About me and you too.
  • This was done once, but it's been a long time, and it was fun getting to know people..

    Tell me 5 facts about you that you are proud of!

    I'll start:

    1. I have a 3.8 gpa and have only 3 classes left of my MBA!
    2. I bought my house on my own.
    3. I can get over anything, and forgive anything. 
    4. I am a very loving and affectionate mom.
    5. I am a good child, and have treated my parents well. 

    Now you!
  • CanadianMamaCanadianMama
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    1. I am currently doing my BA in Political Science
    2. I am me always, no matter what.
    3. My daughter (who turns 2 in three weeks) and my husband are the greatest loves of my life
    4. I am very close with my family (all three siblings and my parents)
    5. I am really into indie music and collect vinyl records


  • OnmylastnerveOnmylastnerve
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    Love this!!!
    1. I'm not the normal "first" time mom. If her pappy fell I didn't sanitize it.
    2. I dance at inappropriate times, and I always get caught.
    3. Find this very challenging
    4. I love coupons
    5. I usually say what ever one else is thinking and called a bitch because of it.
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  • AnonUser37
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    1. I'm loud, I'm outspoken and I seem to missing a crucial filter between my brain and my mouth most days. I say what I mean, and I mean what I say. If you don't want to know, don't ask me because ill tell you exactly how I see it :)

    2. I'm a redneck. I can shoot. Fish. And then clean, skin and eat them.

    3. I'm a daddys girl. If I don't know what to think, need advice, feel like crying....or need help, I call daddy before all others. Or I run next door, bust into his shop and office :) whichever.

    4. I work in a male dominated world. You can no longer gross me out. It's impossible. Men are nasty creatures in a group.

    5. I'm so far from normal. I dance at the wrong time, I say the wrong things and I get exicited over ridiculous little things. So, in a nutshell, I'm amazing. :O)
  • MalmqukMalmquk
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    1. I'm a banker and really bloody proud. Not investment, but retail, and yes I did get a bonus and I am so bloody proud as I worked so hard for it!
    2. After 28 years I have faced my demons and I feel better for the help and not as pathetic as I thought I would.
    3. I'm very opinionated but try and be diplomatic, I do however always think I can make people see things from my perspective, bad habit.
    4. My son is me in male form, I'm excited yet also anxious about how that one pans out in the future!
    5. I bake and decorate the most fantastic cakes, I'm self taught and bloody good even though I do say so myself !
  • workinmommy
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    1. After a decade of debaucherous living/addiction I went through a horrifying detox all on my own, no rehab, so I could have a healthy baby.

    2. Left said baby's biodad and went back to school to finish BA when boy was 1 year old. I am a few months away from my MA History (writing last chapter!!!!!) -- boy just turned 6, and I got 35 grand in scholarship/fellowship money to do this MA. Obviously did not kill every brain cell I had over that debaucherous decade -- yay me!

    3. Raised DS so far with no financial help from anyone, I made this shit work on my own. I don't need a man.

    4. I'm a caring and conscientious mother to my DS.

    5. I have become a daughter and sister that my family can be proud of.

  • meandmy243meandmy243
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    I guess heres a little about me...
    1. I love to read.. Not just a book here or there.. I read 3 or 4 at a time.. Novels, romances, self help, parenting, everything really.
    2. My boyfriend is a one night stand from 8 yrs ago..
    3. I got my tubes tied cause i didnt want 3 kids with 3 different guys.
    4. I found closure with my oldest childs fathers death by reading my victims statement to the guy that killed him causing that guy to cry. Vicious verbal attackage that the judge didnt hear.. What i said wasnt on the paper given to the judge to read..
    5. With my youngest son i have learned that no matter what someone says i am his voice i am his rock i am the only person in this world that will look down 100s of medical professionals and i will call them on their shit.
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  • @workinmommy, you are awesome. 
  • workinmommy
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    @candid, thank you. I've been lurking here forever and think/know you're awesome too.
  • thejoker
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    1. I'm about to move 13 hours away from my family and the only home I've ever known so my daughter and I can be with my husband. The things we do for love!
    2. I think I'm a great mom, and my DD2 thinks I am her whole world. Seeing her face at the end of a long day makes my life worth living.
    3. My husband is my best friend, and one of the good guys. He's amazing, and I'm so proud to call him mine.
    4. Coming from being the baby of my family, I think I'm a pretty selfless person. I have my moments, but in general, I'm pretty selfless.
    5. I've always been told that I'm wise beyond my years, and I believe it. I have a great ability to be able to see both sides of things, and I'm not too quick to judge. I'm very proud of that.
  • BeerWenchBeerWench
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    1 My husband, DSS, DSD and DD are the best things I have EVER done
    2 I have a BA and MS that I completed with 3.8 GPA
    3 Landed a new job in 48hrs making $30k more this past Nov
    4 I have a big heart and will do anything for my family and friends
    5 I am honest And admit when I'm wrong or have made a mistake
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  • SammieSammie
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    1. I was the first person on both sides of my family (besides 1 uncle) to graduate college. I graduated with honors.

