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  • I hate feeling like a constant failure.i can't even come close to selfless mother/wife that hubby had growing. Apparently moms never need breaks, and he never asked me to have kids! Fuck you!
  • My kids are damn cute, worried this next one won't be! Not like DH or I are super good looking, it's a happy accident they both got our best features. Worried I won't like the new baby as much if it's not as cute.
  • When visiting my SIL I commented on the great shine on her floors... Oh it's so easy, just pop the kids in the car 5mins before due to leave for school and do a quick run over the floors!! .... Snug witch ....she even bakes
  • Im failing at motherhood. I hate my son. No love there. I wish I had stayed childless. He's suffering for it. My reactions to his tantrums are awful. I woke up this morning swearing id be better. Failed in minutes.
  • Nobody knows I'm cheating on my husband with a 21 year old guy. I'm 34. AND hes the older brother of my teenage son's friend.
  • I forgot to put the leftover turkey in the fridge. DH might not ever forgive me.
  • I have no fashion confidence or creativity whatsoever. When i go to a store i often buy the exact outfit they have on the mannekins. Right down to belt, scarf, and jewelry.
  • I've been deflecting questions about names for the baby I'm carrying with 'Wednesday for a girl, Pugsley for a boy' for so long that I'm considering naming her Wednesday, if it turns out we do get a girl...
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