SAHM activities w/kids
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    I need help!!! I'm going to start being a SAHM next week, and I have no frickin' idea what to do with my DD2 all day! I don't have a crafty bone in my body, and I'm so worried that she's gonna hate being stuck with me all day. I need advice about activities to do, and/or schedules that you stick to with your kids. Anything that you think may help! Thank you Scary Mommies!!
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    Pinterest has awesome craft ideas!
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    Also you can take her to story time at your local library (free), or join a children's museum or playgroup. Or there is always the park or playground.
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    Playgroup! Museums, mommy and me yoga, baby swimming and music classes, and play areas. Make sure you get out A LOT! makes life so much more enjoyable being a sahm. Around here there are so many children's bookstores and libraries with story times u could go to one everyday of the week. Plan out your week in advance so you make sure to get out everyday.
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    The time is going to go by so fast! When I was a sahm, I never found the time for crafts, and I'm a crafty person! Lol! Part of that could be yhat my sahm timeframe was newborn to 14 months. Anyways,we did a lot of singing and dancing, reading, and played with car,blocks, etc.
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    Oh yeah, whatever it is you do, stick to a routine. It doesn't have to be rigid, but try to wake up at the same time each day. its so easy to get in the habit of sleeping in and falling behind on chores, responsibilities, and quality time with the little one.
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    Yea check out Pinterest my DS2 loves to paint and color yesterday we made animals out of Popsicle sticks believe me I'm not crafty either but there 2 they could care less as long as it's fun..
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    The library is your friend. They usually have free or discount passes for museums and zoos. A local splash park for the summer. Plant a garden together. I have some stuff we have done on my blog
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    (I LOVE this thread!!  We don't see enough of these!)
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    When I taught at daycare and then for a public school PreK I liked to use this website for ideas. There are always new ideas being added by moms and PreK teachers/Childcare peoples.

    The nice thing about it is you can take an idea and mold it around your child's age and abilities. And a lot of the craft/activity supplies are things you can find around the house.

    I'm actually sitting next to DS2 eating my breakfast while he paints and finger paints.

    And a great to view the day is in chunks. I view my day as this:
    Morning- we all get ready for the day. DH usually tries to get DS to graze something for breakfast (he eats like a bird). DH goes to work. DS usually colors or paints, we watch a little Phineas & Ferb, we run errands if need to, I try to get some lunch in him....then it's nap time.

    I eat lunch and get whatever chores I need done, and I catch up on my DVRed shows. If we're having a crock pot dinner I get that together and going...

    Afternoon- we play blocks/cars/etc, paint or color more, go outside/to the park if it's nice, look at books together.

    DH gets home around 5:30 and he usually takes over with DS while I sit for a few moments to relax and then start dinner. After dinner we all hang out in the living room. DS usually tears is up around the house, or we play and then he's in bed around 8.

    I use baths to my advantage. He loves to take baths so if I'm exhausted (I'm 38 weeks pregnant) or he's in a mood, I say "Taran, bath time?" and he's trying to climb over the baby gate to get upstairs. Then I give him a bath and let him play until the water is cold or he's bored. I sit next to the tub and talk to him and surf the web on my iPad. In the summer I take him out on the deck to play in his water table.

    You don't necessarily have to be crafty to keep your LO entertained, and honestly a little free play on their own is great. It helps develop their imagination and independence. Just keep an eye on her, check in with her once in awhile and you're good to go. Employ her help with easy chores! Sorting/folding clothes, vacuuming! DS loves to help vacuum. He eve has his own baby dirt devil that sucks stuff up (mostly small clumps of dog hair and paper...but it's something!)

    Hope I'm not bogging you down. I am 10 months into being a SAHM and I know going into it is daunting...especially with a two year old. :-) I'm happy to pick my brain for you and anyone else.
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    I wish I could take DS to the library, but he's not one to sit long when he can explore and run around. I'm still not sure how he's my kid. I was quiet and content to listen to stories when I was little. He's never been one to sit for a story. And he loves books! Guess he'll be a magazine reader. LOL
    "I don't poop. I create magic."- ABC

    I'm as sexy as a burp mid-kiss. Watch out!

    For every loser there's one that has to win. So bite your tongue, grit your teeth and grin...
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    Thanks everyone! I really appreciate all the feedback! I know I'm just gonna have to jump right in and get started doing things that y'all have suggested, but it seems so daunting. ALL day, EVERY day with a 2 year old. OMG, it's even hard to type it lol! But I'm so grateful for all the ideas! I will definitely put these into action! And please, keep 'em coming!
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    Try to build in some free play time everyday too or kids will expect you to entertain them ALL day.  

    I had a schedule most days - monday laundry, tuesday bathrooms, wednesday floors, thursday tidy, friday dust and grocery shopping etc helped keep the rest of life organized while you are home.

    I also either napped or watched my shows during kids nap time - I figured I'd get an hour of break time each workday outside the home so I was going to take that while I was home as well.

    Have fun!!  I miss the little stage(DD17,DS13)
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    @canadamom is right.  You don't want to become her only source of entertainment.  Set aside some alone time for her (and you) every day, and stick to it.  I had to start putting my son in his room for "quiet time" when he was 2 because he wanted me to play with him constantly and I had other things to do.  It's not healthy for them to not be able to entertain themselves, anyway.  Now he will ask to go in there and play.  He has a little mp3 player that has kids' music on it, and a cheap speaker to play music through (like a cheap version of an iHome), and he'll ask to go to his room and listen to music.  He spends time in there looking through books or playing with his toys while the music plays.

    Get some finger paints and buy some poster board.  Cut the posters in half or fourths, and take her outside on the driveway and let her paint. 

    Blow bubbles outside.

    Coloring books.

    We go to the park on occasion.

    Do some things for yourself.  I joined the YMCA and I go to the gym there while my kids stay in their child care.  They love it and I get to be alone doing something that makes me feel better.

    Get out of the house and go somewhere every day, even if it's just taking the car to the gas station to fill up.  It'll distract her and provide different scenery for a few minutes.  Even 20 minutes out of the house can make a huge difference.

    Go for a walk and push her in a stroller, or walk with her alongside you.  Look at trees, tell her what kind they are.  Comment on things you see and talk to her about them. 

    The weather will warm up soon.  Get one of those little wading pools at Wal Mart for like $30. 

    Get a flower pot and some soil and plant some colorful annuals in it.  She'll like digging in the dirt and watering the flowers with you.  Then every day you can water them together. 

    There's a small zoo in our town and we go there a lot. 

    See if your local library has a story time during the summer.  Ours does and he loves it.  He also likes looking at the books they have there that he doesn't have at home. 

    Get her to help you with things, even if it makes things take longer.  She can help put clothes into the washer or dryer. 
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    Mine loves the library and they have activities at ours all the time. I wouldn't fret to  much, you'll be surprised at how they are entertained with everyday things. I let mine play alone to. That way they don't just expect your time when you are busy. Teach them how to take the trash out, fold laundry, mop! That worked for me too. She loves to help and it isn't a huge issue, even if she didn't make the mess. Some people start introducing shapes, colors and counting. A little homeschool, if you will. Not so much that she learns it, just knows what it is. It will be great, don't worry!