This works for me does anyone do anything similar?
  • While staying at home with my sick son for years I began to do online surveys, mystery shops, etc.  to keep my mind busy.  Although I did return to the work force, I still do online surveys to make a little extra cash on the side. This am a survey was sent from a reputable company (www.mindfieldonline) I have worked with them many times, sent me a $35 dollar webcam survey!  Webcam surveys are a new trend and pay more money than the normal $1, $3, $5 occasional $15 surveys I usually do.  I  enjoy doing the cheaper paying surveys because I have input on new products not on the market yet.  Here are a few off the top of my head that I have worked for been paid by.

    It is not a get rich method it takes couple weeks to be posted to account/you may have it sent to paypal/mailed to your mailbox depending on the company. I enjoy going to my paypal and having some extra cash to spend.  I did message GRAND SCARY MOMMY to approve this. She did. I did not post this to make money from referrals or I would have done it long ago and my fb would be full of it.  Hee hee. :) Just wanted to give moms an option to exercise their brains possibly make some fun money on the side. If you would like to sign up for any of these and you want to list me as referral you may and it would be appreciated but not ness. Crystal Wood, Like your underwear up to ya!  
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    I use bzz agent and house party.  You don't get paid, but you get to try products for free.  I even got a $125 sonic care toothbrush for free once!
  • Thanks, @survivormom! As a recent job quitter, this is appreciated! :D
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    oh, I've done a lot of the in person studies and diaper studies.  I've been paid up to $150 for those.
  • Yes, ladies I have done the mystery shops (love them) car shops are fun and dinner places! You pay upfront but do get reimbursed. go down to the mystery shop menu they have a list of companies. Many boards to view reputable companies. I have also tested products such as tooth whitening, beans, drinks, facial moisturizer, and even sex lube!  There are many survey companies that now go by point systems to build up cash, online gift cards etc. I do not do those although they are reputable as my friends do them.,,,NPDOR survey. When i find more I will post. You may want to start a new email to associate with these.  So they do not get jumbled with other emails.
  • yes, i do focus groups in my area as well.  Have been paid $150 for those 2 hours onsite (lunch or dinner provided) and one in my home.  
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    I was a webcam model for a few months. I quit. Couldn't do it. Too many weirdos. My friend made $6k a month from webcam.
    That's my secret. No one knows! Sshh!
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    I take surveys and I also followed someone from here's advice (I really can't remember who) and joined swagbucks. 


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    Interesting just may check one or more out
    to. Will leave feedback if anything comes from my attempts. Thanks for the input. Just think of all we do for each other - go girls!
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    I am about to do my first focus group next week! So excited! 45 minutes to try 3 lotions, take a quick survey & get paid $65 :) yay me! Lol
  • very cool @chaosmom!! If anyone wants to give tips or other sites I am down for being "turned on"!!

    @CanadianMama what is swagbucks?  
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    It's a company that gives you points for filling out surveys, playing games and searching the internet. It's kind of cool, you should check it out!


  • @razzaleren i could not find that site??
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    I used to do these, and it usually starts out decent but then ....

    I'd spend 15 minutes answering questions only to get the message "Sorry, you don't qualify for this survey."  Really?  THAT wasn't the survey?

    I'd get to the end of a survey, to the "click here to get credit for completing the survey", and when I'd click it I'd get an error message.  I'd send e-mails about the survey but NEVER got a reply or credit or the surveys.

    I was constantly getting referred to other survey sites that you would end up having to order things to get whatever it was they were offering.

    Spam to my e-mail address increased phenomenally.

    And then there were the rewards / prizes / pay-outs I'd request that seemed to get "lost in the mail" just as often as not.
  • @LostDreams I have had some experiences like that those I no longer continue to do.  The ones above I listed have always paid me.  

    Sucks that was your experience, I created another account for mine in beginning much of that happened to me, now I have found the ones that actually do pay.  It took a while. 
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    @survivormom, you are my HERO, I've been looking into these and have been wondering what ones were good ones. now i know what to do while DS is sleeping lol!
  • no need to apologize, thank you for the info. Hope you and yours are well.
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    I will be checking some or all of these out, this broke ass could always use a couple extra bucks lol
  • @mumum1802 It is not a get rich or anything it takes weeks to get the money on the ones I listed. Although when you do get it it is nice!!  I have a check coming every couple of weeks now that I am really into it.  Some surveys will be long and not pay well, I do not do those.  Possibly I get more money valued ones because they know the cant use me...not sure..hmm....Crystal Wood if you do sign up for ones i listed please  hee hee :) Oh and take the tiem to fill out the questionsaires on the site.  This directs surveys that you will qualify for your way. 
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    lol no, but a couple extra bucks can go a long way even if it only buys some milk for the week!
  • abooossslllutteellly!!   
  • We have great focus groups in NC as well as she said above i recommend checking into those as well they pay well!
  • @itgetsbetter very cool stories, Did the kiddos like the game? I know you can not disclose the other info.