Preschool Graduation


preschool graduation

When Lily had her preschool graduation a few years ago, I found the whole pomp and circumstance around the event to be a tad silly. By a tad silly, I mean completely fucking ridiculous.

Fathers were proudly videotaping the event. Mothers were clutching bouquets of flowers in their fists and dabbing tears out of their eyes. Siblings and grandparents were sitting on folding chairs carefully reading the one page programs. Were these people for real? I expected a sweet little performance and maybe a photo op. It was freaking pre-school, not college, for crying out loud. What were they graduating from, exactly? Had they really learned anything? Accomplished anything? I desperately scanned the room for someone to roll my eyes at, but everyone else was transfixed on their own offspring. What a joke.

Ben graduated from preschool today, almost two years to the day that Lily did. It’s a different school, but the fuss was the same. The director gave a speech about milestones and education and how our children are particularly kind and gifted. The kids preformed sweet little songs, diplomas were handed out and the token nervous kid ran off the stage. Everything was pretty much the same, except for one thing: Me.

No, I wasn’t the mom sobbing into her sleeves or the obnoxious one pushing and shoving to get the perfect picture of my kid walking off stage, but I wasn’t rolling my eyes, either. With Lily, little milestones were exciting, not sentimental. Now that I know how fast the years fly by, though, my perspective has changed. Sure, this may just be a big fuss over a little event, but in the blink of an eye these kids will be graduating from kindergarten and eighth grade and high school. Their innocent little years are numbered and they won’t always look so darling up on stage. It kind of is something to celebrate.

I’m confident of one thing: When Evan graduates in two years, I will be “that” parent, holding a bouquet of balloons with tears streaming down my face. And, I’m even more sure that there will be a first time mother rolling her eyes at me. But, I’ll be too busy with my eyes transfixed on my baby to notice.


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  1. 1

    Ali says

    That is so true, they grow up so fast. Embrace the moment and let yourself get caught up in the excitement of the little milestones in their lives. :)

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  2. 2

    Life with Kaishon says

    : ( I cried.
    Just reading this made me cry.
    Doesn’t the time fly?
    My baby is going to freaking MIDDLE SCHOOL next year.
    Kill me now!

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  3. 4

    Shell says

    When my oldest graduated from preschool last year, I was too busy trying to keep my younger two from having meltdowns to get all emotional about it.

    I’m the same mom who dropped her kids off at preschool by shoving them out the van door w/o fully stopping, though.

    But, my youngest? He starts preschool this fall and I’ll cry.

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    • 5

      Natalie says

      Shell (9:32pm)
      Thanks!! You made me laugh out loud at the comment ‘shoving them out the van door without fully stopping’.
      I’ve been *bitchy* all morning (PD day today) and this one had me laughing cause we’ve all had our moments of being unable to get rid of the kids fast enough!

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  4. 6

    Anthony says

    I have to say, I do feel schools amp up the achievements of three year olds at the end of the school year. I have read take-home flyers that make the kids sound like brain surgeons and rocket scientists after all the hard work theyve done at the school.

    Bird feeders are cool, but COME ON.

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  5. 7

    Rachel {at} Mommy Needs a Vacation says

    Hahaha! Tad silly = fucking ridiculous. You crack me up. I agree with you..the years seem to be flying by. Now to only get someone to capture a picture of you clutching that bouquet with misty eyes!

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  6. 8

    Sue says

    So, damn true. It’s sort of the end of the year celebration with every sport our children participate. What are they getting those trophies for participating? We are awarding a generation for non occasions. Makes the real celebrations…dull. sigh

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  7. 9

    Karen L. Coffey says

    I am a mother of 4 and I have seen 3 of my children graduate from PS, and 2 from HS! I NEVER rolled my eyes because even the first time, I knew it was important. Not for me, but for my child, and for his teachers. It was the PS teachers that got the most out of it, as they were saying goodbye to a group of kids whom they had learned to love, and would never have the privilege to teach again. Sure, they would see them at the local grocery store once in a while, but not in the classroom. Now I am looking down the barrel of the same graduation ceremony in a couple of years and because this is my last, I will be bawling, I’m sure. Because, I too, know how fast the time goes, and yes it’s only preschool, but literally in the blink of an eye it will be HS!!! Thank you for sharing this milestone of your child’s with us! It was great to reminisce my own children’s milestones.
    Karen Coffey

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  8. 11

    Chelsie says

    I cry when I pack up another box of clothes my son grows out of so… I’ll definitely be that mom. I’ll also be the mom yelling at her kid to quit trying to kiss all the little girls standing around him. My son, the Lothario.

