Nasty armpit stains and smell
  • AnonMomAnonMom
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    How to get them out.  One, both, neither.

    I don't care about his clothes.  I want the pit smell and stains out of my shirts!

    Do any of you have a tried and true way to do this?  Or sort of do it???

  • unforgivenunforgiven
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    I would sweat so terribly when I was pregnant. I've made a lot of my comfy pajama shirts sleeveless because I couldn't ever get those horrible stains out. :(


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  • fantasticalmamafantasticalmama
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    1 cup of Vinegar with the detergent in the wash machine.It reeks at first but work wonders on my gym clothes and DH's uniforms. After they go through the dryer you can't smell it. Plus, it doesn't bleach the clothes and actually makes the softer.
  • AnonMomAnonMom
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    I use ammonia or vinegar in the wash when I have it.  I will be trying the dawn and baking soda paste as well.  Don't buy oxyclean though.

  • hercrazymomma
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    I just was reading about laundry stains, DORK MUCH I know.  but it said if you sprinkle baby powder or baking soda on the pits of your shirt before you wear it, that would help block the odor.  also if you can let it sit in the sun or line dry that takes out a LOT of stains & smells.