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Your Pregnancy at Week 29


Pads: You’ll be Covered in Them

Scary Mommy Pregnancy Week 29


Week 29 is all about pads, Scary Mommies — nursing pads to absorb the yellowish, nutritious but currently inconvenient colostrum (early breast milk) that’s leaking from your nipples, witch hazel pads to soothe your raging hemorrhoids, and the super-sized menstrual pads you’ll need to stock up on in preparation for the 4-week postpartum period you’re about to have. Is everyone feeling sexy now?!?

If, for some reason, you are categorized as being high risk between now and 37 weeks, your doctor or midwife might put you on bed rest to delay labor, which at first might sound like a godsend (“Are you kidding me? Full-day naps???”) but it can be very stressful. And boring. Not to worry though, there are plenty of things you can do to cope with bed rest without losing your shit. Well, without losing all of your shit. For you:

Your baby has less room to move around now, so you’ll feel fewer huge flips and more ninja kicks to your cervix. Her head is growing larger to accommodate that big, smart brain she’s growing; try to focus on all the amazing things that brain will learn someday instead of dwelling on all the damage that giant head is about to do to your vag.

Of course your vag will be spared if you have a C-section, either planned or unplanned as the result of complications that crop up along the way. But in no way does that mean a surgical birth is the easy way out! It’s best to understand what to expect with a C-section, in case you end up needing one. And remember – birth plans are all well and good, but the only outcome that really matters is a healthy baby. But you already knew that… right?



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Your Pregnancy at Week 29

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