Date Raped by Ex.
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    Just got out of a long term relationship, we have children together and were together out of town for family reasons,  While there, I was sick and took Nyquil before bed and woke up to him on me.  The worst part is I have no one to tell and I didnt confront him about it because I am so afraid of him, and I'm still dealing with him because of our kids. I feel completely ashamed and worthless and like an idiot and oh so alone.  On the outside,I'm an expert at showing the world this calm and in control person, but I can't even describe how devastated I feel inside.
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    im so sorry hun! best this about this site is u can have a voice and u dont know who we are but we are always here to support u and listen! :X
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    Well you have come to the right place to talk about it. The women on here are phenominal!  Can you talk to him over the phone and let him know what he did was not right?  I say over the phone because if you fear him, I would want you to avoid confronting him face to face.
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    That's a really crappy thing to have had happen to you, (((Hugs))) hunnie.

    I don't have much in the ways of advice for you, except if you can speak to a counsellor? I would advise you to report it to the police, but I'm not completely sure that it would help the situation. The odds of him getting charged and convicted are slim, and you'll still have to deal with him. That's a really shitty situation to be in. 

    We're here for you if you want to work through it.


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    I think u should still report it to the police, even if they can't prosecute him at least he will know ur not going to be messed with should he think about trying it again. And if he does try something again, there will be a previous incident on record so it won't be taken lightly.
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    That is messed up. I can't imagine.  >:D<
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    Do you think calling a rape crisis might help? I just don't want you to try to keep this in to yourself. I will provide all the support I can, but I hope you can find someone to talk it over with. As for the ex--what an asshole. Having to deal with him because of the kids must be just devasting.
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