My Husband Drives Me Crazy VI


Jeff and I have been married for almost 10 years. We have moved 7 times in that period, and have gotten down to a science what works for us. I do all of the packing. He does all of the orchestrating. I handle the movers and the utilities and he handles the loans and the closings and the money. While it is a bit annoying to be the sole packer in the house, I know just how I want things done, and having his grubby paws fondling my tape and boxes would make me simply crazy. It’s better for everyone this way.

However, when our latest (and last for a long, long time) move is a mere two weeks away and he comes downstairs to find me knee deep in boxes with newspaper strewn all over the kitchen and innocently asks “what are you doing?” I have to wonder if I’m letting him off the hook too lightly.

It’s called packing, my darling. And all those sweaters of yours that I can’t stand? That cologne that smells like an old man and the track pants you so adore that are fraying at the edges and you refuse to get rid of? They might just not make it into the box.

It’s only fair.


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    When we moved 6 months ago my husband barely packed, and when I had the brilliant idea to suggest we hire our moving company to pack us he was like, “packing is not that hard.” Then he went out of town the weekend before the move. Yeah, I’m still not bitter.
    .-= jodifur´s last blog ..Shoe Friday #69 =-.

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    Ironic Mom says

    Ay, carumba. We’ve now lived in the same house 4.5 years, which is the longest period that my husband or I have been settled since the age of 18. The only thing I miss about moving is the mandatory decluttering, whether it be sweaters or old cologne. Good luck!
    .-= Ironic Mom´s last blog ..A Parenting Dictionary: Importing British-isms =-.

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    seriouslyahomemaker says

    Oh that is soooo us! I have my “packing apron” and everything! Pocket for sharpies, Pocket for labels, tape on the wrist… here I go!! I will NOT admit to “losing” any of the ManChild’s old junk during our last move. I have no idea where they went! Weird… I’m sure they’ll turn up.
    .-= seriouslyahomemaker´s last blog ..Something’s Gotta Give– HELP!! =-.

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    Elaine says

    Oh girl, good luck with the move. I HATE to pack and of course when we moved I was preggo so I got out of it! :) Cute pic.
    .-= Elaine´s last blog ..A Week From Today =-.

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    MommyNamedApril says

    that’s an awful lot of moving!

    my husband’s awful clothes magically disappear some times too.

    …must be the troll.
    .-= MommyNamedApril´s last blog ..Uncontrollable [Love] =-.

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    Alecia, Hoobing Family Adventures says

    The last time we moved our company paid for the packing and I now feel its the only way to go…until we have to foot the bill. :)

    Good luck on your move!
    .-= Alecia, Hoobing Family Adventures´s last blog ..Early Anniversary Surprise =-.

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    Frugal Vicki says

    We used to move every single year, we have been here five and it is definitely the longest!
    I think that is totally fair. You are nicer than me, though. I wouldn’t even warn, I would just do it.
    .-= Frugal Vicki´s last blog ..Sing & Learn Spanish DVD review & Giveaway! =-.

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    dawn says

    wait, did he forget your moving? or thought you might be doing it a tad too early.
    can i just say, AGAIN, i am so glad my move is over. please make sure the cable and phone knows you are moving (double check twice), because you remember what happened to us–our phone number got changed and we were only moving in the same town. i hate COMCRAP!
    .-= dawn´s last blog ..sweet potato quesadillas w/ fig reduction, spicy corn relish and pecans =-.

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      Scary Mommy says

      I spent an hour on the phone with them last week. Figuring out my plan, getting a new number, arranging where to return everything… As I was hanging up, the rep informs me that the current owners haven’t disconnected yet so I need to call back next week and do this all again. Seriously?? You couldn’t have checked that first?!

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    Sadie at heyMamas says

    Holy cow, yes you are letting him off easy. I also like to control things….it is called direction. Just direct him to do what you want.

    Just moved into our house six months ago…NEVER MOVING AGAIN!!

    Best of luck!
    Sadie at heyMamas

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    Princess of Sarcasm says

    I’m never moving my crap again. When it’s time to leave this house, I’m selling everything. If it doesn’t sell…….I’m lighting a match.

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  11. 18

    Tina @ Life Without Pink says

    Awe I don’t envy you. I just went through this a few months ago and it was the worse thing ever! Now 5 mos later my husbands clothes are still in boxes in our bedroom! I told him I would go through them and he said not to touch them because I will probably throw most of it away…yep he is right and I might just do it! Good luck!

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    Kim - In Search of Me in Mommy says

    Love the picture! I hope the move goes smoothly! It’s so hard to pack and live out of boxes. You sound like a pro at it!
    .-= Kim – In Search of Me in Mommy´s last blog ..Killjoy? =-.

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    Hollywood Farm says

    You don’t want to know how i made my hub pack his own clothes….although we weren’t moving.
    Needless to say….I have glorious closet space now, and he has the linen closet!
    .-= Hollywood Farm´s last blog ..God Is So Good =-.

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    Hanna says

    I can feel your pain on this. We are moving this saturday & I have done ALL of the packing, I set up the utilities, and I found the place. I asked my fiance to pack the the kitchen since its his domain. I regretted that decision as soon as I seen him put all of our plates unwrapped & stacked on top of each in the box. I hope they make it in one piece haha.

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  15. 22

    Lolli says

    It has been nearly 12 years (on April 1st) and 4 kids since we made our last move, and I am terrified of moving again. We moved 8 or 9 times in our first 3 years of marriage. Next time, if there is ever a next time (oh, please, PLEASE let us move some day!) I am totally making a moving apron. I love that idea!
    .-= Lolli´s last blog ..Prom Pictures =-.

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    amber says

    I swear, we get *this close* to divorce every time we have to pack up the house (and we’ve done it six times), so I feel your pain. Maybe you should pack him in a box?
    .-= amber´s last blog ..Flashback Sunday: One Year Ago Today. =-.

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