What age to let DD shave her legs
  • NinLee
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    My DD9 has been begging me to let her start shaving her legs, she has longish blonde hairs. I think that 9 is a bit young for that, but I was just wondering at what age would you allow / allowed your DD to shave. I think that I was about 12/13 years when I started (that doesn't include the time when I played with my moms razor and shaved my arms LOL)...
    Would love to hear your input..
  • AnonUser37
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    Mine never got darker ....even now they still come in as blonde stubble. I was 9, but I had THICK blonde hair on my legs (and arms) and I was on swim team by then and getting made fun of by the boys on the team. I don't have a dd, but for me, it'd be when she asked, assuming she's responsible enough to have a razor, of course. I feel like kids, especially girls can be so cruel, if it makes her feel more comfortable in her skin, it seems harmless to me.
  • motymoty
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    I think dd started at age 11. My mom wouldn't let us until we went to jr high so we were 12/13.

  • loveitloveit
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    My dd is only six but I started shaving when I was in about fourth grade so about nine.
  • MalmqukMalmquk
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    My blonde hair has never grown back thicker or darker all of my adult life and 28. I agree that if she is responsible you should let her as she is obviously self conscious about it enough to ask??
  • tampabaymom
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    Mine never grew back thicker or darker, maybe a little courser, but thats it.  I would let her, but maybe buy her an electric razor.

  • MalmqukMalmquk
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    Great idea @tampabaymom
  • AnonUser37
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    Yeah....mine never did either. And when I was pregnant, and couldn't bend over to shave, every day like I normally do, it was pretty much the same texture as before.
  • momofeveryonemomofeveryone
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    i think my sister and i were 11 and 9 when we tried it, w/o supervision so we cut ourselves up pretty good lol.
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  • momofeveryonemomofeveryone
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    i second the elecrtic razor! amazon.com has some good ones and great reviews
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  • forkinthehead
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    I was eleven or twelve. Santa brought me an electric lady shaver. Must have been because I had used my uncles razor when he had come to visit. I ended up with razor burn on both legs. With my own daughter I can't remember, terrible I know. In my defense she's pushing thirty. I just sent her a text asking her
  • etherieletheriel
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    DD13 started when she was 12. DD11 hasn't asked me yet, but her hair is very fine.
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  • @meghann, mine are still blonde too. It's nice because it isn't wiry! 
  • Still_ur_mommy
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    My DD was in 6th grade. We felt that middle school was a good transition year for all big girl beauty chores. Freshman in high school for her first (drum roll) THONG! Yicks lol, hair dye, liquid eye liner.
  • serenitynowserenitynow
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    i was about 10 or 11, 5th grade. also the same age i started to wear a real bra.
  • LoveLove
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    My daughter started shaving her legs last summer. She turned 10 in January. She was self-conscious about her leg hair, and honestly I couldn't think of one single reason why not.
    My parents wouldn't let me until I was around 12 or so, and it embarrassed the shit out of me to wear shorts with unshaven legs.


  • NinLee
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    Thanks ladies. I think I'm gonna have a chat with DH - he hates the fact that she is growing up and wasn't very happy the first time it was brought up "She is waaayyy to young to do that!!". DD will be 10 in March and she is getting very self-conscious about it. She is also a very responsible young girl :)

  • LoveLove
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    @NinLee why don't you ask him what his objections are, specifically. That was my parents' excuse too, but no one could ever tell me WHY --  What's the problem with it ?  


  • AKimiBAKimiB
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    I started really young, but then again i was in a lot of activities and sports that required skirts and/or shorts. And, my leg hair comes/came in dark.
    Maybe have a chat with DH and find a happy medium? Electric razors for ladies or maybe a gentle wax (at home) just on the knees, shins and calves?
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  • TVmommyTVmommy
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    Funny dd almost 9 and I were talking about this about an hour ago. I had to wait until I was 12. Dd is blond and her hair is very thick but I still think I'm going to make her wait. I explained to her that it does grow back thicker. If it will grow back darker I can't say. Some of mine does and some doesn't. I have red brown hair but my body hair is kind of sparse. Dd is German on her dads side so her hair is much thicker than mine all the way around. Which is amazing.....my hair on my head is crazy thick....hers is still thicker...... I think if it becomes an issue for her we might try a couple of things but only if..
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  • GypsyMamaGypsyMama
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    I just let dd do it when she was ready. I am not even sure how old she was but I figured if she is self conscious about and was willing to do the maintenance then she could. I raised her like that and she is a very independent woman now.
  • StarsStars
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    My mom didn't exactly ever "let" me I just did it one day and said oh btw ...she wasn't pleased but IMO there's no harm and its not a big deal. 

