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Tonight, the unimaginable happened: My children ate dinner. All of them, together. I prepared them steak, spinach and potatoes and let them eat at the picnic table by themselves. Without me hovering over them, they actually seemed to EAT. I ate inside, watching them with awe. The shock still hasn’t worn off. I swear I even heard “yummy” escape Ben’s lips, but I may very well have been hallucinating. Sitting down to dinner with your children is so overrated- I’ll take this over feeding him like a dog any day. Oh, how I adore 70 degree nights…


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    SquiggleMum says

    Isn’t it funny how sometimes our kids step up with their independence when we let go a little?! Gorgeous pic. It’s been pouring with rain for two days here in Australia!!!

    SquiggleMum’s last blog post..Techno-Babes

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    Priss says

    Hey, they got to “eat out” without the parents. It’s amazing what kids will do when they think you’re not watching.

    As for spinach… I even steamed some fresh. Went out of my way to wash it and give it a little extra zing. I thought it was fantastic. So did my mother in law. Much to my pain, neither son nor husband would touch it. They tasted it, but would go no further.

    I bet if I set up a table outside and let the boys eat there, they might make an effort.

    In my dreams.

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    Jen, buried with children says

    that is totally awesome. I want to get a little table like that for the kids. I hope that you and your hubby got to to have an actual conversation at dinner.

    Jen, buried with children’s last blog post..That Special Comfort Feeling

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    Ann says

    The power of positive thinking or crossing your fingers…something worked. How nice for you! * They are SO cute!*

    Ann’s last blog post..Big Thanks, A Little Gobbling and a lot of Goodness!

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    Loukia says

    OH yes. Isn’t that just the most perfect evening ever for you? First of all, the picture is simply adorable. And something as simple as getting all your children to sit down together and EAT dinner? Is an accomplishment bigger and better and greater than finishing a Univesrity degree. Like, sigh. It’s not that common in my house, either. It did happen last week, though, when they were both eating pizza together outside at their little table. Moments like that are to cherish! ;) Seriously, it’s a great feeling, and here’s to many more of them!
    Tonight I took both kids to a friends for dinner. While her 3 were sitting down eating and acting well behaved (like my oldest) all I was doing was chasing my 16 month old everywhere. Very annoying and very challenging!

    Loukia’s last blog post..Interview with a 3 year old, take two!

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    Suzi says

    I get tired of chasing the boys back to their seats at dinner time. It sucks when Jeff isn’t home because I end up chasing them, yelling at them and even just taking dinner away because they are too busy playing, laughing, making fun of me for getting annoyed with the table tactics.

    Suzi’s last blog post..What Am I? A Flippin’ Whale?

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  7. 7

    Nan says

    WAAAAAITAMINUTE, I haven’t read your blog in ages because it seems to have stalled on my blogroll. There I was thinking you hadn’t posted in ages and I was missing out!

    Glad you discovered a great summer feeding technique. No dogs or psychopaths required. The best part about feeding ‘em outside is the hosing down of the feeding area afterward. Your kitchen will be SO clean this summer!

    Nan’s last blog post..Intrepid Explorers With Big Muscles: First Day

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  8. 8

    James (SeattleDad) says

    There must have been some cosmic alignment of the heavenly bodies. Or else….when was the last time you fed them. lol. Just checking.

    James (SeattleDad)’s last blog post..A Few Miles West of Expected

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  9. 9

    KathyB! says

    Funny how everything seems to fall into place when the weather is pristine. It’s true… I swear…

    KathyB!’s last blog post..This is just the tip of the iceberg, isn’t it?!

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  10. 10

    sandy says

    Evan looks sooo grownup! what happened here? its only been a month since we saw him! put up an umbrella for when it rains and serve all meals outside.
    dock in at end of pier, summer is coming. and soon you will be here as well. Beach toys ready and waiting and a surprise on porch.

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  11. 12

    Tricia says

    I love when the kids eat without me hovering over them! I love it even more when I hear them say “you make the best dinner ever!”

    Tricia’s last blog post..I Feel So Loved!

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  12. 13

    Kristin says

    Oh how I love nights like this. Had one Monday night :) Can’t beat beautiful weather and children behaving when they think you aren’t looking !!!

    Kristin’s last blog post..Because I said so…

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  13. 14

    Lynn from For Love or Funny says

    Too funny, and so true! My 4th grader still picks at her plate, but my 7th grader would eat all of our dinners if we let her. :)

    Lynn from For Love or Funny’s last blog post..Recession and the SAHM

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  14. 15

    Teri says

    Something about making dinner seem like a vacation makes kids want to eat. I used to light candles and pretend we were at a fancy restaurant. Whatever it takes, you know?

    Teri’s last blog post..Walk This Way

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  15. 17

    Futureblackmail says

    There’s something about eating outside that makes it all okay….must be something about fighting off west nile while eating that makes them work up an appetite!

    Cute picnic table!!

    Futureblackmail’s last blog post..CAMPING – PRONOUNCED H-E-L-L

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  16. 18

    dawn says

    you know momma, that has to be the best pic of the kids to date. you captured them in their own state of mind, no posing for a picture at all. what is the word I’m looking for? they just look so content yet humanly. innocence too, but them being them, you know?
    love this pic the most.

    dawn’s last blog post..chocolate-coconut covered Cheez Its

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  17. 19

    Christina says

    OMG! Peace? No begging, bribery, or drug induced stupors involved? You are one lucky Momma!

    Christina’s last blog post..I’VE BEEN HOARDING AWARDS

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  18. 20

    Jessica says

    I don’t care if Phoebe wants to use a shovel. If it gets her to eat her broccoli, by all means

    Jessica’s last blog post..Honey, is it me or is the EARTH MOVING?!

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