyn, is 16 months. I was 8 days early when I went for a checkup. My blood pressure was extremely high so they sent me straight over to the hospital. They monitored me for a few hours and decided that I needed to be induced because I was preeclamptic. They decided to give me Cytotec to induce my labor because my cervix wasn't even close to thinning out. Cytotec is a tablet they put on your cervix to thin it out and help with dilating. At around 7:00 at night by doctor checked me and I was at a 1 1/2 and the tablet wasn't dissolved so he left and was going to come back in the morning and start me on Pitocin. At around 9:00 is when all hell broke loose. I got up to use the bathroom and that must have been when the tablet dissolved b/c I immediately started laboring HARD. It was so bad and going so quickly that it was sending her heart rate into the 200s. They started prepping me for a C-Section. The doctor was called for an epidural and he said he would come to the hospital. The nurse checked me and I was at a 5, two minutes later I was complete. She started prepping me for delivery before the doctor was there. No time for an epidural. I had a BM while in labor when I had to push. Finally the doctor got there and about 2 pushes later she was out. It was a very fast, hard, traumatic labor. I only labored about an hour and a half. And I ended up suffering a uterine rupture at some point during the labor. The baby was not breathing well when she came out so they gave her some oxygen and she was quite blue. I had numerous tests before we found out I had a rupture. I ended up needing a hysterectomy. I was 31 at the time. But I am lucky to be alive and so is my daughter!

    Good luck with your labor and delivery! Hope everything goes well and that all of these stories didn't freak you out too much!
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    DD#1 Was born at 42wks I woke up around 6:30am feeling strange and went to my mom (we lived with her at the time) to tell her and see if I was actually in labor. I was. Since BF was out of town working I decided to wait for him to get home - I called him right away - before I went to the hospital. I went in around 10am, was dilated 7cm and I waited another hour or so before I got my epidural. Once I got my epidural it too FOREVER for me to get to 10cm. My water didn't break so the nurses had to do that. I was finally ready to push around 5pm. She had shoulder dystocia and it too 3 hours to push her out. She was born at 8:32pm and weighed in at 9lb 6oz and measured 22in! DD#2 Was diagnosed with Spina Bifida at 16wks gestation so it was planned that I'd go to an out of town hospital and be induced on her due date (July 23rd). Well she had other plans. Again, around 6:30am on July 12th I woke up feeling strange and told my mom that we needed to go to the hospital ASAP (she needed surgery right after birth) - BF was out of town working so we called him as we were on our way. I get to the hosital and sine it's a small town hospital the staff freaked and stopped my labor. I was there about 2 hours before I was flown out to a mid-point town, which I was then taken by ambulance to the hospital. Once there they put that pill looking thing in my vagina to help soften my cervix. I went into labor again. The doctors got word that the Neurologists weren't ready to do the surgery so they stopped my labor again. I stayed at the hospital under surveillance and was released on the 15th. I had to go back in the next day for them to induce me. I was induced that morning and nothing major happened until that evening. I got an epidural and that's when shit went wrong. Her heart rate started to drop and they had to do an emergency c-section. She was born on the 16th at 5:32pm and weighed in at 7lb 3oz and 19". My water didn't break with her either. DS is due on November 5th (2wks away!) and on my last appt the doctor said that my cervix is still shut and that I'm not going into labor anytime soon. I'm attempting a VBAC and I'm hoping that I go into labor naturally since induction can cause my uterus to rupture. At this point there's really nothing I can do because anything that'd help me go into labor can cause too hard of contractions. Unfortunately sex and walking won't work since your cervix has to be thinned some. I'm crossing my fingers and praying that he's not going to try to be like his oldest sister (I do think he'll be as big, if not not bigger) - I'm done with this pregnancy all ready! lol
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    I'll tell a couple of them, only because I'm short on time.

    One was due Dec 14, and I finally went into labor on Dec 26 at 7:41PM. He was born at 1:17AM the 27th. Just over 5.5 hours, and pain-free with no drugs whatsoever. Nearly unheard of for a 1st baby.

    Another one was completely painless as well, well, for me anyway, but the birth mom was begging for drugs lol.

