Would you consider this overeating?
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    Hi everyone!  My DS is 4 years old.  He will turn 5 at the end of May.  I am beginning to have some concerns regarding how much he eats.  Just for an example, here is a list of what he ate today. 


    large bowl of Cheerios, about 1 cup of yogurt, 1 large banana

    Morning Snack

    about 1 1/2 cups of cottage cheese, small apple, glass of milk


    PB&Jelly Sandwich, Chips, grapes, almost a whole can of ravioli that he found in the cupbord and snuck while I was bathing DD and putting her down for a nap.


    1/2 of a large bbq chicken breast, about 1/2 cup of macaroni salad, 1 corn on the cob, 4 FREAKING DINNER ROLLS, and a piece of cake/scoop of ice cream for dessert

    I try to feed him healthy foods and teach him portion control, but all he wants to do is eat.  It seems like I just clean up the kitchen from breakfast and he is begging me for a snack.  It's the same thing after every meal.  Today at lunch, he ate everything I put in front of him and then snuck a can of ravioli out of the cupboard while I was dealing with DD.  I came downstairs and found him covered in spagetti sauce and an an almost empty can on the coffee table with a fork in it.  WTF?!  If I make a big breakfast with pancakes, eggs, bacon, ect.. he will eat a large pancake, two eggs, and usually has 3-4 pieces of bacon but would eat more if I didn't cut him off.  I honestly think he could eat a whole package of bacon.  Do any of you have little boys that eat like this?


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    It does seem like a lot but I'm not sure I have a 2 year old daughter who eats like a bird. :( Sorry I'm not much help. Growing boys and all maybe it's a phase? @love has spawn maybe she can offer some insight. 


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    Dd4 has been eating like that this week and last week. She went from wearing a 4 on Fri to 4's being too small Mon.

    Maybe he is getting ready to grow?
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    My ds is 2.5 so I'm not too sure if that is a lot or not for his age. Maybe it's a growth spurt? Sometimes my son will eat everything in sight for a week and then go back to normal. Just a thought :)
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    I saw a kindergarten boy eat half of a 14" pizza once. I wouldn't worry about it if it's just over a few days or so.

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    My son is almost 2.  Normally he is a grazer and eats small amounts all day long, but this week he is eating large meals AND snacking all day.  Does he eat this much every single day @mmsped?  My son's body knows to increase his appetite when he is headed toward a growth spurt.  Maybe you could try switching him to whole grains and more veggies?  Hopefully the fiber will keep him full longer.
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    I just don't know where he puts it all.  He is slightly above average height and average weight.  My DH is 6'3 and very muscular.  He is a big guy, but not at all overweight so maybe he is going to be like his Dad.  DS waist is so thin that I have to buy him jeans with the waist adjustment and tighten it down all the way.
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    For the most part, he eats this amount every day.  I use whole wheat bread, and we do a lot of carrot and celery sticks, cheese and whole grain crackers, fruit and what not for snacks.  Dinner always has a veggie served with it.  I feel like what he eats is well rounded, it's the quantity and the way that he is almost constantly in search of food that concerns me.  You would think that he had beed deprived at some point or something.  I feel horrible for telling him he can't have more to eat.  He genuinely acts hungry.
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    As long as he's eating healthy I don't really see the problem. I think you're doing the right things. Can you call your pediatrician and ask for peace of mind?


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    I would call the dr, just to be sure, because there is a disease where people never feel full. It's a real disease, just like there is one where people can't feel pain. They are very rare, though, but for peace of mind, it wouldn't hurt to call or get it checked out.
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    As long as he's eating healthy I don't really see the problem. I think you're doing the right things. Can you call your pediatrician and ask for peace of mind?

    This one and 

    Dd4 has been eating like that this week and last week. She went from wearing a 4 on Fri to 4's being too small Mon.

    Maybe he is getting ready to grow?

    and all the ones alleging an impending growth spurt!

    My kids all went through phases where they hardly ate anything, OR grazed just a bite at a time all day, OR ate everything they could get their hands on, and everything in between LOL
    Usually, when they start being hungry every second of the day, you can pretty much bet on the need to immediately start planning for going clothes shopping!

    It sounds like you've got great, healthy choices for him going on, so I really wouldn't worry too much about it. Call your pediatrician, or make an appointment, so (s)he can weigh and measure him and then talk about it. 
    But, I mean, if he's genuinely hungry, you gotta feed him LOL Just make sure it's healthy stuff he's snacking on.

    ETA: Does he drink a lot, too? 


