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Your Pregnancy at Week 15

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Try to Meet All the Practitioners; You Don’t Want a Stranger’s Hand in Your Vagina



Regular visits to see your doctor or midwife continue to be important in your second trimester; while there’s still plenty of time, try to meet all the practitioners at the office since you aren’t guaranteed your regular caregiver will be the one on call when you deliver — and first introductions can be awkward with someone’s hand in your vagina.

You’ll probably be given the option of undergoing some genetic testing to look for chromosomal disorders soon. Talk with your healthcare provider about which tests you might need; some mamas see these tests as a way to relieve their worries, while other are worried they’ll stress themselves out even more. Discuss it with your partner and decide what’s best for you.

Your uterus is about 3 to 4 inches below your bellybutton, which sounds pretty low but feels like it’s lodged in your esophagus. If you’re getting winded more easily lately, that’s why — it’s nothing to worry about (unless your heart is beating out of your chest or your fingertips and lips are turning blue), but prepare for it to get worse before it gets better when the baby drops back down in your pelvis in the third trimester.

In addition to drinking and peeing out amniotic fluid, your baby is also “breathing” it, which helps her little lungs to develop. If you think the baby getting something in her mouth that has pee in it is gross, we’ll just go ahead and assume this is your first baby — because that’s nothing!



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Your Pregnancy at Week 15

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