Pantech Vybe Giveaway

For months, Lily has been pestering us for a phone.

By pestering, of course, I mean DRIVING COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY INSANE.

But I had to admit, her arguments weren’t entirely unreasonable. It would be nice to be able to check in with her when she’s at sleepovers, and now that I can leave her home alone while I run to the bank or to the drugstore, I do need to be able to reach her quickly and easily.

But no tween needs a top of the line smart phone, much as he or she might want one.

What does my tween need? To be able to make phone calls and send messages to her parents.

What does my tween want? To be able to make phone calls and send messages to her friends, listen to music, and to be able to take pictures and post them to social media. That’s pretty much it.

What do I need? Not to go broke. And not to hear her incessant pestering anymore.

Enter The Pantech Vybe, a great phone designed specifically for teens and tweens and the parents who adore put up with them. Unlike other smart phones, The Pantech Vybe won’t break the bank at $29.99 (with a two-year contract through AT&T.)

VybePhone (1)

We’ve played around with the phone for a few weeks and were both impressed. Compared to my beloved iPhone, the battery life is endless. The camera, though not award winning, is perfect for her needs, and it’s easy enough to navigate that we both could handle it. If you’re in the market for a beginner phone, it’s the perfect solution. Even better? I’m giving one away.

For your chance to win a Pantech Vybe, complete with a $100 SIM card, just leave a comment with why your kid “MUST HAVE THIS PHONE.”

Entries will be accepted through August 30, 2014 at 11:59 pm EST and the winner will be randomly drawn using Find out more about the Pantech Vybe at

Good luck!

{Congrats to Jen, comment number 8! I will e-mail you details about how to get your phone!}

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monika bigelow 1 year ago

My special needs daughter would love to have this phone! It would help her to be more independent and call me when she needs me.

Thomas Murphy 2 years ago

My son MUST HAVE THIS PHONE because he would love the camera and having his own phone.

Steph 2 years ago

My tween NEEDS a phone so she can give me mine back, dammit!!!!

lissa crane 2 years ago

My kid must have this phone because he is about to enter middle school in a few days and it is miles away! I think he and I both, would feel better if we had a way to communicate with each other at lunch time and before and after school. As a working mom, it would bring me piece of mind to know that he got to school ok, and is on his way home from school!

Amanda Sakovitz 2 years ago

My kids would love to have this phone so they can stay in touch with me of course!

Jenny Briggs 2 years ago

My son could really use this phone so he can stop taking mine or begging me for a phone!

Christy Goodmon 2 years ago

My daughter Ella drives me insane telling me the latest cellphone commercials and prices. She doesn’t understand fully money although I try countless ways to show her the value of a dollar. She does need one but I can not afford one now. Loved this post and info on this rather cheap basic phone, thanks.

LE O 2 years ago

Must have a phone to keep in touch with all of his friends!

Emily 2 years ago

My DD8 will start carpooling to school next week, and none of the other kids own a cell phone. This one looks really cool…

Brooke Wondra 2 years ago

My 11 year old daughter MUST HAVE this phone because she’s getting into many after school activities and sports now, that when I drop her off she will need a way to get ahold of me. Sometimes things come up, plans change, practice ends early.. it’s how we’ll stay connected and on the same page! If I had the extra money, I’d have boughten her one, but since I don’t, here’s my chance!! :)

BinkusMommy 2 years ago

My son MUST have this phone because if I don’t get him one, his grandparents (my parents) are going to make me give him MINE!!!

Jeffrey Hutton 2 years ago

My daughter ‘must have a phone’ so she no longer will have to suffer with not being able to talk to her daddy when she’s at her mom’s house or vice versa.
Since using the parents phone is not an acceptable means of communication.

Sharon Howard 2 years ago

I have a 14 year old that has been wanting a phone and this would make a great starter phone for him. Thank You for the chance.

Beckey 2 years ago

My daughter MUST HAVE THIS PHONE because my job is a bit far from home and I want her to be able to reach me if she needs me. Plus, she gets terrible migraines and sometimes just needs to calm down, and I help her with that.

Kristi 2 years ago

Because she’s 10, she has 9 different grandparents whose houses she goes to fairly regularly, and dear God help us but she lost one smartphone and broke another. I’m just the stepmom that thinks something cheaper would be a better idea >.<

Nicole Slaughter 2 years ago

i’m 42 years old and i do NOT have a cell phone, i’ll be damned if my child will have one before i do!!!

Melissa b 2 years ago

My daughter needs this phone because she likes to talk….a lot

Tricia C 2 years ago

My 10 month old needs this phone because she likes listening to pandora and watching “Usher sings the ABCs” on youtube.

