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  • DH has two speeds: OCD germaphobe or slob hoader. I hope our kids don't turn out like him in that department.
  • I just let my kid go down the slide with pee butt.
  • I've made up my mind. I'm going to be a dad for Halloween and use the occasion to nap, clean nothing, and play video games.
  • Donated $10 to SM TG Project; I'm a struggling single mom but needed to do it. Overdrew my checking acct 2 days later. No regrets; my kids will always have TG. Will donate more if I can.
  • I love my kids and I love my husband but there are days where I long for the freedom of being alone. I wish I could just hop in my car and take a road trip to wherever I please.
  • I am not as good a parent to my son, now that my daughter is here. He just seems to annoy the crap out of me much easier than he used to. Hopefully it is just a phase...
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