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Your Pregnancy at Week 34


Some Days You’re Freaking Over it



It’s week 34, and you’re in the home stretch — you’re no doubt alternating between periods of wanting this baby out of you right this very second to freaking out that there’s not enough time left to get ready and you need this baby to stay in for at least a couple more months!

Expect that to continue right up through delivery; some days you’ll love pregnancy, some days you’ll loathe it, and some days you’ll just be so freaking over it. Hang in there and enjoy the perks of pregnancy while you still can (Ahh, the convenience of resting a heaping plate of whatever-the-hell-you-feel-like-eating on your belly shelf!), because before you know it you’ll be up all night for 2 AM feedings instead of 2 AM pee breaks.

And, if it’s any consolation, the baby’s the one who decides when he’s being born anyway, so it doesn’t really matter if you’re ready or not! Get used to it, because he’s going to keep on calling the shots once he’s here.

Now that your bellybutton is in a new zip code, you’re no doubt knocking things off tables and shelves while you waddle around, searching for someone who can reach your shoes and tie them for you. You’re also back on Team Exhaustion, though the fatigue isn’t as intense as you remember from the first trimester because it’s mostly caused by nighttime discomforts and the resulting insomnia, rather than the physical rigors of your body gearing up for pregnancy. Though the physical rigors of just waddling across the room at this point are nothing to sneeze at, either!

Any time now, your baby will be settling into a head-down position in preparation for her launch into the world, but she might still flip flop back and forth enough times to make you wonder if she’ll be breech (butt- or legs-first). Consider this the first in a long line of things your baby will do to scare the shit out of you but turn out to be nothing to worry about, since your doctor or midwife can usually get her to turn around if she doesn’t do it on her own. She’s about the size of a cannon ball, and weighs almost 5 pounds though she feels as heavy as about 5 million cannon balls.

This is the part of pregnancy when most pregnancy books reassure you that it’s still safe to have sex with your partner, and when most pregnant women laugh and laugh and laugh at the idea of having sex. If you’re feeling it, MORE POWER TO YOU, but since you’re not supposed to lie flat on your back you might need to try lying on your side in the spooning position (assuming you plan to combine this romp with a nap)!



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Your Pregnancy at Week 34

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