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  • Being a nanny to two kids plus caring for my own...in addition to testimony from many similar confessions, I'm about 99.2% convinced to stop with my one child.
  • I'm 29 married with 2 DD and I hate the fact that we still live in an apartment. Why can't we buy a house like everyone else .I blame my DH for not making enough money . I know it's wrong.
  • I feel like my family doesn't appreciate all I do for them. My Dh and 2DD . I always put myself and wants last and they could care less.I want to apply for wife swap so they see how good they have it.
  • Old feelings coming back for fling. If only I could... on a different coast now though. I can dream, right?
  • I have no one to talk to about the problems in my relationship. I feel like I don't have the right to complain. So I keep it all in, and every so often, I completely fucking lose it. Like I did last night.
  • I started my period this morning (whew!! Not ready for #3) after denying DH sex and promising him sex tonight. Not sure if I should tell him or just ensure we have shower sex after a few drinks tonight...
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