New on the Confessional

  • I died a little inside when Dd7 told me she wants to also call Daddy's new girlfriend Mommy. Can't blame her though Daddy's new girlfriend is young pretty and fun.
  • I wish I didn't clog up the toilet every damn morning with my man sized shit! :(
  • I love my husband in every way possible, except sexually. He's a great husband and father, but I have no sexual attraction to him. I don't know if I can go through life like this. I'm only 33.
  • I want to call CPS on my SIL.
  • I don't love my adoptive brother. He's a mess and an embarrassment to our family. He consumes my parents with his messes & costs them so much $. I just wish he weren't part of our family.
  • I feel like a failure since I didn't do too many academic things with my DS5 and DD3 this summer! What if they forgot what they learned last year?
  • I do not terribly miss my ex but my ex-MIL, she was AWESOME! The current one is a regular MIL, i.e. I'd rather slap her mouth shut than listen to her BS again.
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