  • TypoFaeryTypoFaery
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    Mine started shaving at 10 because she takes after her great grandfathers family in the hair dept... they're Lebanese so yeah kinda furry and dark. Plus she was starting to get teased about it.  I got her the intuition razor... because it has that big ass soap thing around it it is harder for her to cut herself. I showed her how and did it for her the first couple of times. If she is getting self conscious and you trust her then I say let her . My hubs was all pissy about her "not being that old yet" too. Its a daddy thing, they are gonna rant and rave about their little girls growing up.
  • becky2183becky2183
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    I let my DSD shave at 11. I've been raising her since she was 4 and the girl is Filipino 1/4, Native American 1/4, and half white. She's dark. Skin, eyes, and her hair. All of her hair. Poor girl has a Frida brow that we shave. I let it go, until she noticed. Now she has a razor.
  • momofeveryonemomofeveryone
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    @becky2183 im italian and if i think of how much i spent on razors, yikkes! you might want to get her at home wax kits, they last longer and are super easy to use. i have woolybears on my eyebrows and they are not pretty :) and the uni- oh my uni! lol
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  • collegemommy
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    I let my daughter start last year at nine because she got really self-conscience about it but she doesn't shave, she uses VEET. It lasts longer than shaving and works like a charm on her fine blonde legs hairs. I went with that so I didn't freak about her cutting herself :)
  • SaraSara
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    Wax! That is what I would recommend. Lasts longer, no cuts and if you are consistent she will eventually not need to wax or shave.
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  • collegemommy
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    There is no way on earth I could wax my daughters legs...she won't even let me pull a splinter out without freaking out!!!
  • AnonUser28
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    My mom's rule was when I needed to shave my armpits, then I could shave my legs. Of course my DD is only 4, so I don't have to deal with this whole issue for quite a while yet.
  • NinLee
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    @Love I think that, as @TypoFaery said, DH just does not want to accept the fact that his baby girl is growing up and that's it. So, when I say I'm gonna have a chat with him, I'm going to explain everything to him. At the end of the day DD is getting very self-conscience. I also thought that DD was a bit young, but it's being playing on my mind for a few weeks. She's already wearing little bras (yes, the boobies are starting) and also has some dark hairs "down there", so why not let her?
    @Sara I think that if my daughter had to wax she would do one strip and then wear long pants for the rest of her life. LOL! 

    @Collegemommy DD was with me when I bought Veet the other day and asked what it was, after I explained she said she would like to use that whenever we give her the go-ahead. 

    Thanks for all your help ladies 
  • bamamama
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    My dsd10 asked last summer bc her legs were super hairy and strawberry blond. I called her mom to see how she felt and she was ok with it so I taught her. I explained that once she started she would always have to do it. It's gone well for her.
  • bamamama
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    My hair didn't grow back thicker or darker. It's like transparent blond and I'm not that hairy. Wish my pits were the same.
  • momx4momx4
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    I let the oldest shave last year for the first time. She was 12. The baby (8) is begging to be like her sister & wants to now. Ahhhh No! However if she gets super freakish about I'll let her. So far, so good.

    Now, the 13 yo needs to get her brows waxed. She's got my brows & the poor child is on the fast track to Sasquatch laying on her forehead! :(
  • rlb
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    My niece was 9 or 10 I believe. She's half Mexican and was teased about her dark hairy legs. I want to say my sister got her an electric razor that's meant for young adolescents.
  • notperfectnotperfect
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    I told my DD she could shave when she had pit hair. I'll never forget the dayshe came running into my room I've got some Mom! 4 little hairs she and was so proud, I went out and bought her razors that day and showed her how.
  • Monkeynmoo
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    I didn't start shaving til I started my cycle but my sis had really think blonde body hair so she started when she was 10. She didn't ask though, she just got tired of being picked on and did it herself. She had watched me shave so she knew.what to do.
  • SouthernButterflySouthernButterfly
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    I can't really tell you what the answer is here. I was EIGHT the first time I shaved my legs, and my daddy put me up on the sink and did it for me. There was a very good reason for it. I have naturally very black hair, and very, very, very pale skin. So I used to be teased constantly about it, and my daddy finally got tired of my coming home crying. It's so funny how wrapped around my finger he was and still is lol.