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  9. 13

    Ryan (The Woven Moments) says

    I’m going to my oldest daughter’s preschool graduation on Friday. I PROMISE you I will cry. And then I will make fun of myself. And then blog about it, natch.

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  10. 14

    Maggie says

    Yeah..I am ALWAYS that Mom. I am sitting here crying over YOUR child graduating pre-school. WTH. Seriously. My one and only is 15. I still can picture his sweet little face up on stage. The years fly by. Enjoy them!

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  11. 15

    Sarah at The Stroller Ballet says

    One of my close friends (who has two children) was just saying something similar to me the other day! With her first – she thought everything was exciting, but now she’s super emotional with the little one about every milestone. I must confess, though, Peanut’s my first – and the thought of her starting pre-school next year makes me want to cry. I just don’t understand how it happened so quickly!

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  12. 17

    Marta says

    You are so funny.

    Haven’t had to go through one of those, but I find it hard to imagine I would cry. Balloons probably, photo op definitely. Plus, I’m not sure if they do graduation at my son’s preschool (aka daycare).

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  13. 18

    lesa says

    I homeschool, but my son went through the whole preschool graduation since he went to preschool before we started homeschooling. I cried then. When my daughter decided that she did not want to go back to preschool for her last year and wanted to be homeschooled, there was a part of me that kind of felt like I was being shafted out of that milestone with her. Of course, then she turned out to be a smarty pants that ended up going through the preschool and kindergarten curriculum this year, and it got me thinking about how I am not going to have those moments with my children. I think they are important. I just feel sometimes like they are growing too fast. I miss the times when they used to snuggle with me all the time. It just goes by so quickly.

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  14. 19

    Jennifer says

    My son will be graduating from Pre-K next week. He is my second and last child and I too will love it and be beaming with pride in my Little Man! My older child, my daughter, is almost 11 and starting MIDDLE SCHOOL in the fall, so I know how fast this stuff goes by. I am absolutely savoring each milestone!

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  15. 20

    Erin says

    I’m more of the eye-rolling type. My fourth graduated Pre-K last week. I recorded the little song and dance because it was precious. But flowers? Crying? Not this jaded mama. I know parents who rented a limo for the Kindergarten father/daughter dance. Are you kidding me?

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  16. 22

    Susan Cook says

    I’m the other parent who is rolling their eyes at these things and looking for the escape door when the dance recital lasts longer than an hour. :)

    My Grandma said that there is a season for all things. When my kids were little I loved coloring. When they turned into teenagers I loved talking with them. Now that they are almost gone and out of the house I look forward to rediscovering the Me that is hiding under the Apron and piles of laundry.

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  17. 23

    Heidi says

    C’mon, totally cute. Sure, it didn’t exist when we were little but milestones are just another excuse for celebration. Make your darlin’ feel special! You are his momma, I think you should totally relish in his graduation for you, for him and for everyone in the fam-dam! Happy graduation big boy!

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  18. 24

    Katy Meyer says

    I am soooo with you, my first daghter, I was like it’s hot in this room this is crazy lets just move on folks so we can begin the summer and I can acctually get her into school this fall and have some peace again. Then with my next one I was little more intrested and got a little emotional (only cus I thought she WAS the last one). And with my baby14 years after the middle one. I too was that sobbing picture taking fool…..and only cus she will be the last one ever! So hang on to your socks when HS Graduation comes around cus it will tear you up! I think that was just from the fact taht I acctually did it, I had managed to get one graduated and she was okay :) I had done it, well one so far. And I love that you drop the “F” bomb sometimes it just happens and soooooo glad to know I am not the only one!

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  19. 25

    Not Winning Mom of the Year says

    Geeeez, Scary Mommy, why did’cha have to go and do that now. A sad post. A post that points out what we all know, but do not want to admit. A post that unconvers our denial. I wanted to cry. BTW your little guy is too cute.

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  20. 26

    Samantha says

    Yea, they grow up faster than you know. In spite of this, I agree that it is a bit silly to do the whole kit ‘n kaboodle commencement speech for kids who JUST POTTY-TRAINED YESTERDAY. Sorry for yelling.

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