    2. I'm not perfect, but I've got this mommy thing d-o-w-n most days. My house might not be spotless, but my kid knows she's loved all the time and I am so proud of who she is becoming.

    3. I've got the best partner a girl could ever hope for. He's amazing and so self-less. We come first always, without question. He's smart as hell, successful, highly motivated and smoking' hot. I'm proud to call him mine.

    4. I'm becoming a kick ass cook/baker!! 2 years ago, I could barely make toast. No lie.

    5. I'm a damn good sister. I'd do ANYTHING to ensure that my younger siblingd live a healthy, happy, enjoyable life. I love them both to death.


  • GypsyMamaGypsyMama
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    1. I was born to ramble. I had moved 41 times before we started out in the motor home 4 yrs ago.
    2. I believe that the job of being a parent is to walk beside my kids, not in front or behind, until they figure out how to walk on their own. And I did that and they are all three out there walking on their own beside their own children.
    3. My first marriage and other relationships were just practice for me to get ready for dh.
    4. Being a grandma is like being born royalty. I get prestige with tiny people for doing absolutely nothing.
    5. I might be the toughest person I have ever met and when I drive back thru Wyoming where I grew up I realize why,
  • motymoty
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    1. I am loyal to a fault.

    2. I've been a nurse for 17yrs, finally found my niche a few years ago when I went to work for hospice.

    3.I married my high school boyfriend. Been married 18yrs. Not to sound too corny, but he is really my best friend.

    4. I have 2 wonderful kids, dd 14 and ds 11, they are my pride and joy!

    5. I love animals! If dh didn't keep me in check, I'd easily be a hoarder :)

    @GypsyMama what part of Wyoming? I lived in Sheridan for 2 yrs... loved it except it was too far from home Alabama. And too cold for this southern girl! :)

  • soldiermama
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    1. I'm 21 years old with a beautiful amazingly funny and intelligent 5 year old little girl. I'm PROUD to be a single young mom, without my daughter......I have no idea where I'd be in my life. 

    2. I'm strict.  When my daughter and I go into Walmart or another store I have no hesitation in disciplining my daughter in front of everyone, and because of that my babygirl and I can actually enjoy our times out and I'm not scared or nervous she'll throw a tantrum. 

    3. I'm a single active duty army MOM with an associates and am now working on my bachelors :) I don't need no man to help me in my life!!! :)

    4. I'm insanely protective and loyal to my friends, but also brutally honest, as they are with me. 

    5. Since my deployment, I've learned to face my demons. I found the friends that helped me overcome a drug and alcohol addiction and helped me find the strength to get the professional help I needed. I no longer have nightmares about my past and for once in my life, when I look in the mirror I'm proud of the woman and mother I see staring back at me. 
  • bamamama
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    1. I'm in recovery
    2. I'm a great wife
    3. I'm a great stepmom
    4. I make wonderful homemade baked goods
    5. I make friends easily and am a great friend.

    I guess thats really six ;)
  • NinLee
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    1. I am a child of God
    2. I am married to the most wonderful man I have ever met. We have been together 15 years (married for 13). We have been through tough times, but we came always come out the other end stronger. So I am proud that we have made it thus far. We have had it all, lost it all and are now building it up again.
    3. My two children (DD9 and DS8) are my life, and I think that I have done a pretty good job of being their mum.
    4. I am a good listener, and a loyal friend.
    5. I make a mean banana choc muffin
  • AnonUser28
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    1. I am sympathetic and giving, and always try to help those who have less than me, even though what I have is pretty close to nothing.

