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  • dd's best friend's dad is so hot I kick myself in the a$$ every afternoon at school pick up for still being in my pjs and not finding the hair brush or make up. nxt week I will look hot and talk to him
  • ExDH and my son's dad have joined forces to bury me in court so I lose my kids to them. I'm a good mom and put up with a lot from both of them. I can't tell anyone, even my current dh. I'm too scared of could happen.
  • There's a SAHD at my son's school that I want to hang out with. NOT interested sexually, but he seems cool and def. more approachable than the other stuck-up priss moms.
  • Sometimes I really resent my emotionally stupid, tough as nails, alpha male DH. I am very cerebral and liberal. Then get around more my type of guys, and remember why I married such real mans man.
  • I gave my husband a "hand job" with my bare feet. It was AWESOME for both of us.
  • My boyfriend hates my mother, and it literally tears me apart. I'm so family oriented and the fact that I have to lie to my mother about why he can never make it to dinners makes me want to cry.
  • Somedays the only thing I have going for me is that I am not a fat chick.
  • We'll probably move states within the next 5 years. In laws have hinted that they're waiting to see where we move before they decide where they'll move. Someone's going to end up dead, and it's not me.
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