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  • When my husband comes home at 7pm and asks, "is that your first glass of wine?"....I always, always, say yes. Always. It's usually #3.
  • When I'm doing my Medifast diet, I tell people I've been 100% on plan with no cheating, when in fact, I sneak chips and wine at night. Oops!
  • I FaceTimed a long-distance friend and drank wine "with" her. I passed out on the toilet then came to when I fell off and cracked my face on the bathroom wall. I really shouldn't be allowed unsupervised alcohol.
  • I have extra profiles on facebook so i can see bf ex wifes posts... all about wanting him back. We had 14 month affair before he finally left her!
  • I love my third kid, but man do I feel like I ruined my perfect, balanced family. I am so sad.
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