    2. I don't like gossip, and am always loyal to my friends and family.

    3. I am back in school after 10 years of doing nothing, and I am proud to say my grades from last semester were in the high 90s.

    4. I am married to a wonderful man, who I love dearly, and would do anything for, and I have damn well proven it these past few years since his accident. I refuse to bitch about where circumstances have put us, and manage to both support him and still let him feel like the man he is.

    5.I can replace a pipe, fix a toilet, cook a meal, install a new hard drive in the PC, fix the furnace, shoot a gun, and plan a kick-ass party.  

  • I am SO happy to read this thread! You are all AMAZING! 

    =D> (*) (*) (*) (*) (*)
  • GypsyMamaGypsyMama
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    @moty Sheridan is beautiful but pretty remote. I was in the southwestern corner of Wyoming in several towns: Lyman, Green River, Rock Springs & Eden/Farson. My Dad worked in the trona mines, the oil industry and construction. Lyman is where I lived the longest.  It is about 2 1/2 hrs east of Salt Lake City.

    You ladies are all amazing, rockin' women!

  • SerendipitySerendipity
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    OK.  Little known and lesser cared for facts about me:

    1.  I have known my husband over half my life and we literally have no secrets from each other.  I may want to brain him with a brick some days, but he will always be my best friend.  The best moment of my day is when I get him to laugh out loud.

    2.  I have two beautiful boys.  They are both as different as night and day, but they are my heart and soul.  I will bore anyone that sits still long enough with stories about how cute/smart/wonderful they are.

    3. I love to sing in the car. I have a play list on my I-Pod designated as
    “singing songs” that I sing along with loudly. I did this one summer
    day with the sun roof open and got a “You go girl!” from a stranger on
    the street.

    4.  My pie in the sky life goal is finishing and publishing my novel. Just
    one copy is enough so I can put it on my book shelf and know that I did

    5.  As I've gotten older, being an only child has lost its allure. There's more responsibility and no one to share it with.
  • MarySunshineMarySunshine
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    1. I have my BA in History and my BA in Elementary Education. I made the Dean's List 3 of my 4 semesters earning my Education BA. (This also sucks because after the past 3 years I don't want to teach anymore...so much for finding my niche.)

    2. I married my best friend and we're another couple who's been together "forever". And like @Serendipity, I love to make him laugh. If I can make him cry from laughing so hard, well then I'm one happy girl.

    3. This will be trivial to the Military SAHMs and single moms, but I just kicked ass and took names like no one's business while DH was out of the country for 10 days. (At 35 weeks pregnant and verging on the "Honey, can you get my socks on my feet, please? Oh and my shoes?" stage). I only had one meltdown and that was the last night he was away...so, yeah, it gives me hope for the next two trips...

    4. I'm a Jack of All Trades. I can do a little bit of everything-crafting, cooking, baking, fixing shit around the house... This used to bother me. I wanted so much to be an "expert" in something...but maybe be good at a little bit of everything is what my expertise is in...

    5. I pride myself on doing my best to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, turning the other cheek... Sometimes people just have a bad day and you happen upon them. It happens. HOWEVER, after that if you're a royal fart knocker be prepared to feel the wrath. I don't tolerate assholes too well...that might be whyI don't speak to my BIL unless absolutely necessary.
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  • i_am_a_thunderbirdi_am_a_thunderbird
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    1. I live for my DH and DS3. Even when things get crumpled and fall apart, I never take for granted how lucky I am to have them both in my life. I truly would die for both of them.

    2. I am opinionated and often come of as harsh or bitchy, though I really am a gentle, loving, compassionate person.

    3. I am an activist on many fronts.

    4. I am proud of my culture, my heritage, my language and my roots.

    5. I am proud that each positive step I take forward helps dismantle some of the negative stereotypes about my people. I am hell bent on ensuring my son breaks the vicious cycle and is proud of who he is, where he comes from and grows up to be a strong Native like his mommy and daddy. :)
  • crazymama2twocrazymama2two
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    this is tough...how sad for me :)

    1.  i left the exhusband so my daughter could live a happier and healthier life.