    The worst one was DD16. She was due July 4. I went into labor on Mothers Day. Bed rest and meds to stop labor followed for the next 7 weeks. Then my doctor kept saying she was too small, and we must have had my dates a month off. I had gained almost 60 pounds after losing 25 early in pregnancy. I was freakin HUGE. I was miserable. I started walking 3 miles a day with my best friend. In July. In Arkansas. Finally, he agreed to induce on July 31. He broke my water, and this thick, foul smelling goo came out. I could tell by the looks on the nurses faces that wasn't good. Six hours later, she was out. 9lb 15oz, and in NICU for severe jai\undice and bilateral pneumonia from the meconium in my stagnant amniotic fluid. He still would not admit he let me go way too long.

    The next one will be a home birth.
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    both of mine were born during massive thunderstorms (and my first was a home birth, you will be so much more taken care of and comfortable)
  • canadamom
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    DD - Found out during birthing classes that sex during pregnacy was a good way to help soften up the cervix - so the last month before due date .......  Fri am I surprise hubby again then send him off to work smiling.  I start contractions about an hour later.  They weren't strong and I knew stage one could last a while.  Called DR just as back-up.  Went in Sat afternoon - just cause we were nervous and the contractions were getting closer and they sent us home.  I slept Sat night.  Sun kept having contractions - 10 min apart so I walked alot.  Finally Sun night contractions get to 5 min apart and we set off for hospital again.  I am told I am only 2 cm same as I was last week at my last exam - so go home.  We head back to the car and I have a couple of contractions on the way.  We get into car.  Now its January in Alberta Canada and the parkinglot is full of ruts in the snow from cars. Also I have been threatenedthe whole preganacy,  that I am going to the hospital on a tarp because my water is not going to break in "his" car.  We hit little bump, car goes down into rut and I go up into air - ok no problem though not very comfortable.  Then we hit big bump - car again goes into rut, I again go into air and when I come back down my water breaks with a tsunami like effect.  I am now soaked from waist band to toes(and my feet actually squished in my boots) and SO IS THE CAR SEAT BAHAHAHAHA in JAnuary(So as soon as the heat is turned off it begins to freeze).

    We hurridly park the car and practically run back into the hospital.  I get there and another mom is just coming in. She is practically delivering as they strip her clothes off her  - Now I have never done this before so now I am freaking out cause my water just broke and seeing the nurses panicing in the next cubicle is not helping. This is at 11 pm Sun night.

    I labor all night receiving the demerol, the morphine and the gas while pushing.  It takes 1.5 hours to push her out.  The dr was wearing sorrels(big winter boots) and at one point I am sure he put his foot on the bed and pulled.  I tore - 3rd degree.  I also retained the placenta for long enough to cause some concern - had massage and pitocin and I am sure dr pulled on it some by the cord because I could feel it.  Just as they were about to call it and take me to surgery to remove the placenta - it decided to come out on its own.  They then promptly brought me toast - I really wanted a steak at this point cause I was starving. 

    Hubby went to get some fries while all this placenta stuff was going on - he  gave DD first bath while I was busy and then wandered off to get food with her in his arms.  Little did we know newborns aren't supposed to leave the ward.  But the nurses never stopped him . 
    She was 8lbs 4 oz born on the Monday at 7:10 am jan 15 - her due date was the 18th

    DS -  I went to normal appointment March 9  - due date was March 11.  I had 3yrold dd with me as I had no one to watch her and Hubby wouldn't take time off work to come.  Dr decides that he is going to strip my membranes as he says cervix is thinning and he doesn't want me to go over due date.  All I could think of were the errands I needed to run and the fact I had promised dd Mcdonalds if she behaved during the dr appointment and errands. So after this I and mange to get errands and Mcd's done.  We then go home and I decide I should probably nap as sleep will be rare after baby.  I wake up after 2 hours in labor.  I phone mom and warn her that she should get ready to come watch dd.  I phone hubby at work and tell him its started, but not to panic as they are not too bad yet and I was just leting him know.  He decides to leave work anyway as he has to catch transit part of the way.  By the time he gets home - about 1.5 hours later - I am doing my level best not to alarm dd3 with the amount of pain that I am in.  He decides we should go to the hospital.  So we call mom and tell her we need her to caome watch dd3.  She then proceeds to take an hour to get to my house - now she is 5 min away IF she hits the light. When questioneed why she said she had to pack(WTF that's why I gave you a heads up call 3 hours ago)  So now hubby drives ever so slowly to hospital as he doesn't want water to break in the car again-diff car.  Nurses at hospital are ever so nice when I tell them I am in labor and having a baby - oh no dear we'll just have a look and see as you don't appear anywhere near ready(I guess because I wasn't all that upset). I say and this is at 6 pm - I don't know what you are doing tonight but I am having a baby!!  We get into room - do the walking thing and the shower thing. Not doing much so dr comes in and breaks my water - and OMG fucking 4 min long contraction starts and I beg for demerol as he is leaving room.  More shower stuff.  I feel like I need to push so back inot bed to get checked - yup you're 10 cm BUT YOU CAN"T PUSH because the dr isn't here yet. Now its a teaching hospital - so the nurse, student nurse, intern, resident are all standing down at the end of the bed watching my girl parts - but none of them can catch!! I so wanted to push but had to hold it for 10 min while the dr finished up with someone else.  When he came in and said I could push I NEARLY pushed the kid out through the wall across the room!!  Got scared halfway through though and backed off - so took a total of 3 pushes.  He came out so fast he was blue and needed to be stimulated to start crying LONGEST 4 SECONDS OF MY LIFE!!! He was 8lbs 9 oz born 8:20 pm on a Wednesday
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    Hey @canadamom, which hospital did you go to?
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    Red Deer Regional for dd and Royal Alexandria Hospital(Edmonton) for ds

