Saturn Rings

My name is Erin, there are so many things that define who I am, but most important I am a mom to two beautiful Miracle boys, children they said I’d never have. I’ve lived a lot of life in a short amount of time. I’m a cancer survivor, and have learned that the best day in life is today! Read more at


I love being a mom to boys. I am the Queen in my house, there is no boobs, no bras, no PMS, except mine, no periods, no paying for outlandish weddings, and no attitudes. Plus playing with trucks and trains and all that is so much more fun that tea parties and dolls. When you have a boy you only have to worry about ONE boy, when you have a girl you have to worry about ALL the boys.

Another bonus for me…. potty training falls on dad. I don’t have that kind of equipment, so I couldn’t tell you how to use it or wipe it or aim it. So I will change all the diapers in the world, but when it comes to anything bathroom and potty related it’s all dad.

That is, until…the cleaning!

I will tell you right here and now that I would rather stab myself in the eye repeatedly with a dull pencil than clean a bathroom “inhabited” by my 2 young boys.

I walked in there the other day, and there were so many things that struck me. First, the gobs of toothpaste in the sink. I could brush a thousand camels teeth with the amount of toothpaste that was in that sink. Second, the stench was atrocious. Uggghhh what IS that smell? Oh Lovely it looks like no one has flushed the toilet in 3 days! That has got to be the smell. So I flush.

As I am about to turn to go get the “toilet cleaning supplies” something catches my eye….what is that? It looks like….like Saturn’s Rings. Around my toilet, Saturn’s Rings. No, not around the inside of the bowl….the outside, on the floor.

I am immediately disgusted, eww really?


“What is this?” I ask as I am pointing to the floor.

They both fighting for a spot to see.

Almost in unison “Pee” they say

“Pee? Do you not know how to pee in the potty? Did Daddy not teach you how to get it in the toilet?” I asked

“Yeah, but brother peed on the floor and I just peed on top of his” Thomas said.

“So that makes it better?” I asked my oldest

“But he did it first!” Thomas says

“Ok I get that, and I get that you are some sort of dog that you need to pee on top of his pee to top him, but no one could tell me? And it’s dry, when did this happen?” I said

“After you cleaned the bathroom last time” Christopher pipes up.

To top it off, literally, my oldest chimes in with “I didn’t exactly pee on top of his, he started on one side and didn’t have enough pee to make it around to the other, so I helped”

I don’t know weather to term them dogs fighting to mark their territory or the cat that craps in the litter box the minute you clean it.

And that is just my children, don’t even get me started on my husband.