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Your Pregnancy at Week 13


Not Everything About This Week Sucks

Scary Mommy Pregnancy Week 13


At 13 weeks pregnant, you’ve reached the end of the third month and perhaps what some call one of the most frustrating stages of pregnancy — when instead of the perfectly round baby bump you’ve always envisioned, you look like you’ve just eaten too many boxes of Girl Scout cookies.

But not everything about week 13 is so sucky! There are lots of milestones worth celebrating; for example, your chance of miscarriage has dropped, you can expect your morning sickness subside any day now, your energy is returning, and your uterus is finally vacating your pelvis in favor of your abdomen, which means you’ll have to pee less now that the pressure’s off your bladder!

Plus, next week kicks off the second trimester, which many moms-to-be describe as the very best part of the whole pregnancy — hang in there!

Though you’re feeling better overall, you might have trouble sleeping as all your organs shift around and there’s weight pressing on your… everything. It’s time to start sleeping on your side (preferably the left) for maximum blood flow to the baby. A body pillow (or just stealing your partner’s pillow) helps a lot when adjusting your position to account for your achy joints and back.

Baby’s tongue and vocal cords are beginning to develop, so he or she should be all ready to cry right after birth. Your baby’s body is growing quickly and is now about the size of an espresso cup — hey, you remember coffee, don’t you?!?

Once the news of your pregnancy is out, be prepared for tons of unsolicited advice from people who have no business advising you how to choose a ripe cantaloupe, let alone how you should parent! It will drive you fucking crazy, trust us. Just don’t let that stop you from taking advantage of the fantastic, hard-won wisdom of parents who’ve done this before — and who aren’t totally annoying like that lady who stops you on the street to tell you not to eat that Snickers bar because it isn’t good for the baby. OMG, screw that lady.



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