Ok, fine – my kid doesn’t need the phone. But I could sure use a new one! :-)

Colleen Lucas 2 years ago

We MUST HAVE THIS PHONE, because my 10 yr old daughter is the only one in her class without a phone! Really I would love for my daughter to have a phone to use so that when she would rather stay home instead of going on quick errands with me, you know that run to the post office or trip to the grocery store. Also I would enjoy getting my phone back! She is constantly making videos chatting with her friends or taking pictures with my phone. Thank you for letting us all know about this great product as well!:)

Colleen Lucas 2 years ago

We NEED this phone because I would love to be able to give my daughter the chance at spittle responsibility. With the ability to let her stay home for small amounts of time while being able to reach me. Also it would be wonderful to get my phone back!

    Colleen Lucas 2 years ago

    ooops! I entered twice by mistake!

Carlie 2 years ago

My step-daughter NEEDS this phone, because her brother got an iPhone 5c from their mom upon his graduation from middle school and she won’t graduate until next June (and who knows if she’ll get the same large gift)

Sheila Pogash 2 years ago

My son needs to have this phone because I am finding as he is getting a little older it would be nice to be able to let him go out on his bike or with friends down the street and be able to call him to check on him. Also, I could run to the store and leave him home.

Amy 2 years ago

My son has an existing “dumb”phone to contact me when he gets home from school and to contact his dad and his family. When I checked his text messages, I found out the phone messes up the order of messages from smart phones. Makes it difficult to be a snooping mother.

Kristi Brown 2 years ago

My tween keeps pestering me about getting a phone. “But Mom, EVERYONE has one!” It would be nice to be able to check in with her.

Jillian 2 years ago

My son would think I’m THE COOLEST Mom..therefore he MUST have this phone! :)

Suzy Chase Osborne 2 years ago

My son needs this phone because we live in New York City and it would make me feel so much better if he had it while walking around the city or in emergencies.

Marcy Cook 2 years ago

My poor deprived almost teen will not have to think of new ways to guilt me into purchasing him one, because “Mooooom! Everyone else has one!” “See Mom, if I had one, you could call me anytime” 😉

JennS 2 years ago

My son needs one because he takes mine off the charger as soon as he wakes up!

Leiko Feltenberger 2 years ago

My daughter is 8 and though she’s been asking for a phone I really don’t think she is old enough to need one at this point. BUT her dad will be gone, for about 2-6 yrs, and his girlfriend would like to continue to have her visit and possibly spend the night sometimes. While I’m comfortable with her I think I would feel better knowing my daughter had her own phone in case she needed me for anything at anytime.

Patty Commandeut 2 years ago

She is 12 and is the last of her friends to have some kind of phone. I keep telling her to pray one falls from the sky because I won’t buy her one unless she can keep her room clean for 3 months straight. This us her only chance! LOL

jamie cramer 2 years ago

My 8 year old must have this phone so I am able to keep track of him when he runs off with his friends throughout our apartment complex. Yea i k now, i need to watch him better…but he has learned his ninja skills from the best…his momma!!! <3

Diana 2 years ago

We “need” this phone so my teenager will, for the love of all that’s holy, stop bugging me for one!

Amalie 2 years ago

My son catches the bus an hour each way to school. With traffic, I never know when his bus will get to the bus stop. He NEEDS this phone so I’m not stuck waiting in a minivan with my 3 other kids. Plus he’s in 5th grade which is way too young for a fancy iPhone!

s bruens 2 years ago

My 2 year old son son needs this phone so he can stop waking me up to steal mine to watch you tube videos :)

Emilie 2 years ago

It doesn’t matter why my DD needs this phone as it will be a random drawing for the winner. But if she gets it, you can bet I’m gonna be borrowing it like crazy, just the way she likes to borrow my iPad 😉

Ronnie 2 years ago

My 11 y.o. Could really use a phone. After-school activities and missing the bus are only good reasons!

Elizabeth Martin Griffin 2 years ago

My daughter, Addison, must have this phone so she can call me whenever she wants when she goes to visit family members out of state. It happens quite often.

Mary 2 years ago

My daughter needs this phone because she wants to start babysitting and few people have landlines anymore. Thanks!

Rhonda K 2 years ago

My kid MUST HAVE THIS PHONE because she needs to be able to talk with old and new friends, so I can check up on her while she’s away and know what time to pick her up, and with the means of being safe and knowing where she will be at all times!!!

Tamara B 2 years ago

I would feel more comfortable with my child having a phone as we live in the Greater Los Amgeles County, where crime rates are up, student lockdowns are up, and I would love for her to have the freedom to call or text me if she is in danger.

