Pass it on!

Pass it on!


The other day, Lily came running into my room to show me a text message she had just received from a friend.

“Read this and read this now,” it began. “If you don’t, you will have bad luck for seven years…” Welcome to the chain mail stage! The text went on to instruct Lily that she had to forward the note to 15 classmates within one hour, or the boy she had a crush on would never kiss her. Plus she would be cursed. And have no friends.

I explained to my daughter (who is entirely too young to think about kissing boys, anyway) that this was a stupid chain letter and that they had been around forever. “Even when you were a kid?,” she asked, incredulously. Yes, darling, but thank you for helping clarify what I meant by forever.

This interaction with Lily got me thinking about chain letters and the way they make otherwise rational people with minds of their own do what they are told, no questions asked. Like possessed robots who fear, that maybe, just maybe, there’s something to the letter and they could be cursed if they don’t follow it word for word. So, they pass it on.

Which leads me to this… 



Quickly: The book is officially out!! Purchase at your local bookseller, or online here: Barnes & Noble • Amazon •  Indie Bound • Books-A-Million • Powell’s Books • iTunes. Curse or not, I really would appreciate any word of mouth support you can give it.

The tour officially launches on Wednesday, April 10 at 7PM at Bookends in Ridgewood, New Jersey. Joining me is Tracey Beckerman, author of Lost in Suburbia: A Momoir. If you’re anywhere near the area, come on over and say hi!

Finally, the winners of my pre-order contest have been announced. I hate that you all couldn’t win, but thank you for your pre-orders and congrats to the five lucky ladies!!

Now, really, you ought to go spread the word. I hear the lice outbreak is especially rough this year.

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Pass it on!