The Misadventures of a Third Child


When little boys spend their days getting into mischief of one kind or another,


sometimes, they get just what they deserve…


And, as payback, their mommies may just delay rescuing them long enough to snap a picture.

Fair’s fair, right?


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    Trenches of Mommyhood says

    Love it! (Mostly because I’ve totally done the same thing!)
    .-= Trenches of Mommyhood´s last blog ..The Case of the Incessant Beeping =-.

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  2. 4

    DCUrbanDad says

    He is adorable. Send him my way to throw some havoc around the office.
    .-= DCUrbanDad´s last blog ..If you love it so much then why don’t you just marry it =-.

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  3. 10

    HaB says

    I find I am always saying “Hang on…Mommy loves you, you’ll be ok, stop screaming, I am just trying to find the camera”.

    He sure is a cutie!
    .-= HaB´s last blog ..Clock-Less Time =-.

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  4. 11

    Rheanne says

    I swear I have a son that could be the twin to your little darling…complete with the mischevious little glint in his gorgeous, big eyes. boys like this will spend their lives getting away with far too much, I think. thanks for the fantastic photos.
    .-= Rheanne´s last blog …..about being a painter =-.

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  5. 14

    restaurant refugee says

    As with most everyone above, I concur that this is fair and very funny ground. If you begin to show these pictures to every one of his dates in high school, then fairness is in your rearview mirror… oh, you would never do that? That only happened in my house? Well, whatevers.
    .-= restaurant refugee´s last blog ..Blog Reader Bingo =-.

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  6. 17

    Vicki says

    I am a third child.. can’t really remember my ‘under five’ years.. however, I also have a third child (and a fourth) and I can so see my own pictures (and memories) similar to yours. My #3 is a girl and found her share of mischief! Enjoy these days Jill.. they go by so quickly!

    p.s. My youngest child ‘Jill’ is 18 and going away to college in two weeks.. I do mean quickly!

    .-= Vicki´s last blog ..Immune System Facts + Natural Interferon +Swine Flu =-.

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  7. 19

    LizzB (@hereslizz) says

    LMAO!!! Priceless! What do you do? Follow him around the house all day with a camera?

    I have to wonder what’s going through his head when you leave him stuck in a pot and say “hang on honey, let mommy get the camera!”

    Ah well, that’s all for the therapists to sort out. ;)

    Love it!
    .-= LizzB (@hereslizz)´s last blog ..State of The Children Address – Summer ’09 =-.

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    • 20

      Scary Mommy says

      No, he just wrecks havoc ALL DAY LONG. My camera is in the kitchen, so I can grab it quickly when he gets into trouble there. Oh, the moments I haven’t caught on film!

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  8. 21

    Jennifer says

    This just totally makes me smile. Licking the spoon, playing with boxes, climbing. Those are all great fun kid activities.
    .-= Jennifer´s last blog ..Hi Ho, Hi Ho, wait… was that my street, Random Tuesday Thoughts =-.

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  9. 22

    Nicole says

    LOL those pictures are priceless!

    Stopping by for Wordful Wednesday……I know it’s still Tuesday, but I saw your link over at 7 Clown Circus!
    .-= Nicole´s last blog ..Wordful Wednesday =-.

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  10. 23

    Jamie says

    Cute and funny!! Even when he looks innocent….he looks like he’s planning something. Such a cutie!! Poor third child…… gets in trouble and mom just takes a picture. :)
    .-= Jamie´s last blog ..Cake vs. Cupcakes =-.

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