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  • I'm so ashamed of my post pregnancy body that I avoid social situations.
  • I'm irrationally angry that my baby woke me up AGAIN.
  • I loathe the Big Bang Theory tv show. Annoys the hell out of me. And sheldon needs to be punched.
  • Occasionally when I'm really upset/down, I throw literal pity parties for myself. Whatever junk food I want. However I want to waste my time. Allow myself to sob it out. Then I shake it off and move on w life.
  • I want to create a bar just for moms. Everyone gets their own couch, TV and wine!!
  • When I was 18 I had a thing for my boyfriends father who is a police officer. I'm married to someone else now but I still fantasize about getting pulled over by him...
  • so I taught a photography class and my students opened up a studio im totally jealous of them because I taught them and im still working from home. not to mention they aren't the best. Im more jealous of their resources.
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