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I came home from a jam-packed weekend to my husband, my three children, my dog and… a new puppy. Welcome fucking home.

I’m not too thrilled about the newest member of our family, but Jeff has wanted a puppy for years and I was sick of fighting him. He wore me down and in my sleep deprived state I didn’t forbid him.

So. We have a puppy and I get the privilege of naming the 4 month old creature. Lucky me.

Anyone want to help? All I can come up with is Damn Dog and the kids are having trouble pronouncing it.


  1. 2

    Alicia says

    What a little cutie! His colour reminds me of Butterscotch, so that is what I would name him. Enjoy your new furry family member!

  2. 5

    Lisa in Florida says

    Aw, he’s awfully cute – he looks like Benji!

    Good luck with the housebreaking…and the teething…

  3. 6

    WeaselMomma says

    Cut to the chase and name him ‘dummy’, that’s what I always wind up calling my dog. Also, I always wanted a dog named Bob.

    • 7

      Desiree says

      We totally call our dog Sadie “Dum-Dum” because she is. I was thinking the new pup looks like a Scrappy!

  4. 8

    Jessica Shyba says

    First of all Jill, it was great to meet you. You’re even better in person :)

    Is this pup a HEpup or a SHEpup?

  5. 12

    Sara Plays House says

    If you don’t fall in love with that dog, I will come steal him. So there’s that.
    And obviously, his name is Lucifer. You may call him Lou.

  6. 14

    Tara R. says

    I once had Air Force neighbors who moved next door after spending a tour of duty in Japan. The hubs told us about their puppy, Di-o-gee. Being a geek, I asked what that meant in English, assuming it was Japanese.

    “The same thing it means in Japanese – D.O.G.”

    Yeah, I’m stupid, but I loved the em-phas-is being on the wrong syll-ab-le. You could call the little cutie Gee, for short.

  7. 17

    Kris says

    The color on the ears and face remind me of chocolate and peanut butter…you could name him Reese! Adorable puppy though!

  8. 18

    gigi says

    I think that, since you were at BlogHer while the pup was being “gotten,” a NYC name is appropo.

    Manny. for manhattan?




    Apple? just think how Gwyneth you’d seem.

    Inspektor Pilot? (it’s what Jason Lee named his kid)

    eh. I didn’t go to BlogHer, and have had too much wine on this fine Sunday.

  9. 23

    Life with Kaishon says

    Oh. No. Freaking. WAY! Are you serious! I love that you didn’t forbid him, so in his mind, that is a yes : )

    How about Scary? Short and sweet and reminiscent of your blog name. Forget it. I am a terrible dog namer. Our kitten still doesn’t have a name. Kaishon calls it Kenya sometimes, also Sheba, and Blackie……

    So glad you had a great time. I prayed every single day that your speech would go well. I knew you would ROCK it! YAY for you Jill!

  10. 24

    Nils "Mr. Mom" says

    Very cute dog! You named him already: “So. We have a puppy and I get the privilege of naming the 4 month old creature. Lucky me.” Just take the “Lucky” out of your sentence and there you go. Name him Lucky – that is what he is, after you gave in…
    Otto would be a good one too…

  11. 29

    Kathryn says

    Gunthar…he looks like a killer. NO? Yeah, ok, he is very very cute. Damn your husband. Ok, so Penelope (your other dog? I am skimming here so forgive me) was the wife of Odysseus. Odysseus, you can call him Ody, which if it were me would turn into Ody Ody Ohh…. from the crazy Wicked Witch of the West armed guards march song. Ok, don’t listen to me.

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