Bridta Walker 2 years ago

I am so glad you did all the research for me Scary Mommy!
My 2 preteens need this phone to share because they are now forced to walk home from school along very busy streets now that I no longer have a car (it was impounded because I could not afford the registration and insurance) my 8 yr old and I walk to the neighborhood school because she’s at a. different school. Today I was so flustered and worried while waiting for the tweeness that I baked cookies and cleaned the kitchen before they returned home. And I NEVER clean!! I should have been texting them every 2 minutes bugging the crap out of them on their way home!!
I have even been researching long range walkie talkies to check in on them. At least the kitchen will be clean.

    Bridta Walker 2 years ago

    And by “need” I mean MUST HAVE.
    And by “tweeness” (WTF autocorrect?!!!) I mean tweens. Possibly my autocorrect knows the correct plural form of tween better than I do?

    I’d just like to add that

    I really don’t wanna clean the kitchen anymore.

Kelly D 2 years ago

My kid must have this phone so we can keep in touch when he is at events and with friends.

Beatrice Leavens Brown 2 years ago

Mine didn’t get theirs until grade 9 or later.

steph 2 years ago

Because I’m the mommy and I said so!

Cindy Bryant 2 years ago

Really ? Yea sometimes kids need cell phones !

tasha corter 2 years ago

My son needs this phone so he will stop stealing mine to talk to his friends.

Cindy 2 years ago

My kid needs this phone ! He has Aspergers (14 years old )and hates going out in crowds. When we do he tends to wander. If he had a phone I could call him and find out where he wandered off too and not have to search all over the place ! Last time it took 20 mins to find him at a theme park. He fell asleep on a bench. So he needs a phone !

heather holter 2 years ago

My 12 yr old complains that he is the only one in his class without a phone.

Jeanna McGinnis 2 years ago

My ten year old got a nice lg phone last Easter and in a matter of 6 months, it broke! The screen is messed up but I really cannot blame him for it. Wasn’t crushed, not scratched or broken anywhere, something just went nuts with the phone. There’s no way I can replace his phone anytime soon. Since we have no home phone, I really need him to have a cell incase I want to just run to wawa or something for ten minutes or less.

Ginger 2 years ago

My 12 yo daughter is in middle school and has a social calendar busier than mine. This phone would be an awesome way to keep up with her and peace of mind for me to know she is always safe and if she needs me to come get her she can let me know.

Stephanie 2 years ago

My boy needs one… so he can stop bugging me!

sue 2 years ago

My child needs this phone because he says he is the only person in high school without a phone. He can’t take my talks about how we didn’t have phones when we were in high school anymore and has promised to do the dishes for a year if he can get one!

Jen 2 years ago

My kid needs one SO BADLY because EVERYONE else has one.

WDJ 2 years ago

My 12yr old needs this phone because she’s always out and about in our small town with her friends. The time they got caught 4 miles away in the lightening storm, scared 3 sets of parents.
Remember payphones? Me too. She doesn’t know what one is. They don’t exist here anymore.
I would GLADLY add this phone to our existing AT&T plan & tell her that she can have that $500 iPhone that she wants, when she gets the job to buy it.

Sarah 2 years ago

My son must have this phone because he’s 13 and in 8th grade. The schools are now sending homework via text messages. Not to mention the whole I can locate him when he goes out with his friends especially when I go into labor or he can call me in case of an emergency.

Billie 2 years ago

My daughter just turned 10, and is dying for a phone. DYING I tell you! She goes to her father’s every other weekend, and says she needs to be able to talk to me whenever she needs to. Anything, at all, may require my immediate attention, and I need to be there, at her beckon call! We were discussing getting one for her for Christmas, but free is always better when it comes to a middle class family of four! Help my poor baby girl track me down at every minute of every day with this sweet new device!

Kathy 2 years ago

My son “NEEDS” this phone because he is getting older (“Mom I am not a litte kid anymore”). He is turning 9 next month!! But honestly he is going out with his friends more often and has a bunch of afterschool activities and it would be great to keep in touch with him. Plus my iPhone would no longer be sticky and I could delete all the Lego games!

Jamie 2 years ago

My kid MUST HAVE THIS PHONE(LOL) because he is headed to middle school and a little more freedom and I am a horrible mom and lost the prepaid one he used when he visits his dad. :/ we took it shopping and realized it fell out somewhere. Totally sucky :/

Melanie 2 years ago

My son needs this phone because I’m tired of him using mine for Instagram selfies.

Lori Wilburn 2 years ago

My 16 year old son with Asperger’s Syndrome could really use this phone! I leave him alone sometimes trusting that his judgement will be good. I still would like to check in on him to make sure everything is going well.


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