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Your Pregnancy at Week 14


You’re About to be Able to Eat Without Barfing. Bring it On!

Scary Mommy Pregnancy Week 14


Welcome to the second trimester, Scary Mommies! At the start of your fourth month, you’ll get to enjoy some of the best parts of pregnancy, like the ultrasound! And normal-ish moods! And regaining the ability to eat without barfing! BRING IT ON!

Also, you’ll probably be getting into maternity clothes soon, if you aren’t wearing some already. Lots of pregnant women consider this to be one of the biggest perks of pregnancy — what’s not to love about stretchy pants? Pick things in natural fabrics that you can layer, since your internal thermostat shoots up to Surface of the Sun settings during pregnancy, causing you to sweat through several pairs of sofa-slipcover-sized maternity underwear per day.

Just as you start to settle in, you’ll find your body still has plenty of pregnancy surprises in store for you. As your belly expands to fill those maternity clothes, don’t be surprised if your skin feels itchy; you might also feels some sharp pangs in the belly or groin as your round ligaments (which support your uterus) stretch.

Don’t be shocked if you start tripping and dropping things, too — your body is releasing the hormone relaxin, which loosens up your pelvis and cervix in preparation for childbirth. Unfortunately, it also loosens up the rest of your body, making you a complete klutz.

Every day, your baby is getting more and more like the newborn you’ll be meeting in about six months. He or she will try to wiggle away if you poke your belly (who wouldn’t?), sucks his thumb and can already pee on you! It’s true, your wee one is drinking amniotic fluid and peeing it out. Get used to it — at least it’s not all over your shirt. (Yet.)



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