The Valentine’s Day Cards You Should Be Sending


Having trouble finding the perfect Valentine’s Day cards for your young child’s class? Ones that say exactly what you want to say to his or her precious classmates? I thought you might be. I’m here to help…


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  1. Kerrie McLoughlin says

    Me again! Just wanted to say two things: (1) Forget my homeschool group; I started one called Heathen Homeschoolers instead and (2) We are those lazy people who buy the horrible-for-you Fun Dip packets and pass those out instead of making or buying normal valentines. Maybe I should put that in the Confessional .. :-)

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      • Kerrie McLoughlin says

        SM, you would be welcome in our group! It’s all-inclusive … atheists getting along with Christians and so on. We can talk about presidential candidates and pot and gay marriage and not throw down! If someone gets dramatic or can’t be cool, I can just kick ‘em out (except I have issues with that since I got kicked out of a group … so I’m being a big ole baby about keeping one drama queen).

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  2. Tiffany Barry says

    Do you think their parents will mind if I actually send these? :P

    They seem more appropriate than some of the overpriced crap they’re peddling at Walmart… and hilarious!

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  3. Jadzia@Toddlerisms says

    I LOVE these. I think I saw the real live version of “you’re much less gross than any other boy in the class” take place today outside my son’s school. There was an adorable little girl trying REALLY hard to get his attention, and I saw her tugging on her dad’s sleeve to point him out. And then when we were walking home the dad drove past us beeping, and the little girl was waving madly! The Boy told me that she likes him but doesn’t “hand” him. But that he wants to hold hands with her.

    Oy. They are 5.

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