A Heart
  • So DD5 is studying hearts (the one in your chest) at school and she said "Mommy, everyone has a heart. Right?" and, I was distracted trying not to let her see that I was sneaking York Patties and said "Yeah baby, everyone except Dick Cheney." oops.
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    lol......oh man...
    i want a nap. and some chocolate. who's with me?!
  • Hey! It was honest!! LMAO! (where's my baby?? Tomorrow right??))

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    Well at least you weren't lying :))

    AND I love peppermint... JUST sayin..
  • Back off my peppermint!! Go to the corner with your hearts!!
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    LOL that's hilarious... Was the next question 'mom, what's a dickcheney?''
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  • Yes it was. And I responded with "The former vice president of the United States. Go to bed." Hopefully she won't ask about Dick's not having hearts....that could get AKWARD!
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    Yes!!! =D> :-))

    @mammateeroll, that's priceless!!


  • @mamateeroll - yeah. My daughter just walks out of the room when certain subjects come up. But, he literally doesn't have a heart!!
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    well behaved women seldom make history
  • @mamateetroll - better than his idols name. Don't get me started. At least the doctors recognized that Cheney was living without a heart and went ahead and removed it.
  • Oh. DH was not as amused when she told him today. He's a republican.
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    well behaved women seldom make history
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    well behaved women seldom make history
  • You should. They put a pump in!! And yeah. I married one of THOSE. I thought they were either a fairy tale or would have a dark mark on them!! :D
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    lol @notjustmom
    lol @ this whole thread!


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    My DH got our DD1 a "Daddy's Princess is a Republican"  onesie a few weeks ago- thinking it was funny. I cut it up and put it in his overnight bag for work. The call I got at 11pm that night was priceless. 
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    It's really not that serious.  I'm pretty sure everyone's posts were light hearted and in no means meant to be nasty. And I am all for a good laugh about Obama or Biden....I truly support equal opportunity humor about all things politics. 
  • Um. @Lark - seriously?? You know that Cheney doesn't have a heart right? He has a pump. Seriously. Like for reals. See the article. And I'm married to a republican. Also, sorry I didn't know you were within "ear shot" of my funny conversation with my daughter. I think you might be taking this a bit serious.....But......thanks for proving our point!! ;)
  • Yeah. Not like it was all over the news or anything. Lol. #:-S
  • I ignore a lot of stuff. And I honestly didn't think this WAS a political thread. More a haha! Mommy fail - now I have to explain to a 5 year old how a man is walking around with a pump instead of a heart. Pretty lighthearted I thought. Even the "bashing" comments were pretty funny to me - I mean Harry Potter? C'mon!
  • I just realized that I typed "like for reals" earlier. That made me :))
  • You do realize that I was relaying a conversation that I had with my daughter? About something that is true (again Cheney does not have a heart - he has a pump). Then it went into a little bit of joking. Then you flipped out and went overboard. If you don't like it - don't read it. I don't read right wing threads. And if I stumble on one I walk out. Same with abortion and a few others.

    But. Go back and READ the facts. Dick Cheney does not have a heart. I told my 5 year old without thinking about it. Then I had to try and explain 1. Who he was (former VP of the US) and 2. Why he didn't have a heart (his heart wasn't working right so the doctors put a pump in to move his blood).

    Oh. Then my husband heard that Dick didn't have a heart. Lol
  • And, if we avoided posting anything that might upset anybody this board wouldn't exist.
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     Pot just called the kettle black.  =D>  
  • Who do you mean @fantasticalmama? Because I can see this being @lark but want to make sure that's who you mean.

    Oh. And I went and looked up Gaslighting (thinking I'd grossly misinterpreted something) and found it to be a form of psychological abuse. I'm sorry if you find me telling my daughter TRUE facts about the former VP and making Harry Potter jokes to be "emotionally abusive" to you. I'm ashamed of my behavior. (stupid phone won't let me change my font).
  • The man doesn't have a beating heart - and I don't care who you are - that's some funny shit!! I also didn't post this as a political statement at all. I honestly figured most of the women on here KNEW the facts because of all the publicity.
  • It was a couple of years ago. Right after he left office. You can read the link above for details. Cool huh?
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    I think its possible to think it was slightly political IF you were not aware that he genuinely did not have heart but a pump.  I say this because I genuinely did not know.  But political discussions do not bother me as I see issues with both sides.  However I know I'm ignorant when it comes to politics so I mostly don't comment. 

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    @livinthedream... when I started typing the response it was right after @lark posted. It wasn't directed towards you, I should have specified (and typed faster). I agree with you completely. I was pointing out the fact that nothing in the thread was nasty or rude towards "Conservatives" but apparently those of us who commented in jest are verbal terrorists and really don't deserve the right to an opinion. Accusing people of being rude, nasty, grenade launching, ect. ect. is actually more tactless then the ENTIRE string of posts combined.  
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    I am neither Democrat or Republican... Although I do tend to lean more conservatively... & I found this whole conversation funny & not political at all. :D
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    I don't know jack about politics... it's probably for the best. 


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    It was and is very funny. As irl there will always be someone who doesn't get it. Dh and I usually keep our humor between us because we both can get pretty raunchy. Thx for sharing the story @LivinTheDream. I hope your daughter gets your sense of humor.
  • @livinthedream, I love you. This is hilarious. Sorry some people have no sense of humor, and like to gaslight threads to drop in their conservative hateful grenades.


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    @Chocoholic I'll drink to that :D


  • I'll drink to that! @chocoholic
  • Thanks for the support! If you guys notice I avoid STARTING political / controversial threads.

    And - who went and read the article to understand what I meant?? This was not a Cheney bash. If it was if have mentioned avoiding hunting with him....to protect your butt!!
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    Bahahahaha to protect your butt
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  • Did you like it? That was my gaslight!!

  • @chocoholic - no vodka. Sorry.
  • wtf?
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    Lol ! @LivinTheDream I can't give this the reply it deserves right this second, but I WILL be back tomorrow from my laptop.
    I think I might be offended.
    Or maybe I'm just ragging.
    But I'm pretty sure I was insulted by a previous blanket generalization.


  • @Love, I can't wait to read it. ;)   I know I was certainly offended, but I am far too filled with rage right now, and I might blow some minds if I write too much. 
  • Wait. By me?? No. My post wasn't toward you. I was just tagging you in all of my posts. Like this: @love
  • @chocoholic - scary mommy has gone dry.
  • @livinthedream...yep...saw it. And I'm pretty sure the lovely @Love was referring to the gas lighter.
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    Wait. By me?? No. My post wasn't toward you. I was just tagging you in all of my posts. Like this: @love

    No, honey, not by you.

    And you are blowing my phone UP tonight lmao!
    You just wait until AT&T gets here tomorrow!


  • Gasloghter. I'd offer y'all a drink. But.