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    Dd who is 6.5 does this on occasion it seems like she is never satisfied and usually it is right before a growth spurt. She can pack away the food!! I usually let her have what she wants, with tht being said she loves fruits and veggies and could easily be a vegetarian I limit sweets which she isn't crazy about I substitute orange sherbet instead of ice cream now that it is getting warm or Popsicles made with juice. I make the options healthy and the phase usually last a week or two she is only 48 lbs so her weight has never been an issue but when winter started she wore a 6x or 7 now she can barely button her pants and are high waters :-/ I went for new shorts and she needs an 8 with the waist band tightened so she defiantly hit a growth spurt
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    I would agree with the ladies and say the likely culprit is a growth spurt. But, if he's acting hungry ALL the time and this isn't just a few-day deal, bring it up to your pediatrician. It's probably nothing serious. He's a growing boy :)
    I know that hunger even after a meal is a sign of type 1 diabetes, but I'm totally not trying to scare you! I'm just very aware of the signs since my hubs is T1. Here's a good link if you'd like to take a looksee:

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    My ds6 eats like a wrestler trying to move up to the next weight class. He is tall and thin. Just had a physical a few months back and they said he's healthy. Maybe it's just super high metabolism. I was like that when I was a kid. I was ALWAYS hungry.
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    Thank you everyone! I'm not really worried about type 1 diabetes or him having a condition that doesn't allow him to feel full. After he ate enough for a grown man at dinner tonight, he rubbed his little belly and said he was stuffed..lol. He is my oldest so I don't have anyone to compare him to. I just want to make sure that this was normal. All of his size 4 stuff has been too small for a while, but his size 5 stuff is huge on him. I guess that wont be a problem much longer :)
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    My ds4 is 95th% for height and weight. I don't know how because getting him to eat can be a battle. On the other hand I have dd2 who is as skinny as can be and eats like we never feed her. Just offer healthy food and I wouldn't be worried. If you are really concerned call the dr but some kids just have a faster metabolism
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    All kids chow down hard and heavy right before a growth spurt. But they also tend to sleep a little more. However, my ds9 eats like that all the time and he's a stickboy. Idk, if his weight is ok as far as the peditrician is concerned, I wouldn't flip out just yet. But I would definitely be having a talk with the pediatricia about acceptable amounts for his age. I know if I ate that much I would have a stomach ache. :-&
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    This sounds pretty normal to me....my son is almost 7, still needs adjustable waist pants, he's so damn skinny. But, many days, will eat like that. He's tall for his age, but thin. His sperm donor is over 6 feet and built like a house, not fat (well he's starting to be but in the past), just solid. I have been told by my grandmother its only going to get worse.....lol as he grows. And you should see what he and one friend can go through in a Saturday....goodbye extra spending money.
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    My 3 yr old ate a lot the last few months, took him for a checkup, he grew 3 inches in 4 months! He has spurts where he eats a lot then doesn't. He's 40 inches tall and weighs 36 lbs. He did go from 40 pounds to 36 at the same check up he shot up 3 inches..
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    That sounds like about the amount my daughter eats.  He may be just getting ready to go through a growth spurt if he's eating more than usual.  So long as his weight is o.k. and he's not eating a bunch of crap (which it doesn't sound like you allow) I wouldn't worry about it.

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    aside from the 4 dinner rolls.......sounds like a good menu for an active 4 year old.......
    But not going to hate on him......dinner rolls are my fav part of any meal too, warm and lotsa butter......*drool*
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    I think your menu sounds great and I agree with everybody else that its a growth spurt. As long as he is getting plenty of exercise and is heathy I wouldn't worry about it. My older boys have gone through times like this in the past where they eat everything followed by a period of eating hardly anything.
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    Honestly, I don't pay too much attention to the quantity, just the quality! My kids sometimes consume amazing amountns of food...but they are skinny things, always in the 5th percentiles in weight...remid me of the growing Deerhounds!!!
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    Sounds EXACTLY like what my son eats! Minus the dinner rolls, he would happily drink 2 litres of apple juice per day if i let him! 
    He is a growing boy, and aslong as its all good stuff I let him eat all he wants!
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    All 4 of my boys eat like this (or more) every single day! I swear they are never going to get full. Buuuuut, they never sit down or stop moving. NEVER. And they are growing taller by the second. 2 months ago, I had a drawer full of pants that fit ds5 and now he has like 3 pairs. As long as they are eating healthy choices & are at a healthy weight, let them eat. Boys eat a bunch.
  • TheMomFactorTheMomFactor
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    I have a DS5 that eats like this, a DS4 who eats like a bird, and a DS22mos who eats more than SO and I put together. I think it's mostly a boy thing, except for my lighter-than-a-feather DS4, who doesn't eat much, period, breakfast not included. Boys just eat, especially when they're growing.
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    A growth spurt, our kids would eat us out of house and home for a month or so then i would worry that they were going to starve the next month or so, they eat when they are hungry. As long as he isn't gaining/losing huge amounts of weight, i would not worry.
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    DS2 eats like that some days. I have no idea where he puts it! Especially since he is 15percentile for weight, and it built like a bean pole. 
    As the other have said, if his weight is in a normal range, and he's active, I wouldn't worry..... Although, I might start saving money to feed him when he's a teenager. Good luck with that age! :P
  • BellaBefanaBellaBefana
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    I forgot my warning:  you think he eats a lot now?  Just wait until he's a teenager!!!!  Start saving NOW!
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    It sounds like a growth spurt! Unless this is day to day, everyday! But some kids eat a lot and some don't. Unless you are in queue to be on a Maury show about overweight toddlers, everything is probably fine. Also your ped will tell you if something is amiss!
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    Oh and my dd2 eats like a horse, no denying it. Family get togethers, we count her as an adult food wise. She's thin as a reed, my dd4 eats nothing as is a chubby wubby, it's so nebulous! There is no right or wrong, or too much or not enough.
    (Unless there is obvi a prob). You are on top of it so just ask his dr.
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