    Forgot to mention DD3 was in the room when dr stripped my membranes dor ds !! Try acting like dr is not hurting you during that so DD will not be afraid of doctors!!
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    @canadamom Really OT but Edmonton sounds really familiar I think that may have been where my brother was when he had his accident, i know you had asked me the other night.  These labor stories just make me wanna have this baby now LOL... also I'm laying towels down in my car if my water doesn't break before we leave. We are taking my car and I have really nice MOMO racing seats I would kind of be upset if i ruined them. 
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    I started having contractions the day after my due date Wed around 8pm.  I was told to go to the hospital when contractions are 5min apart for 1hr so by 3am they were, so off we went.  We get there the nurse checks me out and I am ZERO cm dilated (note: they won't let you stay until your 4cm, where I am at least).  They offer me morphine, I'm reluctant to take it but they lure me in with promises of sleep.  After she put the shot in my butt she says "this could slow it down for a few days" I think "NOOOO suck it out, suck it out!!" but it's too late so we go home and I do get some much needed sleep.  Contractions started back up around 1pm (Thurs) by 11pm they were 5-10 min apart and my hips hurt so freaking bad, I didn't really get a break between contractions, so I told my DH lets go to the hospital and lie to the nurses and say they have been 5 min apart for 2 hrs, like that was some how going to get me to 4cm.  We get there and I'm 2cm, crap!  They offer me more morphine and my DH gets mad, he didn't want to see me in pain anymore and he didn't want things to slow down again so they tell us to walk around the hospital for 2hrs.  2 painful hours of walking around and telling my DH that this was the only baby we were having because I wasn't doing this again, we go back up (2am Fri) and yay 4cm!  I ask for the epidural right away, it takes an hour before I get it as they were busy with someone getting a c-section, I GUESS she needed it more than I did.   Get to 10cm by 9am start pushing and DS heart rate keeps dropping with each push so by 11am they vaccum him out.  A few stitches and they manually removed my placenta during which I shot blood in the dr's face, ahhh thanks for delivering my baby!  So if your experience is anything like mine, don't take the morphine unless you absolutly need a break and when things get intense the last thing you will want to do is walk around but do it because it speeds things up.  Oh and you really do forget about the pain, looking back I think meh wasn't so bad and we are TTC baby #2!! 
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    With my first pregnancy with me DD twins, I had a lot of complications. I had gestational diabetes, and around 30 weeks started going into early labor. They were able to stop it, thankfully! After that, my dr. had me go to the hospital twice a week for NSTs. Around 34 weeks, while in the middle of a NST, I started having contractions again--but this time, I was also bleeding. They couldn't stop the bleeding, and in the process, told me I was so anemic that I would have to have a transfustion before I could safely deliver, and the kicker--I would have to go to the USA Women and Children's Hospital in Mobile to receive it (this was a little over a year after Katrina had hit the Gulf Coast, and the hospital still wasn't back to 100%). I called my DH, hysterical, and tell him to meet me there. After a steroid shot for lung development, I was packed into an ambulance and carted away. Once at USA, I was told a different story by a different dr. on the hour, every hour. "We're doing a c-section tonight." "Oh, your contractions finally stopped; we'll keep you for observation another night." "You're not critical anymore, so we'll move you to the regular wing." Um...can I just get my transfusion and go home, if the babies are fine? After a week of this, I was verging on hysterical, my DH was exhausted from working the graveyard shift, driving to Mobile, then driving back for work, and NOBODY would give me a straight answer as to what was happening. In tears, I had DH call my OB back home...when he found out I hadn't even been given the transfusion I was sent to Mobile to have in the first place, he got livid. Ten minutes later, a bag of blood is being hooked into me, and they tell me (scowling the whole time) that I have to have one more bag tomorrow and then can go home. I tap-danced the hell out of there! At my next check-up, the ultrasound showed baby A was in the right position; baby b was curled up over her, breeched. My choices were to schedule a c-section, or if I wanted to try vaginal delivery, go back to Mobile. C-section scheduled for the day before Thanksgiving. Early November 14, I started having contractions again, so off to the hospital we went, and had a c-section! Made it to 37 weeks, A baby was 6 lbs 2 oz, B was 6lbs 10 oz, and both were 19 in.

