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Your Pregnancy Week 31

Successfully Wiggling into Compression Tights Could Make You YouTube Famous

Scary Mommy Pregnancy Week 31

It’s the start of your eight month, and you’d probably jump up and click your heels together with joy if you could jump… or figure out where your heels end and your ankles begin (thanks, fluid retention). Plus your hips and lower back are aching, but at least that’s caused by hormones loosening up your pelvis; something you’ll be pretty grateful for if you have a vaginal birth! Your hands and wrists might also ache or tingle, which could be from carpal tunnel syndrome caused by (you guessed it) swelling. Along with the fluid retention it should go away after the delivery, but your feet will likely always stay a bit bigger than they used to be.

That’s right, the swelling continues right down into your feet — and over the edges of your over-stuffed shoes. If you’re lucky you can get away with wearing flip flops or sandals for now, but you can also help minimize the swelling by putting on compression tights before you get out of bed in the morning. Be sure to take video though, because a pregnant woman wrestling into compression tights is bound to be even more hilarious than a non-pregnant woman wiggling into Spanx — you’re going to be YouTube famous!

Your baby has taste buds now, so she can sample the flavor of whatever you eat in the amniotic fluid — how cool! And kinda gross! Of course, once your child is born she’ll rarely taste any food you offer her, so now is probably your bet bet for getting her to try broccoli. She’s so big that rolling around is tough, so she’ll stay in the fetal position from here on out; that makes her about the size of a coconut. If you’re getting sick of being pregnant, just use that knowledge as inspiration and focus on the big, tropical rum drink you’ll be able to have in about nine more weeks!