Need weight-loss tips!
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    OK so I have a 2 year old, and I was in REALLY good shape before I got pregnant.  I was 5'-6" and 122 pounds.  Very active and very healthy.  After my son was born I weighed 128 and never got below that.  Now I am 134 and sooo out of shape.  I would love to work out 4-5 days a week like I used too, but I cannot do it!  It's driving me cray, because I end up sleeping in, or getting so tired, that I end up plopping on the couch and not moving my butt...

    I need my hot bod back!  Please help - motivation, ideas, best time to work out, anything will help!

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    when swim suits come out, go buy a really cute sexy one. Look at it everyday and say I am going to wear that this summer
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    Geez, I'm 5'5" and 134 is my goal weight!  :D

    Anyway - try several different exercises - classes, walking, running, weight lifting 
    When you find one you love you will become addicted to it! I started running last year and I really enjoy that. I also take a class at the Y twice a week and that is my addiction! I not only enjoy the class, but I really like having time out of the house away from it all! 
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    I started my diet Saturday, and when I weighed myself yesterday and had lost three pounds already. All I do for my diet program is allow myself one protein bar, two meal replacement shakes, at least 3-4 bottles of water, and 550 calories. It really helps me to know that I can break the 550 cals into snacks throughout the day; one of my favorite healthy snacks is carrots and hummus! Snacking healthy when I start getting hungry really helps me. Also, most people can mistake thirst for hunger. Try drinking a bottle of water before deciding to eat, wait 20 mins and see if that satisfies you. Water makes me feel so full. I haven't put exercise into my routine yet, but I recently got a job at a dr office and spend at least 6 hours a day on my feet. I think the best weight loss tips that I see really helping me are making small, but effective and realistic changes to my every day life REALLY helps. I don't think of myself as "on a diet." I just make healthier food choices and chug a COLD bottle of water (because your body burns calories bringing the water to body temp!!!) and see if I'm still hungry... and I usually am SO not hungry. Good luck!
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    I am a Dr Pepper addict, like 8+ cans /day. The thing that's been helping me the most has been replacing most of those Dr Peppers with carbonated water. I can't stand plain water and the bubbles in the carbonated water make my body think I'm drinking a soda so I'm not really craving them. I am now down to only 2 cans of Dr Pepper/day. That's about 1000 calories/day that I'm no longer consuming.
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    start slow and dont think about your changes as a diet, think about them as LIFESTYLE changes.  

    Pick 5 things you need to change or want to do. For example:

    1. Drink x amount of water a day
    2. Walk x amount of steps a day
    3. Only keep healthy things in the house
    4. Work out 3 days a week
    5. Track food intake (by calorie counter app on smart phone, food log, etc.)

    and start with 1 at a time and once you master it or no longer need to think about doing it, add the next number.  It can take 30 days to make a habit.  

    If you decide on a step like number 3, you make a grocery list from a meal planner and stick to it, no shopping while hungry, plan out snacks, store snacks in serving size servings (make it easier to track calories later AND control portion sizes)
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  • What worked for me was an app called fatsecret. Counting calories. 1000 calories expended beyond consumed= 2lbs a week.
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    i like the bathing suit idea.. im going to kohls tmw and hanging it on the treadmill i got yest off of craigslist , so that when i want to quit ill just look at it and know that it wont fit unless i keep going!! i also only drink water and fat free milk bc i heart milk lol and maybe sugar free redbulls ... =)
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    I am a gym rat but I know that as important as exercise is, diet is more important. You need to burn more than you consume (sounds so simple but we all know it isnt). If you arent able to join a gym or class, buy some dvds that you can do at home. I'm useless at the end of the day, so I set my alarm 45 mins early so I can get in a workout before my son wakes up. And don't be afraid of weights, your muscles help you burn more calories even hours after you've stopped exercising. Try not to snack after dinner. Water, water, water. GOOD LUCK
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    TToday I went online and looked up the cleveland diet. Yes its considered a" fad" diet but its easy and I had success on it and while using slimfast after my kids..quick success too. I've gains a lot over the last five years and come to find out it was the specific anti depressant I was on...everybody gains on it and can't lose. So I switched mess last week and am now going to do that diet plan and slimfast...I expect good results soon. Good luck!
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    i'm a work-out-a-holic...2-3 hours a day everyday...i've lost 45 pounds 10 years ago and have kept it off, weight watchers mentality, work out, that's about it...lots of fruits and veggies...good luck!


    ps even walking is good exercise!

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    I just started trying to be healthier and I am totally kicking butt!!!  Here is what I do (btw, I have never been fit and trim).  Firts thing I did was register with  It is FREE!!  You can download a free app for you phone too.  This helps you track calories and exercise, you can also make friends on there that will support you.  Then I bought a fitbit, it is $99 ships for free on Amazon.  It connects with myfitnesspal to help track your exercise.  It encourages you to take 10,000 steps a day, walk up 10 flights of stairs, and just be more active.  I love mine!  The third thing I am doing is Shakeology.  It really gives you great energy!!  I have lost 7 pounds in three weeks, my husband has lost 19.  I know the fitbit and Shakeology are pricey but myfitnesspal is free and that alone will help you!!  Good luck!!  Your gonna be so hot by summer!!!
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    I'm currently re-visiting weight watchers (I lost about 30 lbs after DD was born and I've kept most of it off for about 2 years) and find that with their new Points Plus program it's all about veggies and fruits.  Just load up on fruits and veggies and find new/ interesting ways to cook them (Pinterest is a great resource).  I eat roasted veggies on a pita with hummus most days for lunch and it's super filling while being low in calories.  And drink a ton of water or tea.