    With #2, DS, I chose to have another c-section (good thing, because at 34 weeks, his head was already measuring 10 cm!). Didn't have any of the complications I had with the twins, no diabetes, no anemia, no contractions. Made it to the day we scheduled, September 29. I went in a bit cocky, knowing what to expect...and had a worse experience with c-section 2. They couldn't get the spinal block in; the guy digging in my back kept telling me to let him know when my legs moved...I was like "I just kneed myself in the face 3 times...really?" I almost threw up halfway through the procedure, and my cousin told me I lost all color on the table (found out later, I really was anemic again...thanks for checking that out). Pain meds did NOTHING after the fact, and had a sadistic nurse who kept jacking my bed up and down, even after repeatedly asking her to stop. Big guy came in at 9 lbs 2 oz, and 21 in.

    And yes, ladies, I am done! Had them tie me up...I love my kids, and am so thankful they were/are healthy, but I was never the "happy, glowing" expectent mother! LOL

    "There's nothing you can do, but you can learn how to be you in time."
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    My first and only child is my beautiful little girl Aubree Cecilia. She was born on Monday June 27th, 2011. ONE DAY before her due date. Little brat (; The Friday before I had a doctors appointment where they sent me to the hospital bc they thought I was pre-eclamptic. After being observed and examined by Dr. LeDuc (or Dr. Beautiful Eyes Sexy Pants as my mom called him, haha!) they sent me home. I was perfectly fine. I had just had chinese before going to my appointment (high in msg, raises BP) He told me to call monday morning to set up a follow-up appointment to make sure I was still okay.

    On Monday at 9am I woke up and called and made and appointment for 3:30pm that day. Felt kind of funny but didn't think anything of it. Took a shower, did laundry, cleaned & swept my room, and even did the dishes. At about 11:45 I was like, "Wow, I guess I really am having contractions and they're about two minutes apart!!!" It's a 45 minutes drive to the hospital. Arrived there about 12:30pm and was sitting cross-legged in the bed in a lot of pain while my bitch of a nurse asked me a million questions and pretending like I was being A DRAMA QUEEN. Finally after about 20 minutes (felt like forever) she checked to see how dilated I was. (By the way, up until that Friday, I wasn't even a cm dilated) So she checks me and turns out I was 7-8cm dilated. Little miss prissy pants realizes I'm not exaggerating lol. The nurse called my (AMAZING) doctor in and he checked me. He was in disbelief. So he calls the head of the OB wing to check me which he confirmed I was 8cm.

    By the time my mom and two sisters had gotten there I was in full on labor. Aubree was stuck on the right side of my cervix so she wasn't coming down. Have you ever had contractions while laying on your side. TERRIBLE!!!!!!!! Ugh so my doctor begs me to get the epidural and I was like no I'm FINE. So finally after an hour of contractions on my side I told the nurse that she better go get my doctor because I need to push NOW and someone needs to be down there to catch her. She runs out, three minutes later he runs in and bam after 10 minutes of pushing Aubree was here. Was at the hospital at 12:30, she was born at 3:31. Pretty great for my first time!!! Can't wait for the next (:
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    At 41 weeks. Started contractions on saturday and had her at 1:07 Tuesday morning. I pushed for 15 minutes and tada baby was in my arms. I had no birthing plan cause I never experienced labor before and wasn't sure what to expect. But it ended up being very low key well except the screaming lady in labor lol :) my doctor sat beside me with the lights dimmed and I pushed. The rest is kind of a blur.
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