afraid to leave my house
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    Every single time we go grocery shopping (which is once a week) I always freak out because of the people. Every time I always get really moody and if I lose track of my husband I. Have a panic attack and feel like I'm 5 years old again... like I'm lost and never find my way home. So now I'm afraid to leave my house. What do I do? Help!!
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    I think you need some professional assistance. I am not a professional, but it sounds like an anxiety disorder of some sort. 

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    That's what I was thinking too. Thanks. :)
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    I have the same issue... If you are able to, get some help.
    Agoraphobia and mass anxiety is no joke. >:D<
    As a different way to calm, try some meditation and dress up a little before going out, and always make sure dh and you have your phones on.
    Make a shopping plan, with the aisles and how long max to spend before meeting up in a certain spot.
    I hope this clears up for you.
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    I have agoraphobia and general anxiety disorder and this sounds almost exactly like what I was experiencing before I got help. You should definitely talk to your doctor and find a good psychologist or psychiatrist. Also know that medicine is not your only option if you are diagnosed as agoraphobic; there are multiple different methods, including cognitive behavioral therapy if you're uncomfortable with medication.

    I know it's difficult  but you can get through it!
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    @mommy_monster *hugs* first, welcome! :)
    I'm this way too, when I'm alone (with or without my kids) I feel completely exposed and open and vulnerable when I'm outside my house unless DH is home or a close friend/family member that I'm comfortable with is over. For me it stems from my depression, which is being treated, so I think I'm getting there :)
    Good luck to you sweetie, I know how hard it is but you can get through it :) and all the scary mommies are here for you any time :)


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    Wow thank you all so much! I'm definitely gonna be getting help for this. :D *hugs*
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    Sounds exactly like me! I have generalized anxiety disorder but as well I have agoraphobia which caused the exact symptoms you just described! is also an anxiety disorder of its own. On meds I've been much much better. Is till hate shopping but atleast I don't get that panic feeling or the heat in my skull feeling when I must shop now. Go see a doc. That's what you'll probably be diagnosed with. Its worth treating!
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    sounds like maybe i should go see a dr to then if i can make it there!!!!  I can't do anything spontanious with kids or hubby. the minute i know i may be leaving the house instant backdoor trots and i have to know where all bathrooms along the route are. It's so bad i actually carry t.p. in the van :-(  I've only been like this the last 5 years I want the old me back!!!!!!! My reg. dr diagnosed me with severe depression and anxiety/panic attacks. I'm not on meds of any sort right now.
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    FYI - I am pretty darn sure I have an anxiety disorder as well, but it doesn't manifest itself in the same ways. I just wanted to throw that in here as well because I felt like my original response was. . . spartan?  Meaning laconic, *not* 


    (Holy shit, did he live at the gym?)

    “The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.” ― Joseph Campbell
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    Well reading about all your problems... it's so nice to know that I'm not alone. I'm on some meds now and I see a therapist tomorrow who can hopefully help me out.
    When we go to the store I usually just call my hubby but I end up yelling at him for leaving me. And then I feel bad which makes things worse. Like seriously, I feel like a 5 year old who can't find her daddy in the store. It's bad.
    I hope you all feel better!
    I love the "marco" and "polio" btw :)
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    You aren't alone. Definitely anxiety. Been there. And there is help for it. I haven't had an anxiety attack in a few months. Though I still don't like crowded places. Usually anxiety does stem from depression and it can get worse. But honestly, there is help out there. So glad I went to get help. Good luck!