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Your Pregnancy at Week 40



Scary Mommy Pregnancy Week 40


It’s week 40, Scary Mommies. You made it!!!

Brace yourself, because soon you’ll be feeling your first contractions of active labor — and we’re not going to lie, they hurt like hell. At first, though, they feel more like intense PMS cramps and might be several minutes apart, so this is the time to get yourself to the hospital or birthing center (or your living room, if you’re having a home birth) while you can still function without screaming obscenities. That’s especially true if this isn’t your first baby; subsequent babies often come surprisingly quickly, since your body already knows the routine.

You’ve spent a lot of time wondering what your baby looks like, but chances are you still won’t be entirely sure after she’s born. That’s because, if you have a vaginal birth, she might be a little cone-headed from her journey through the birth canal. If delivery goes especially fast (you lucky little vixen), your baby’s face might be bruised from the journey, as well. Plus there’s all the blood and goop on her, and the fact that her eyes are all puffy. But she’ll still look absolutely gorgeous to you, which is widely considered to be the biggest miracle of all in this whole “miracle of birth” business. (And even if she doesn’t, don’t worry – you’ll fall in love with her eventually, we promise.)

You’ve plotted, you’ve planned. You’ve folded onesies even though you know the neat stacks will fall over the first time you open the drawer. But don’t forget the number one rule of planning for your baby’s arrival: Plans change. You might have sworn you’d have an unmedicated birth and then find yourself in the kind of pain that makes you beg for drugs — or you might arrive at the hospital too late to get the epidural you had your heart set on. You might have envisioned a peaceful vaginal delivery with classical music playing softly in the background, only to be wheeled into the operating room for a last-minute C-section. You might have $400 of formula waiting at home, but suddenly decide to give breastfeeding a try.

It’s okay to change your mind. Being flexible will do more to keep you calm and positive during your birth experience than any of your other planning. No matter what happens, you can do this!!

And congratulations, you’re about to be a Scary Mommy! Welcome to the club!



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