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The 5 Types Of Minivan Families You Meet


We all know one of the minivan families on this list. If you’ve ever had to pack a life-sized stuffed unicorn, or camping chairs for every member of your family, you will relate. Brought to you by the All-New Chrysler Pacifica. The vehicle with mega storage and an available built-in UConnect® theater built for every type of family.

5 Things That Moms Would Redesign With A Built-In Vacuum

Minivan Built in Vacuum

Let’s face it, motherhood is one messy, crumb-filled, goldfish-carpeted existence. It’s high time that some everyday household products came equipped with a vacuum. Are you with me on these? 1. Her Kitchen Table   2. Her Stroller 3. Her Child 4. Her Handbag 5. Her Backseat Good news, the All-New 2017 Chrysler Pacifica is available […]

Top Kid Roadside Emergencies To Be Ready For

roadside emergencies

There is no such thing as a smooth ride when you have a child in your car, no matter how old they are. Roadside emergencies with kids are the real deal. After many a roadside meltdown, I’ve tried everything from meditating to envisioning myself calmly dealing with each of these situations like a champ (as if!). Some […]

To the Unwashed Masses of Mothers



I’ve seen you around. I’ve seen you screaming at your kids in public, I’ve seen you ignoring them at the playground, I’ve seen you unshowered and wearing last night’s pajama pants at preschool drop-off. I’ve seen you begging your children, bribing them, threatening them. I’ve seen you shouting back and forth with your husband, with your mom, with the police officer at the crosswalk.

I’ve seen you running around with your kids, getting dirty and occasionally swearing audibly when you bang a knee. I’ve seen you sharing a milkshake with a manic four year old. I’ve seen you wiping your kids’ boogers with your bare palm, and then smearing them on the back of your jeans. I’ve seen you carry your toddler flopped over the crook of your arm while chasing a runaway ball.