my ds is heart broken..
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    My ds doesnt see his dad often because his lives 400miles away.. He came over today and picked my son up at school and took him out for lunch at chuckie cheese and spent a few hours with him for his birthday.. After a very tearfull good bye for both, my son is sitting rolled up in a ball tears running down his face watching spongebob sniffling.. It makes me so sad.. Im hoping he gets to spend spring break with him and he goes to his dads for the summer.. My poor baby...
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    Oh my god! I am so so sorry! My son hasn't seen his deep beat father in two years and it kills me when he asks where his father is or says he misses his father. That pain cuts so deep. I wish there was away to make him feel better. Poor poor baby!
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    Can they chat via web cam?
    My dh is in the military, stationed out of state, and that's how he keeps in contact with our children.

    I'm sorry he's having to deal with this. I know your pain.
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    Aawwe, poor little dude.  >:D<
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    My ds is the one that calls his dad.. His dad went 2 months without talking to him because he was mad at me. Yes it makes me feel horrible but at the same time i hate what it does to my son.. My ex was a great dad but a horrible partner.. I should have left him the first time he packed my shit and left me at my parents door step.. 6 months after we got together originally and not spent 10years with him...
    let them eat cake! because id rather have pie!!!
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    The mental image of you DS crying is breaking my heart.

    I am so sorry. This must be so difficult for you and him. :(
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    Poor guy :( I'm so sorry thats got to be hard to watch and go thur..
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    Today hes refused to cooperate.. Were on the road to recovery...
    let them eat cake! because id rather have pie!!!