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Sixteen years ago today, Jeff and I went on our first date. Last night, he posted a picture of us on Facebook, a few months later over Thanksgiving break. He wrote that it his hope for our kids is that they fall as deeply in love as the two of us did. It was very sweet and I couldn’t agree more.


I feel like I need to address my bedroom, since it really just can’t be ignored.

I mean, have you ever seen anything quite like it?

I know.

1. Yes, those are fish floating around on my walls. But, not just any fish. Fish that I hand drew on plain white wallpaper and cut out and arranged one by one on the walls. Because you just couldn’t find a decent fish border, dammit.

2. After all, there might have been some confusion about exactly whose room this was.

3. Random teddy bear whom I had no attachment to.

4. Yes, those are mini liquor bottles lining every framed print I had in my room. No, I wasn’t an alchoholic.

5. Sombreros!

6. The Broadway musical, Anything Goes. Have I mentioned how cool I was in high school?

7. Rosie the Riveter. I am such a feminist!

8. That’s another sombrero, for a total of three. In case the Three Amigos stopped by.

9. Hot guy ripped out from a magazine. (Why did we stop doing that again?)

10. A mock magazine I created in high school. Oddly consistent with what I do now.

11. Teddy bear sheets. To contrast the liquor and hot guy.

12. Awwww, Jeff’s hair!

13. Jeff used to find it adorable that I would trip constantly. And, I did. Like, all the time. I realize now that it had nothing to do with clumsiness or lack of balance, I just couldn’t walk in those chunky shoes.

14. Yes, I’m Jewish. Yes, that’s a nun. I have no idea why.

15. The Gargoyles of Washington University. Otherwise known as: What nightmares are made of.


And, now,  a picture of Jeff in his room. This is the picture I excitedly sent home to my parents. They couldn’t wait to meet him.

I think I can safely say that our decorating skills have strengthened.

As have we.


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  1. 13

    Jen @ Mommy Tries says

    Love, love, love this, Jill! You guys are so cute it completely overshadows the artsy geek-chic of your decor.

    (And I, too, had chunky shoes like that – In my case, alas, the shoes had nothing to do with my tendency to trip and fall a lot. It’s apparently just me).

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  2. 14

    Kmama says

    I laughed out loud at the pic of him that you sent your parents. Marijuana plants…really?? That is awesome.

    I saw the FB post and I thought to myself that you definitely have a keeper. What sweet things for him to say.

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  3. 16

    Seriously Sassy Mama says

    i never got to have boys in my bedroom. Well, there would have been just one boy my husband who was my then boyfriend. I had tons of collages of magazine pictures on my walls.

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  4. 17

    Stephanie @ Figments of a Mom says

    Love it! But, shockingly, no band posters? Must be on the other walls. Also, you failed to address the very large framed photo of yourself as a young child?

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  5. 19

    Charlotte says

    Adorable! My bedroom at my parents’ house still has many of the same elements, including ripped out pictures of Luke Perry and Jason Priestley from Teen Beat or whatever that magazine was. LOL!!

    Cute post and happy annivesary! :)

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  6. 21

    mom2twins says

    Just dying over the three amigos sombreros!

    And did you notice, the “hot guy” you have on your wall is holding a baby…dad’s can be “hot” and you knew that way back then:) :)

    Love the Teddy Bear sheets, my husband had dinosaur sheets in college…knew he was a keeper then!

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  7. 23

    mom taxi julie says

    The fish are pretty creative! I had a line of magazine pictures as a border. I remember drawing the line and taping them all up! I wonder if there is a picture of that anywhere.

    As a mother of a 17 year old I think I’d be rolling my eyes at mary jane in the background of the boy pic ;)

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