The Miracle of Childbirth


In the past week, three people have sent me the below video of a young girl watching not only the miracle of childbirth, but her own self being born. I was told to “have some tissues handy” and that it was “one of the most beautiful things” I’d ever watch.

See for yourself. (Or just watch the first few seconds for the gist.)

Maybe I’m just cold and cynical, but I didn’t tear up a bit.

It’s not that I don’t think childbirth is beautiful, because other than the whole shitting on the delivery table and subsequent granny panties, I do. (Theoretically.) But had I been able to watch my own birth experience as a child, or even now, I’m quite sure it would bear no similarity to the clip above.

It would more likely look something like this…







Which I think is a far more appropriate response.


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    Mary says

    If either one of my girls saw video of their births (not that any footage exists), it would be the easiest sex prevention tool out there. Especially if they saw their head come out like this girl did. Once my oldest learned childbirth is painful she vowed she was adopting. Then at age 5 she was hysterical thinking a baby could start growing in her tummy and she didnt want to have a baby, she was going to adopt. Finally I told her how babies were made. She stopped crying and said, “so if I don’t do that, I won’t have a baby?”. I said yes and she responded, “Then I’m never going to do that!”

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  2. 2

    Love says

    I can’t even breathe for laughing so hard at those GIFs. Childbirth may be beautiful in theory, but it’s certainly not the prettiest thing to watch, is it? I think a couple of clips of mine might give Saw a run for its money on the gore factor…

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    Cari says

    I’m 20 weeks pregnant and I told my Fiance that my MIL is not allowed in the delivery room because she swore up and down that, if she was, she’d be video taping it.

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  4. 10

    carol says

    aww, i had not seen this. i loved this video. loved the kid’s reaction: sorry mommy that i did this to you! not sure that would be my kids’ reaction. more likely: eww, mom, you’re grossing me out. shut it off.

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