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Your Pregnancy at Week 17


Everyone Can Hear You Roar as Your Estrogen Levels Skyrocket

Scary Mommy Pregnancy Week 17


Welcome to Week 17, you pregnancy warrior! You are woman, and yes, everyone can hear you roar as your estrogen levels skyrocket. However, you might not be roaring about the side effects of all those hormones, like out-of-control congestion (called  “rhinitis of pregnancy” — you know it sucks if they gave it its own horrible name), or the white discharge and itchiness of yeast infections (not to be confused with pregnancy’s normal increased vaginal discharge, which is called “leukorrhea” in case you had any doubt about how much it sucks).

Ain’t pregnancy grand?!?

Still packing on those chub rolls, your baby is about the size of a TP roll now (you remember, like the ones you spent so much time with in the first trimester when you couldn’t stop peeing, but now practically never need because you’re so constipated? Yeah, those). His skeleton is hardening into bone, but stays flexible to make for an easier delivery. YOU’RE WELCOME.

Now that your appetite is better, you should’ve gained about 5-10 pounds (if you started at an average weight) — of course that’s according to “experts,” but in real life you probably feel like you’ve gained about 500.

Too much weight gain can cause problems like gestational diabetes and hypertension — but gaining too little weight can be dangerous too, and let’s not forget the ill effects of stress (including stressing about your weight)! Best to just relax and have a snack, don’t you think?  



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