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Your Pregnancy at Week 24


Prepare to Chug the Nastiest Drink of Your Life Because Glucose Screening



Sometime between now and week 28 you’ll take a glucose screening test to check for gestational diabetes. Be prepared to chug the nastiest drink of your life to prepare for that glucose screening test you’ve got coming up. It’s a whole lot easier to take ice cold than room temperature, so ask your doc to stick it in the fridge for you. Bottoms up!

That extra girth is putting enough pressure on your nerves and veins to trigger killer leg cramps; if a leg cramp strikes, flex your toes with your leg straight a few times, or stand on a cold surface. To help prevent them, eat plenty of calcium and potassium (banana split, anyone?).

Your baby’s about the size of a large baby bottle — you know, like the one you’ll find someday during a game of What’s that smell? two weeks after it rolls under your couch and spoils. He’s still moving around, but as he grows the leaps and jabs will start feeling more like rolls and wiggles in the increasingly cramped quarters.

Surfactant is being produced in the lungs, which enables the air sacs to inflate so baby can take a deep breath and belt out that first cry you can’t wait to hear! Until then, your partner can try satisfying his desire to hear the baby by putting an ear to your belly; he might be able to hear the baby’s heartbeat, depending on baby’s position.



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Your Pregnancy at Week 24

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