What I Want For My Birthday (Plus Kick Ass Pittsburgh Bloggers)


Guess what? It’s my birthday!

What? You didn’t get me a gift? Fear not: There’s something you can do for me and it’s about as painless as it gets…

You may or may not be aware that one of the missions of Scary Mommy Nation is to ensure that every Scary Mommy community member is able to provide her child with a birthday gift through the Birthday Project. It’s bad enough when our birthdays don’t go as planned, but every kid deserves a gift on their special day. It’s pretty awesome cause, if I do say so myself.

Up until now, the gifts have started at age one, because before then kids don’t really play with toys, but the folks at Brica thought the birthday gifts should start earlier… like at birth. They have generously volunteered to send new Scary Mommies products that will help them and their babies most. Members can choose from the travel bassinet, car mirrors, the gopad diaper changer, stroller tote and much, much more. I’m working on getting the Brica page all set up in the next few days, but in the meantime…


For every Facebook “like” Brica gets through this link, they will donate one dollar to Scary Mommy Nation, up to a thousand dollars. A thousand dollars will buy an awful lot of birthday gifts, and you can help by simply clicking like on their page. Then, you can help spread the word and get as many people liking their page as possible. A thousand dollars to Scary Mommy Nation would be incredible and also help a crazy generous company build their social media reach. It’s a win all the way around, and what I really want for my birthday. Go!

* * * *

In other news…

I spent last Saturday celebrating the end of my book tour in Pittsburgh, home of the Facebook contest winner, Stephanie from When Crazy Meets Exhaustion. Stephanie not only kicked ass in the contest, but she is one of the sweetest people ever. We hung out at my hotel before dinner (and by “hung out,” I mean we got booted from the suite) and I got to meet lots of other cool Pittsburgh girls. Then Stephanie and I headed to Melting Pot with four of her bloggy friends to stuff our faces with cheese and chocolate, two of my most favorite things.

From the left:  Janene (More Than Mommies), Amanda (Questionable Choices in Parenting), Stephanie When Crazy Meets Exhaustion, me, Christine (More Than Mommies) and Meredith (Mom of the Year). They were such a fun group of girls and I wish we had a whole weekend to spend together! Steph: Congratulations again. You’re the best!

Melting Pot



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  1. Amy - Funny is Family says

    That is so weird, because I wanted to get you a Facebook like for your birthday, but I already got you that forever ago as a “just because” gift. I’ll happily give a like to Brica instead. Happy birthday!

    I love those beautiful smiling faces from your Pittsburgh event. So many of my favorites in one place!

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  2. grownandflown says

    One of the things we admire the most about you, Jill, is how your genuinely kind, not the least bit sarcastic, side when it comes to helping others. Happy Birthday and all the best! MD and L

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  3. Angela McKeown @Momopolize says

    Happy Birthday Jill! Clicked and shared!

    Love the photos of your dinner. Congrats Stephanie on the win and glad to see Amanda and Meredith there as well!!!

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