The Valentine’s Day Cards You Should Be Sending


Having trouble finding the perfect Valentine’s Day cards for your young child’s class? Ones that say exactly what you want to say to his or her precious classmates? I thought you might be. I’m here to help…


  1. 26

    Ronda says

    Ha ha! Those are awesome! After doing a little volunteer work in my son’s class there HAS to be one that says: “I’ll whisper sweet nothings in your ear just as soon as you remove that chunk of a carrot.” I’m telling ya. That kid could have used a Qtip or 10. barf!
    Love this blog by the way…new reader in the group.

  2. 28

    Brenna @ Almost All The Truth says

    Is it wrong that I want to send some of these to some adults I know? Anonymously of course, or should I say “from a secret admirer?”

  3. 30

    Not Supermom says

    Sending these in the children’s backpacks to pass out at school would be wrong, right?

    Particularly if I sign them “XOXO, Your PTA President?”

  4. 31

    Cassie says

    I love the last one! If my son comes home sick from daycare again, he will be put into a giant bubble with a hand santitizer dispenser strapped to his hip. Great cards!!

  5. 32

    Kisha says

    These are wonderful, I can’t stop laughing.
    Too bad that my kids pre-school asked for parents not to send valentines. These would be perfect!

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