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  • AnonUser29
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    Are there any other PS3 mommas out there? I just bought my own PS3 (DH never let me play my games on HIS) and have noone to play with. I have LBP (1), Twisted Metal 3 and Fairytale fights. I am new to them all so I suck hardcore but yeah, I need people! I am melflowers on there.. a sockmonkey is my icon. Add me, if you wanna.
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  • MissEMissE
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    I have PS3, but none of those games. Twisted Metal is awesome! I'm a gamer, but more mmorpg's. I am a nerd. :D
  • CanadianMamaCanadianMama
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    Right here!!! I'm the queen of video games, and LOVR my ps3!

    Eta: I have little big planet, but I can't remember my name at the moment


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    My DH and I are gamers as well although we mainly do PC gaming. Right now we have a lifetime account with LOTRO and are subscribed to SWTOR. In the past we played more often but right now we have been playing every so often. RL always comes first. We do have a PS3 but its for my Final Fantasy! :D
  • TypoFaeryTypoFaery
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    PC gamer here with occasional XBox gaming. I play SWTOR Left 4 Dead2 and Battlefield Bad Company2 on steam name is Sylesstra there I am on Corellian Run on Swtor republic side Mellow Company is my guild Name is Rhyslyne or Sylesstra if any mommies wanna join in. :D
  • SammieSammie
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    @nikki @akimiB

    I think these girls are gamers too!!

    My husband is a nerdball who loves him some video games. Computer and Xbox360. 


  • AKimiBAKimiB
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    Ps3 and 360 here

    Ryansaint23 ps3
    Kimisweet (I think, lol) on 360
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    I haven't figured out how to add friends on there yet. I will ask the hubs and add ya'll. Well, those that shared info. I want to get another new game but not too sure WHAT to get. Hubs has the God of War's, MW3, The Reckoning and Darkage? He doesn't know it but he also has the new Resident Evil preordered for his b-day

  • NikkiNikki
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    My xbox is my second child LOL No PS3 here though :(

  • French_momFrench_mom
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    I am a WoW recovering addict.  ;)  Bf play the SWTOR, but i never started it cause i know i would'nt stop playing. We own a PS3, but i only do Rock Band time to time.  I think my gaming years are over.  :-((
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    I love Rockband! DH and I play WoW and SWTOR, but kind of on a break right now. 
  • lovinmom
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    I am! I love playing video games! I have a PS3 and and Xbox. Not sure my names though....