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  • I found a hicky on DD12 last night. Apparently, her and her bff had been messing around. I told her I don't care if she's gay but she is too young for this sort of activity. She's so young!!
  • I'm only staying for the kids.
  • I am secretly telling my friends that I am divorcing my husband. I look for a boyfriend and once I find one to take his place I will probably leave. The only one who knows this is me.
  • My ex raped me. I've never told anyone but my husband and a very close friend. No one ever liked him and I wish I would have listened. I know my family would support me but knowing would kill them. I love them more than me.
  • I had to drink a little rum at 8:30am just so I wouldn't be my usual raging bitch self this morning.
  • Sometimes I starve myself as punishment for my short comings as a wife, mother, daughter and friend. I hate myself for it, but I can't stop.
  • If I had to pick between my Roomba and my DH, I honestly don't know which I'd choose. . .
  • Really wish I could see my vag to shave it. Its a jungle down there. Luckily no one is looking it it, pelvic rest ftw! Third trimester sucks. :P
  • My husband has an eating disorder. It makes me angry!
  • Tomorrow is my birthday, and I'm heavily considering emptying the bank account and leaving.
  • I constantly waste time and slack off at work and at home. It's the only thing that keeps me sane. Learned the hard way that there is no reward for hard work. SO much happier today.
  • SIL is obsessed with organic food. I'm always fighting the urge to slip my niece a cupcake with processed sugar and neon-green frosting. Chill, woman.
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