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Your Pregnancy at Week 18


Baby Can Stretch, Hiccup and Hear Everything You Say

Scary Mommy Pregnancy Week 18


The fifth month starts now —SHIT IS GETTING REAL UP IN HERE.

For example, you’re probably feeling the baby move, and shit don’t get more real than that. The kicks will get bigger and easier to distinguish from random stomach gurgles in the coming days — it’s always exciting to get regular reminders that there is a real person inside there!

Your baby can yawn, stretch, frown, get hiccups and cover her eyes if a bright light shines on your belly. She can also hear you, and frankly has no option but to listen (a trait you’ll wish was still true in the toddler and teen years).

Of course the biggest news this month is that you’ll probably get an ultrasound, during which you can find out the baby’s gender! Assuming the baby cooperates and shows you the goods, that is, and assuming you even want to know the gender. Most parents opt to find out, whether it’s because they can’t contain their curiosity, or to narrow the pool of possible names, or to help make gender-specific purchases ahead of time. But plenty of moms would rather wait; just make sure to tell the ultrasound tech where you stand!

Crazy-intense dreams are a hallmark of the second trimester — they’re more frequent and vivid than your usual dreams, often super bizarre and extremely memorable. No one knows why this is, so just enjoy the show (and hope for some of the super sexy variety – RAWR)!



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