this made me mad,
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    I sure as Hell hope the police department really looks into this. The speed limit in that area is 30mph.
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    Unfortunately it sounds like they are already blaming the girls for not using the crosswalk. It doesn't matter though. He still should have seen them and slowed his ass down.
  • You know, it always amazes me that not even a Police Officer will stop to let me cross the busy street near our house, even though I'm in a cross walk. Pisses me off. Why can't people take two goddamned seconds to let someone cross. 

    Then there's the issue of the street I live on. It's a small quiet street, but people drive SO fast on it, and there is a stop sign at the corner of my yard, but no cross streets. People assume this means they don't really need to stop. Assholes. They drive super fast and blow through the stop sign. I keep the trees trimmed so the stop sign is CLEARLY visible. I'm always afraid someone is going to hit a child. there are so many little ones on our street. I've screamed at people, once I chased a guy down who was on a crotch rocket and going like 65-70 up and down our street joy riding. I stopped him and screamed at him, then got his plate # and called them in. LOL. Mama Bear watches for all the kids on her street.
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    It just pisses me off, its a busy street, a main street but the speed limit is 30mph. its a wide street so you can see everything. I have had stuff go in front of me too but i have been able to stop. I really don't think this little girl jumped in front of him when he was 5 ft from her.
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    Why is there a stop sign with no crossing street? @candid

    I'm cornfused again
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  • @lauriebizz, there are "city steps" that run up the side of my yard, they connect our street to the street behind ours, as a way to get from one block to the next without walking all the way around the block. We have a TON of them here in PGH.
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    Okay, that makes more sense. My partially non-working brain thanks you.
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  • @CanDid - You can show them to me in 2 weeks!
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    My parent live on a street that has an ild railroad crossing and it makes a pretty goid jumping hill.. The speed limit is 35... Average speed of drivers 55-60... They live in an area that they city cops refuse to cover saying it the sheriffs area the sheriffs say its city... So no coverage by cops...
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    HERE IS A NEWS UPDATE.....UPDATE: Monday, February 12, 2012

    A Wichita Police officer was responding to a burglary
    call when a young girl darted into traffic and was struck by the patrol
    car, authorities said.
    It happened near Harry and Broadway around 7
    p.m. Sunday. Deputy Police Chief Nelson Mosley said the officer's speed
    when the crash happened is under investigation, but it is not believed
    that he was speeding. The officer was not using red lights and siren,
    per department protocol.

    During a media briefing Monday morning, Mosley said
    the 12-year-old girl was walking with her 14-year-old cousin to a nearby
    grocery store. The teenager motioned for the younger girl to stop, but
    the 12-year-old continued and was struck by the patrol car.

    "The officer was in the right
    curb lane, but there was an SUV just ahead of him in the center lane,"
    Mosley said. "Both of the vehicles were traveling northbound."

    Mosley said the officer's field of vision may have
    been obstructed by the SUV, causing him to never see the girls. The
    injured girl was rushed to a nearby hospital in extremely critical
    condition, where she later died. The officer at the scene attempted
    CPR, but was unsuccessful.

    Four people witnessed the accident. The Kansas Highway Patrol is investigating the case independently.

    A Wichita school spokesperson said the girl was a
    student at Mayberry Middle School. Grief counselors are at the school
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    The intersection we live on is terrible! It is a busy one, between the main highway in and out of the city, and a major trunk road. You really have to watch out for the right turners. Here in Montreal there is no turning right on the red, so as soon as it turns green, people go crazy. They will keep turning right in front of you while you are standing in the middle of the street. They hardly even slow. HELLO! I am crossing the street with a 3yo and a man with a cane! And pedestrians have the right of way. I have kicked more than one car door, and spit on more than one windshield. I'm classy like that!