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  • I cheated on my 1st husband and divorced him for current DH. Now we've been together a dozen years. Once a cheater always a cheater isn't true. I haven't looked twice at another man since I met him.
  • Haha!The hot, 20 something lifeguard was so clearly hitting on me,your fat, old mom, instead of you!
  • I hate brushing my 3 year old's teeth. Hate it. And its horrible but I barely ever do it then lie to my husband and say I have.
  • My DS7 thinks my husband is his dad when he isn't. His actual father is a piece of crap who doesnt know my son is his and just got out of prison. I left because he beat me. Now I am cheating on my husband with him.
  • I tell my wife ,"I love you", frequently because, if I were to suddnely drop dead, I wouldn't want the last words she heard from me to be, "Next time get Charmin - that store brand toilet paper's too rough!"
  • i hate my son's ADHD
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