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  • I keep a box of protein bars, a couple of jars of peanuts, bottles of water, dollar-store toiletries and clean t-shirts in care packages in my car, each with a $20 bill, for whenever we pass a homeless person on a median.
  • ds2 almost posted nonsense while i was digging for change for someone at the door asking for donations for his DS that needs a kidney. don't care if it was a scam, bc if not, he is $6 closer to staying alive.
  • When dating my wife we talked about our sexual pasts and I lied that I was not that experienced. Truth is I did anal with and ejaculated on the face and breasts of many other girls. I lied so I could repeat it with her.
  • My kids were better taken care of when I was a working single parent. Now I'm a SAHM, Other half is a lazy SOB who can't be bothered buying his children anything or taking his family anywhere. I can't afford to leave now.
  • My DS2 and I bond over watching Psych. I know it is inappropriate for his age, but we enjoy it. Growing up (around 2-5 yrs) I use to watch Young and the Restless with my grandmother and I am fine… I think
  • DH hasn't worked in 4 years cuz of drugs and drinking. I've supported him and DS for 4 fucking years. Today is his first day of work and I'm terrified that he'll start drinking and using again; I feel sick to my stomach.
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