    2.  i will fight to the death for those i love; friends and family.

    3.  i sit at home and actually work 98% of the time...its a struggle to discipline yourself ladies.

    4.  i did not have the affair i was propositioned about a few weeks ago.

    5.  i gave my now husband an awesome son and i have a sweet, caring and loving daughter!!
  • crazymama2twocrazymama2two
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    wiat and i have another thing im proud of:

    6.  ive incorporated a healthier lifestyle into my daily routine and am helping my daughter with the same ... this is huge for me :)
  • GingersnapGingersnap
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    Things I am proud of:

    1. I have over ten years of clean time.
    2. My relationship with my husband is healthy.
    3. My sons are safe and happy.
    4. People depend on me. / I am reliable.
    5. I like who I am.
    “The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.” ― Joseph Campbell
  • TVmommyTVmommy
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    1. I am always an understanding listener. Even if you are a stranger.
    2. I volunteer once a week with the First Things First organization to deliver bags of food to Headstart so that the kids have something to eat over the weekend.
    3. I play with dd a lot because she is an only child and she gets bored.
    4. I always keep my given word.
    5. I am ridiculously healthy for my size/ weight.  
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  • BeerWenchBeerWench
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  • unforgivenunforgiven
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    1. I am a child of God. 
    2. I am an artist.
    3. I am the mother of an incredibly, smart, quirky, beautiful little weirdo.
    4. I am unique, loyal, and have a giant heart. 
    5. I am an idealist.


    "What looks like torture is a time to rejoice
    What sounds like thunder is a comforting voice
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  • Persephone
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    Tell me 5 facts about you that you are proud of!
    1. I'm a self-made woman.  Had a terrible childhood and I've had to figure what being an adult is all by myself.
    2. We do alright for ourselves financially (needless to say, I'm married)
    3. We do alright for ourselves in others.  We get along.
    4. I'm proud of being a mom.  Didn't think I was going to get to the point where I could be a mom (or would be good enough to be a good mom), but here I am, and I am a good mom.
    5. While I have my MBA, I'm squandering it so that DS can know who I am. And I'm proud of having my priorities straight.
  • Meg11
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    1. I was and continue to be shocked at how hard parenthood is, but I ROCK at it. 
    2. Even though Ill probably never use it, Im only a few credits shy of my masters.
    3. My husband is way hotter than I deserve and I feel blessed to call him mine.
    4. My relationship with God. Every single day, I am thankful that God loves me so much that he saved my sins, when I so clearly don't deserve it.
    5. I appreciate the beauty in a situation.
  • nessamommynessamommy
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    #1 I made 3 very happy healthy children and continue to raise them to the best of my ability
    #2 I am the fisrt grandchild to graduate highschool and the first in my family to go to college
    #3 I married the love of my life, I never thought I deserved someone like that
    #4 I continue to work on my addictive personality, rarely drink, never cut anymore, and don't abuse my prescriptions
    #5 I challenge myself to be better, and am amazed at how strong I can be. I teach my kids self confidence.
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  • LifeofchaosLifeofchaos
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    #1: I'm not good at many things.... Can't sing, dance, play an instrument, do anything artistic BUT I'm an awesome mom to my 3 lil ones. I rock this mom gig..,.. Most of the time

    #2: I have an amazing husband that is hot, funny, kind, sensitive, and the best dad I could have picked for my kids and we just celebrated our 15 year anniversary

    #3: I have some of the kindest most caring friends a girl could ask for. Coming from a dysfunctional family that is not close at all.. My girls have stepped in and been there. They are the sisters I always dreamed of having.

    #4: After seeing my nieces neglected and exposed to things small children should not be witness to I finally took a strong stand for them and have them living in my home. It's so hard raising three 5 yr olds, a 4 yr old, and a 2 yr old but I'm proud that they are finally safe

    #5: I have 2 college degrees and know that when the day comes that I return to the professional workforce I'm going to be just fine.